Sunday, May 2, 2010

44 Days left before I leave Virginia

Things are really coming together for me, as I knew it would.  When spirit is guiding you all you have to do is trust in each day.

I have my "new to me" blackberry Curve with WiFi.  I have my tent and air mattress on lay-a-way at Kmart.  I was blessed with a very full class for the last of my Virginia based Spiritual Empowerment classes that has allowed to to gain everything I needed (material wise) to leave this state (said with so many meanings that just one).

The hardest part of leaving even has been eased for me.  Leaving my 3 month old (ascended master consciousness) grandson behind.  Just the other day he showed me in no uncertain terms that he can and will continue to communicate with me.

I was driving home from the store when I all of a sudden seen my grandsons face blink in and out of my field of vision... it reminded me of a radio signal that was trying to come in over another one.  The moment I opened my heart to that precious little face, he was able to hold his face infront of mine and gave me the most wonderful message for his parents.  Which I did.  I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt, that this little man is going to be my greatest teacher yet... on so many levels in so many ways and that we access each other thru the heart energy of love. 

This knowing, this understanding to me, means more than any gas money, any material need ever could.  With this I Am so ready to move to my lifes next great adventure.

I will keep you posted.

In the deepest gratitude of love,

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  1. Love being able to still connect with you this way as you begin your "great adventure", albeit maybe not as exciting as the way you connected with your grandson, lol! Grateful we will be able to take this journey with you, and my love and light will travel with you also. Namaste my dear friend! Donna (Sumi)