Friday, April 16, 2010

Tweakin the present energies

I find it interesting how we as a human species get really caught up in what "society" says we should do and should not do... and live by those standards, even if it is hurting us on so many levels.  We tend to ignore that pain and do what good little (fear-filled) humans are supposed to do.

I will give you my current example.

When "The Wonder of You" closed and I decided to open (which was more of a re-naming) The Soul Center the one thing I carried over was the phone line and the internet service.  The reason being is that The Wonder of You was opened for close to 2 years and a lot of previous clients have that phone number, so I wanted to take advantage of that.  It didn't matter that the take over came with a $450 dollar debt and included a $150 extra fee for moving the line down the street.  I opened my wallet to the now $700 advantage of having the phone number follow me.

As I got situated  in my new space... business picked up.  I decided to make payment arrangements with Cox (the phone / interent folks) to start paying that debt off.  Since my monthly bill was adding $150 to that debt every month.  The moment I made payment arrangements... my business died.  No bookings, no nothing.  The checks started bouncing to Cox. 

I called and explained what has been happening... and they were (are) really open to working with me.... understanding the fragelness of being in business today. 

I had paid down my debt enough, they let me accumulate more.  2 months later, my bill was at $801 and they "softly" (.. their words lol) turned off my phone and internet.  My business came back even stronger!!  I felt secure in making yet another payment arrangement.

My business died again.  Geez!!

My bank account bounced again... what is crazy, is their payment processing people try and put the ACH draft in every other day!!  If the money is not there on Monday, what makes you think it will be there on Wednesday.. and if it is not there on Wednesday... what makes Friday so different??  Why not just call me and find out.  No... $120 in bounce fee's... I gave up.

That inner voice kept telling me to let it go... cut the ties that bind me to that "old communication" system... but my mind kept saying.... no.  I need the old phone number, I need the internet... well now, my bank account has become in a position that says, too bad so sad lol

I let go of the need to have Cox in my life.

My business came swarming back three fold.

The moral of the story... we can carry the weight of our old debts, our old communication, our old ways of doing things until we break our backs... or simply let it go and be willing to let the new come rushing towards you.

I local business in the building I am in is allowing me to share her internet service.  I already had my business line transferred  to my cell phone anyway... now I am just using my cell as my contact.  I unloaded that debt back to the universe... and the universe is bringing to me what has always been needed (but blocked by my own mental agenda).

I also got my hands on a Blackberry Curve 8310 with WiFi and GPS for only $100.  I am trading one old commincation energy for one new one.  Yay!!!

I love this game called life... it works well if you allow yourself to get OUT OF YOUR MIND!!

I cannot wait to see what today brings!!
Until tomorrow.....

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