Monday, January 9, 2012

Calling ALL Rocks - Uniting a World in Shambhala

I remember an amazing day on the mountainside in Vermont in the summer of 2002;  I had created (with a lot of help from my two Indian spiritual guides) and prayed a medicine wheel almost every day while living on that mountainside.  One day my team had asked me to go walk my wheel naked.  I about shit!  Me???  Outside in the world (like 10 feet from my camp really) naked... like.... no clothes.

I had such a melt down.  Pacing back and forth, taking clothes off (inside my camp) putting them back on... chain smoking... 

It took me two and a half hours to take a big breath in and take off everything but my flip flops (I did have permission from my team to leave them on... the landscape required it.)

The moment I stepped out of the camp, off the deck and onto the earth, I cannot tell you how exposed I felt.  Beyond naked.  It was a feeling that every part of me was fully exposed.  I had no where to hide anything.  All of life could see every flaw, every freckle, every insecurity that was me walking to my wheel.  It is funny in the short (but really long) 10 or so feet it took to walk to my wheel and start to pray it... all the shame that kept me from full exposure melted off of me.  

I suppose that gave way to being able to share outwards every struggle, every accomplishment, and the lot in between outward to a world that I cannot see but yet know is there and listening.  All creating a pathway to Here.

Ten years later, I don't even know who that Lisa was.  She exists as a memory of collective experiences, very much like remembering a past life.  Bits and pieces of dysfunction laying on the roadside of time to be transmuted back into the fields of Love.

We have ALL walked an amazing road to get to here.  Shedding skin like a snake.  Growing into our true pure fullness of who we always have been, who we were indeed born to Be in this world filled with energy that looks like matter.

Calling ALL Rocks!

By my own daily walk thru the medicine wheel of my life... transformation happened.  A sacredness I will never be able to put into words was contained in the wheel was aliveness of that energy I call the medicine wheel.  

I knew, with every fibor of my Being then, that if I had a rock taken from the roadway, mountainside... whatever, from around the world, we (me and the spirits that gathered i that wheel) could transform all of life thru the prayer.

I had sent out emails, posted on websites, wrote to every major newspaper around the world requesting a rock be sent to me and why.  What is funny, I wrote to about 200 newspapers and only one published my letter to the editor... that was the Jerusalem newspaper (yes in Israel.)

I received about 10 rocks from around the world.  The largest one was from the street of Jerusalem.  I had that large... it probably weighed about 10 pounds or more, for years.  I kept it on my coffee table and then one day, it was just gone.

I also received a stone, an agate that was cut into the shape of a heart with a natural hole in the middle giving way to a cluster of beautiful crystal energy.  The lady who sent it to me was (I believe) from California and she herself had a hole in her heart that was creating health issues.  She had seen this heart crystal in a store and purchased it because it reminded her of her own heart with a hole in it.  She became well and sent me this heart for the wheel of healing all nations.  

I have a feeling (since I am writing about this today lol) that it was an inspiration before it's time.  
So today, I am going to ask anyone who feels inspired to pick a rock (no, size really doesn't matter) from the ground you live upon.  I am going to place them in the "reflection pool" in between the figure eight (as I wrote about yesterday)  and we will feed the energy of this place I call Heaven thru out the world via the rocks.

I ask for rocks from the ground for a reason... they will all-ways have a connection to your land and it will serve as a direct feed to your area.

Please find a way to put the city and country it is arriving from on the rock.  Either with marker, paint, whatever.  
If you know anyone who lives where rocks are, please pass this message / request to them, perhaps they would like to have their area represented in the reflection pool of the world.

As my gift back to you, I am going create a postcard from the photo I took the first morning here that I refer to as Morning Light and send it to you.  This way, you equally have the energy of this place to pray with and connect you to here as well.

Please send them to:
Lisa Gawlas
019 Redwood Grove Rd.  Jemez Pueblo, New Mexico 87024

I will share more details (and photos) as it all comes together.  

I am also going to be creating another blog sometime today.  I spent all day yesterday trying to find various sharings on Shambhala that I had written about over the years... my God I write a lot!!  It is like trying to find a needle in the hay stack.  So the blog I am going to create ( will be souly for the information and understandings about living and using the energy of Shambhala.... Heaven on earth.  I have the site url registered, but am still working on the layout and first blog. .  Please follow that one too.  

So for now I close and will create the Living Shambhala blogsite and create it's first post.  There is a lot of information within I must share, but again, I am also learning as I write, so it will all be contained in one place for easy access!!

Before I close, I want to share something with you.  It is so easy to think that you actions, your heart promptings don't really ignite much... but I assure you it reaches farther and deeper than you can even realize.  

My youngest daughter (21 years old) wrote to me last evening tell me she was sitting at the computer and all of a sudden she was overcome with this desire to help someone in need.  She felt she needed to somehow help a starving child.  She did a google search and adopted a 4 year old boy that was on a site call "world vision."  

There is no doubt in my heart, my daughter felt the gratitude that is flowing thru every cell of my own body (which is her DNA too) thru the generosity of others from around the world... and she was prompted to share too.  She had also asked me if I needed money (none of my children has ever ever ever asked me if I needed something, usually they let me know what they need.)  

You are ALL reaching and inspiring more than you can ever realize.  Thank you all for firing the grid of my daughters heart... and my life!

Together, we are changing the world we live within!

((((HUGZ)))) of joy to all... rock solid joy!!
Lisa Gawlas


  1. Reading this article has made me feel really emotional about how we all live our lives. Your daughter sounds like an inspiring person, as you do too. I feel at peace with the world, when I visit my masseuse which always prompts me to share too.
    God bless you!!!