Sunday, June 27, 2010

My Journey begins tomorrow June 28th!

It really is amazing how fast time went by!  It is also amazing to see the wonderful shifts in personal and group energy as well.

I watched as my son removed his fear of love, and reclaimed his love for his baby's mama, something I knew was within him all along. They are happy and in love and strengthening as "family". With this, my heart couldn't feel any happier, for I love them both so much and know energetically, they are stronger together than separate!

I have watched as all the beautiful people of The Soul Center reached out to each other, formed amazing supportive groups with each other and are fully supporting and uplifting each other.  This dynamic energy was so apparent at last nights BBQ and nothing could make my heart happier than the feelings of support and love for everyone that was strong and apparent last evening.

 I have watched as Tony openly asked to receive and embraced his role as the Guardian of Light for Hampton Roads. He has wonderful plans for The Sol Center and will expand in ways I couldn't!  Please watch for his website to be launched at in the days ahead.

I am watching with such motherly pride as my youngest daughter picks up the many pieces of change in her life and uses her very strong inner resources to rebuild anew her life in both a new home as well as a new job... everything she really wanted to happen, happened.  Perhaps not in the way she envisioned it, but when we get scared to walk thru the doors of change, we are pushed thru... which she was!  She is so strong and so resourceful and I am so proud of her, of all my children.

On Friday, my only real concern was the amount of money I would be leaving with.  I had $300 to travel to New Mexico and eat for the week and a half I will be camping to New Mexico... as of this morning, I now have a very comfortable $885.  I want to thank everyone for their kindness and generosity, I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your gifts of both money (and especially) love as I make one of the biggest changes of my life. 

Today I will be packing up my car and spending time with my children.  Tomorrow (June 28th) I will head out to Chimney Rock to spend two wonderful days in the mountains of North Carolina.  On the 30th I will then make my trek to Royal Arkansas to spend 5 full days lake side (well 60 feet from the lake) as I release whats left of my old energy and recharge my batteries.

From there I am spending 2 days with one of the longest clients turned friends I have had.  Jill became my client in 2003 and we have remained friends ever since, well at least via the net and phone.  Now, after 7 years of knowing her, I will meet her, stay with her and share her world and friends energies.

I should arrive in Albuquerque on June 7th.  From there, it is an open unknown road that my heart is excited to explore.

I will keep everyone posted as internet reception allows each day of my journey. 

I love you all more than my words can express.  I am as grateful each and everyone one of you is a part of my Life's story!!

As I close this blog, I am reminded of a phrase I have heard so many times before... one I can now see so clearly in my own life.  If you want blessings in your life, then be the blessings to others.  Bless and be Blessed!

Until I write again.... 


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