Wednesday, May 12, 2010

34 Days left, and it is all coming together....

Slowly but surely I am watching my transitional world come together with ease.  I have my blackberry with WifFi, I have my camping gear, material wise, I have what is needed.  I still need to raise the extra money to travel with... but that is what June is for :-)

I woke up just as Mercury Retrograde was getting ready to ease its grip on us (May 10th) feeling I should hang out in Albequerque NM until my book is completely finished and picked up... I went to craigslist (thank God for that place) and opened up the Albequerque NM (god now I have to learn how to spell that awkward name lol) site and looked under the "roommates wanted" section.  I found three places I was interested in...

One never wrote back, one was looking for a girlfriend for his wife.... and then there was Diana.  Well the fact her name is Diana made me feel better simply because that is my sisters name.  It instantly gave me a feeling of "family". 

I made sure everyone whom I responded to knew I was a very non-traditional kind of gal.  I am camping my way there... I teach spiritual empowerment and do readings and gave a link to my website... get the "weird stuff" out in the open from the get go. 

Diana was/is offering first month rent free for house / dog sitting.  When she wrote me back, I had to laugh with the sort of surprise that can only come via spiritual confirmation.... she is actually heading to NJ and is camping her way there with her big dawg!!  What are the chances of that????

We talked on the phone last evening and it felt like I knew her my whole life.  

So now, I have a place to live once I arrive in NM... with someone who feels like family.  I have always said, when something is meant to be... it is... and it is effortless.  This transition is becoming my living example of that statement.

I am so blessed.  So incredibly blessed.

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