Tuesday, June 15, 2010

13 days before I leave VA

Hello again,

My leave date was delayed because someone stepped up and said they wanted to keep the Center open!  I cannot even tell you how thrilled I am with that... with Tony Williams... with the fact that Hampton Roads will still a place to come and share and unfold in their Light Journey. 

I want to be clear, I gave the Center to him.  I am going to be a part of it energetically, but The Soul Center (changing its name slightly to reflect the new energy to The Sol Center) is Tonys.  He is the guardian of Light here in Newport News (smile). 

I had spent months asking everyone I thought would be interested in keeping it open... if they wanted it.  No one stepped up to say yes.... I want to keep the light shining here.  I stopped asking.  I decided to close it, and in closing it, I would have sold / donated all the furnishings to where ever.

I hadn't known Tony a whole month when he called me to ask me if he can keep the Center open... my heart fluttered like a butterfly would realizing it has company along the way of its soul-o-journey!  The Sol Center will expand its light as time goes on.  Right now, it is open for massage 7 days a week from 9am until 9pm with 3 wonderful massage therapists on staff (well 4 if you include me until the 25th lol).  Please be sure to support The Sol Center!!!  It will still be located in the Mariner Building in Newport News (where I am now).

On my personal end... knowing I only have 13 days left before I leave... my heart is starting to beat really fast.  I already miss my kids... I miss my grandson so much... Maybe it is my bodys way of going thru the mourning process now... so it does not interfere with my "road trip."  I just hope this feeling doesn't get bigger as I leave. 

On an up note, got my oil changed, tires rotated, had my car professionally cleaned inside and out, I got my tent and air mattress off layaway... that is when it hit me that I am really leaving soon!  All the "mundane" to-do things, are done. 

That precious little ego of mine suddenly reflected on my "savings" account set aside for my trip.  In one account I have $110 and my son owes me $250 and I have two sales pending for something which is another $125... but in another account I have a negative $400 (well I will today when my car insurance hits... thank god for overdraft!!).  My precious little ego wants to distract me with the mundane facts of my "apparent life" my heart dares to say... no worries, when spirit says I got you covered... I know that as a true statement.

Maybe I am just burning off some of my lingering trust issues within that precious universe that is equally me!!  Some days, I think my fires need a stoking lol.  Other days, I see the universal energy (that again) is me... in motion.  Yeah... I will stoke my fires more and burn it all off. 

It's almost funny as I sit here and am reminding of extra money just appearing in my back pocket and a quarter showing up on my bedroom floor.  Funny how strong even a tempered ego can be!!  I have some work to do (with the residue of my ego)....  on ward and up ward!!


I love this life, this world.... soooooo much!

Until I write again!

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  1. NO WORRIES!!! that is my motto for this past year and I realize it more and more everyday as I looked back at where I was how Spirit has taken care of me and I am forever grateful. I am so excited for you and will miss you even though I am not at the center that often ..you are still going to be missed because at least i knew where you were. I thank you so much for being in my life and sharing your life journey!!