Thursday, April 22, 2010

7 weeks before my big adventure!

This are progressively moving along!  My needs are being taking care of, even if it is still one day at a time.

The universe gave me a "must have" list (altho short) of what I have to take with me (of course, if I choose to, but why would I choose not to lol).  I need to bring one Labadorite and one Florite Crystals (got each of them plus a Pink Lumerian Seed Crystal) on ebay for amazingly inexpensive prices.  These crystals will become my "road dogs," my friends along the way.

I was asked to get a Blackberry with WiFi ability.. I got the whole Blackberry Curve package for only $100 and the seller threw in a car charger for free.  And the beautiful way the Universe has of validating our path as we walk it... I went to my online T-Mobile account to see if I can just share my sons Blackberry package and somehow, T-Mobile already had my phone number listed with a Blackberry phone (of which I didn't receive yet, it was only shipped out a day ago).  Everytime I ever logged onto T-Mobile it has my Samsung phone always listed, since it is the phone I got for $10 with my 2 year contract from T-Mobile and now, somehow... they already knew change was in my air!!

On top of that I am getting sign after sign from the world around me that shows me that yes, New Mexico is where I am supposed to be heading.... between stopping behind a SUV called Santa Fe as I went to put my camping gear on Layaway... to license plates echoing the same thing, billboards and business signs confirming my next great adventure... makes my heart feel secure and excited about my next leg of my lifes journey.

So all I need now, is a car charger for my laptop and the actual money to get my bills paid up two months in advance.  I am thinking of doing a fundraiser in June.... not quite sure what yet... but have time to figure it out.

Things are really coming together, more effortlessly than I could have ever anticipated!!  I so love the universe... spirit.... and each one of you!!

Thanks for walking this path with me.

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