Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Co-Creating with the Field of New Life - Phew Baby!!

I take a lot of messages, share a lot of insight from spirit about these times we are in now, but what it all really means to us seemed vague at best.  

I have been writing about the field of energy I call 2012 for many months now.  I have seen the evolution of our own Light bodies, the expansion, the contractions, and constantly hearing how this new field is alive.  Well everything is truly alive... right?

Maybe spirit meant alive with a consciousness of it's own.  A field of energy we absolutely must learn to co-operate with, to co-create with.  

Let me just tell you about my day yesterday.  I was only able to do 2 of my 4 scheduled readings because my cell phone signal was hi-jacked by the energy of this place.  Let me share...

My first reading of the day was to a lady in Mexico.  I remember from my own meditations that the land we call Mexico will be infused with this new Light energy first from our mother earth.  I had seen it clearly I think in my 11/11 meditation (or somewhere around there.)

Because the weather here is still very cold outside, I read for her (as I will read for anyone when it is cold outside) from my kitchen table.  My table is set up in direct alignment with my back door and a straight line to the Mesa Cliff. (As the weather allows, I will do everything I can from outside.)

As our connection opened up I was so surprised by what I had seen.  So surprised.  She was outside in the yard exactly halfway between here (my table) and the Mesa Cliff.  I could see the field of energy - grid completely encircle her and infusing this amazing energy down to her as if she was taking an energy shower.  The energy came in like long strands of liquid light, infiltrating the field and drenching her... slowly, gently, in this new field of Light.

She stood there in the center, arms up in the air and wrapped around each other and just basked in it's radiance and glory.  She had said she felt like that has been happening to her since she moved to Mexico... and because she is still in this light shower... true movement from the  soul impossible.  

Can I tell you, reading from here... holy sugar nuts... it's like reading from the highest peak on Mount Everest!  I have got to find new breath, new ledges to stand upon as I look around.  Not to mention the field of energy merging with my own wiring is like a melt down in process. Phew!!  But hay... I am a trooper and will persevere!!

I looked around to see what else we could see and what may be coming up for her.  The only real thing the field showed me (and trust me, this is no longer me doing a reading for you, it is the field coming alive thru you) was that on about January 15th there will be a brand new energy something or another connected fully to her crown chakra.  I could see this energy so clearly... mostly a brilliant metallic blue and violet, but other color frequencies there too.  I have no clue what it means... God forbid we should get all the details... but I could feel the power surge from it.

I also seen something really interesting thru her as well.  No doubt time and futher understanding of how this place works will reveal the truth about what I had seen... but let me tell you what I did see (smile).
I future doorway swinging open.  I had written in one of my other blogs about seeing this really large doorway at the bottom of the Cliff, it was a solid gold/yellow doorway into the cliff.  A yellow energy (very much like the energy in the photos) was surrounding this doorway into? the Cliff.  I had only seen that doorway that day, that moment, but somethings get embedded in your heart... I will recognize that energetic doorway forever.

The last thing I had seen was that same doorway, only now it was half way between where I am reading from and where the Cliff is... it was a glowing soft white and set up on her center path vertically.  There was no way of getting of feel of when this doorway would present itself... I just knew there would come a time that it does.

I have just suddenly understood something (vaguely anyway) that I will share when I talk about my 2nd and last reading / connection for the day.

By the time I finished my reading with her, my brains were totally fried.  I could barely formulate a coherent sentence, so I went and took a bath.  It was a quicky... The hot water heater is set to 120 degrees, but yet, when I get in that water feels luke warm.  Strange.  

As I pondered the reading I had just done, all the ancients surrounded the top of the Cliff at the edge and threw down hand fulls of seeds.  I never seen the seeds hit the ground... I know I am still very much adjusting my own frequency to this place.  I have no idea what the seeds are for... because that was the end of my connection.

I had a 10:30am reading I needed to prepare for anyway.  The moment I went to call her, my wifi calling disappeared... completely.  I thought that was very strange because I had 4 full bars of wifi juice and my calling ability had been consistant since my internet was hooked up.  I walked outside, roamed around to find that signal... nada.

I had a deep deep feeling that it was taken away for a reason by this place.  But why?  I really had no clue and was clouded by the frustration within me that I had to write to everyone who had a reading scheduled and let them know... I may not be able to call.

The one thing I am learning in overtime here, anytime I am frustrated or angry, the field withdraws from me.  Trust me, I am working on that within myself!

Not being able to make a single call I tried to figure out what I was supposed to do.  And then I received a reply from my mornings blog from J.  Long, heartfelt... and needing understanding... NOW!  Why not, I couldn't dance, might as well sing!

The very moment I wrote and posted my new blog as a reply to her, the wifi calling signal came back on instantly.  I thought to myself... really?  Really??  You (the field) hijacked my calendar so I can immediately write that blog?  Of course they did.  Had I done all my readings I would have never had the internal energy to write about our Storehouse.  I surely wouldn't have written it this morning either... I knew already I wanted/needed to write about this (everything I am writing about

I realized with every ounce of my Being, this field is very very much alive and interactive in our relationship.  It does have an agenda and I (we) must learn to flow with that.  To be in step, harmony and full trust with that.

For me, this is really exciting.  Disorienting for sure... but so exciting!

I was an hour late for my last scheduled reading for the day, but I wasn't going to miss an opportunity... I called her anyway.

Let me tell you, I am learning what all this is thru you.  You have details in your field of energy I do not within mine!  We will find the key to that door together!

It is so easy for our minds to think we are so far behind where we think we need to be.  The one thing inside of my heart and 10 years of reading has shown me... the energy never ever lies.  What I see, is always true.  My interpretation of what I see may need some tweaking and further understanding, but the truth of the visuals is always spot on.  

Since it was 2pm in the afternoon by now and it was 40 something degree's, I decided to read for her outside in the circle where the fire-pit is.  I think just from curiosity within myself.  

She showed up directly half way between where I was standing and the Cliff.  There is something to that, and right now... I have no clue what.  I could see her standing on her path sideways.  Her left arm facing the Cliff, her right arm facing me.  And the network of (what looked like) fibor optics all plugged into her back, from shoulder to shoulder, hip to hip and everywhere in between... my lord it was stunning to see, and feel.
All her team wanted to talk about was learning to use this energy that is now plugged into her.  In order to use it, you must vibrate with it.  Breathing, listening, feeling.

And then this golden nugget of information came thru her energy field.  This is so super important and I am going to make it stand out in this text.  This is really what we are doing.... Now!

She had asked about needed to learn how to use it to manifest.  The energy itself was so clear that we are not manifesting in the way we once were.  Not even a little.  

As we learn to take this new fibor optic network of energy into us, it blends itself into a super power energy within our core.  When we breath, we breath it out into the field naturally.  When we speak, think, do... we bring it out into the field naturally.

As the field in-front of you becomes imbued with this new energetic elixir of Life, it manifests on its own.  It will always provide you with exactly what you need when you need in and in the way it is needed.   This IS Co-Creating with your Soul.  

Go into your mind... you are going to get tangled up in sorrow (the fields words, not mine.)

On that note, I have to close to get ready for my readings.  I do want to mention that I am going to launch several new things on my website today.  One is going to be a new spectrum for reading and energy exchange that includes the dead sea salts and Arkansas Crystal energy (and whatever essential oil you may need.)  I will no longer be offering the 30 minute or hour reading, because it has all changed and this field wants to travel to you thru the crystal energy.  By the end of the day I will have new packages on my energy reading page.  I am also going to be putting together a one on one class done via skype to walk you (and me) thru the steps of how to live this energy in your life.  By the end of the day... I will have it done.
By the way... all those crystals I had sent out last year and will send out this year... have a way bigger purpose than I could have ever realized.  Details to come!

I love y'all soooooooo flipping much.  Thank you all for getting Life to Here and breathing it back into the fields of Matter thru your heart!! (Ain't no wonder the heart is snuggled up to the, wink.)

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  I am spreading myself way to thin in all the area's I share in.  I am going to consolidate where I share from.  If you have been following this blog please follow me at The Shift of Time and Energy, that is where I am going to be sharing all the readings from.  I have also created a very specific blog as we learn to live within the energies of Shambhala.  If you feel so inclined, please follow that one as well.  It will be specifically for the information about Shambhala.  This will be my last update here at Insights From My Massage Table (I haven't done massages since Oct.!)

Monday, January 9, 2012

Calling ALL Rocks - Uniting a World in Shambhala

I remember an amazing day on the mountainside in Vermont in the summer of 2002;  I had created (with a lot of help from my two Indian spiritual guides) and prayed a medicine wheel almost every day while living on that mountainside.  One day my team had asked me to go walk my wheel naked.  I about shit!  Me???  Outside in the world (like 10 feet from my camp really) naked... like.... no clothes.

I had such a melt down.  Pacing back and forth, taking clothes off (inside my camp) putting them back on... chain smoking... 

It took me two and a half hours to take a big breath in and take off everything but my flip flops (I did have permission from my team to leave them on... the landscape required it.)

The moment I stepped out of the camp, off the deck and onto the earth, I cannot tell you how exposed I felt.  Beyond naked.  It was a feeling that every part of me was fully exposed.  I had no where to hide anything.  All of life could see every flaw, every freckle, every insecurity that was me walking to my wheel.  It is funny in the short (but really long) 10 or so feet it took to walk to my wheel and start to pray it... all the shame that kept me from full exposure melted off of me.  

I suppose that gave way to being able to share outwards every struggle, every accomplishment, and the lot in between outward to a world that I cannot see but yet know is there and listening.  All creating a pathway to Here.

Ten years later, I don't even know who that Lisa was.  She exists as a memory of collective experiences, very much like remembering a past life.  Bits and pieces of dysfunction laying on the roadside of time to be transmuted back into the fields of Love.

We have ALL walked an amazing road to get to here.  Shedding skin like a snake.  Growing into our true pure fullness of who we always have been, who we were indeed born to Be in this world filled with energy that looks like matter.

Calling ALL Rocks!

By my own daily walk thru the medicine wheel of my life... transformation happened.  A sacredness I will never be able to put into words was contained in the wheel was aliveness of that energy I call the medicine wheel.  

I knew, with every fibor of my Being then, that if I had a rock taken from the roadway, mountainside... whatever, from around the world, we (me and the spirits that gathered i that wheel) could transform all of life thru the prayer.

I had sent out emails, posted on websites, wrote to every major newspaper around the world requesting a rock be sent to me and why.  What is funny, I wrote to about 200 newspapers and only one published my letter to the editor... that was the Jerusalem newspaper (yes in Israel.)

I received about 10 rocks from around the world.  The largest one was from the street of Jerusalem.  I had that large... it probably weighed about 10 pounds or more, for years.  I kept it on my coffee table and then one day, it was just gone.

I also received a stone, an agate that was cut into the shape of a heart with a natural hole in the middle giving way to a cluster of beautiful crystal energy.  The lady who sent it to me was (I believe) from California and she herself had a hole in her heart that was creating health issues.  She had seen this heart crystal in a store and purchased it because it reminded her of her own heart with a hole in it.  She became well and sent me this heart for the wheel of healing all nations.  

I have a feeling (since I am writing about this today lol) that it was an inspiration before it's time.  
So today, I am going to ask anyone who feels inspired to pick a rock (no, size really doesn't matter) from the ground you live upon.  I am going to place them in the "reflection pool" in between the figure eight (as I wrote about yesterday)  and we will feed the energy of this place I call Heaven thru out the world via the rocks.

I ask for rocks from the ground for a reason... they will all-ways have a connection to your land and it will serve as a direct feed to your area.

Please find a way to put the city and country it is arriving from on the rock.  Either with marker, paint, whatever.  
If you know anyone who lives where rocks are, please pass this message / request to them, perhaps they would like to have their area represented in the reflection pool of the world.

As my gift back to you, I am going create a postcard from the photo I took the first morning here that I refer to as Morning Light and send it to you.  This way, you equally have the energy of this place to pray with and connect you to here as well.

Please send them to:
Lisa Gawlas
019 Redwood Grove Rd.  Jemez Pueblo, New Mexico 87024

I will share more details (and photos) as it all comes together.  

I am also going to be creating another blog sometime today.  I spent all day yesterday trying to find various sharings on Shambhala that I had written about over the years... my God I write a lot!!  It is like trying to find a needle in the hay stack.  So the blog I am going to create ( will be souly for the information and understandings about living and using the energy of Shambhala.... Heaven on earth.  I have the site url registered, but am still working on the layout and first blog. .  Please follow that one too.  

So for now I close and will create the Living Shambhala blogsite and create it's first post.  There is a lot of information within I must share, but again, I am also learning as I write, so it will all be contained in one place for easy access!!

Before I close, I want to share something with you.  It is so easy to think that you actions, your heart promptings don't really ignite much... but I assure you it reaches farther and deeper than you can even realize.  

My youngest daughter (21 years old) wrote to me last evening tell me she was sitting at the computer and all of a sudden she was overcome with this desire to help someone in need.  She felt she needed to somehow help a starving child.  She did a google search and adopted a 4 year old boy that was on a site call "world vision."  

There is no doubt in my heart, my daughter felt the gratitude that is flowing thru every cell of my own body (which is her DNA too) thru the generosity of others from around the world... and she was prompted to share too.  She had also asked me if I needed money (none of my children has ever ever ever asked me if I needed something, usually they let me know what they need.)  

You are ALL reaching and inspiring more than you can ever realize.  Thank you all for firing the grid of my daughters heart... and my life!

Together, we are changing the world we live within!

((((HUGZ)))) of joy to all... rock solid joy!!
Lisa Gawlas

Friday, January 6, 2012

Heaven Awaits Those with the Heart Open to Receive!

This is officially my last blog that I shall type out from my car!!  Hurray!!!  There are several things I want to share, so please bear with me if I seem to jump from subject to subject.

I read for a man the other day, well, maybe I should say opened the door to a reading, it wasn't but about 10 minutes long... but information packed (now that I understand it lol.)

It opened up with him having all these molecules of energy all over him.  To the point I could not see his body, just a lot of tiny energy bubbles.  All of this energy was on his skin... kind of looked like it was in the "ready" to do something, but wasn't sure what that something was.  I could feel it, see it... understanding this new language tho... not all that easy in the moment.

I decided to look into his near future... the path he has been walking was filled with a beautiful soft white energy.  All of a sudden I came to a train track about 3 weeks into his future.  The track was real and tangible (as opposed to energetic in texture.)  I pondered the surprise of a train track in a reading... this is new too.  Then I felt the potential of a train coming in at a rather fast speed from his left field (happening in his physical life) and moving to his right... into his spiritual field of life.

I suddenly felt that when this event (spirit didn't even give us the slightest clue as to what the event will be) happens he must jump quickly onto that train, or he will miss it.  Should he miss it, his next 3 to 4 months will be filled with lessons to make sure he doesn't miss it the next time it comes around (about 3 to 4 months down the road.)

Here is the thing... the train is not going to stop... it really is going to require a major leap of faith without hesitation!

Now I understand that those energy bubbles that encompassed his whole body was his magnetic field of hearts desire pulling the train of opportunity to grow spiritually to him in his created reality.

In reflection, it is so very much the same kind of thing that happened to me recently with this amazing move I am in.  My heart was so in full energy mode of desire for this part of my life... and my train came thru an ad on craigslist.

I say this all because many of us will be experiencing these opportunities soon. We have talked about this manifesting our dreams, did meditations on it, took workshops to enhance... and now the only thing left to do is feel and act without the mind getting all tangled up in "what if''s" that would be any shade of negative!
2012 is a year filled with fast moving energy and without any real stops along the way.  We must learn to jump on the train of our desires instantly and without delay.  Or we will miss it.

Now on a completely different note.  I do want to talk about the meditation I had on New Years day.  The two suns on either side of me, with the elongated energy field and sun in the middle.  I so get it now!!

In 2002 I was given the gift of being able to grow my spirit in a remote cabin on a mountainside.  In my 8 months living there... the whole world came alive in a way I could not have fathomed it could be.   Plants talks, ground talks, tree's will share a history with you... and my medicine wheel of transformation.  I came alive on that mountainside.  I also was gifted two native american spirit guides who eventually gifted me an eagle... that eagle showed me how to fly to the surface of the sun and be one with the energy of the sun.
I know, whatever I am moving into today... this is the book end of my suns... that will give birth to the center sun.  That center sun feels like the culmination of all the things I have come to understand, apply and look forward to.

I took a carload of my stuff to this new place yesterday and stood there a long while.  I was so engulfed in the pureness of this energy I couldn't even eat.  It was a feeling like when you first fall in love and all the body could do is feel and revel.

I sat out near the fire pit at about 4pm and the landscape just started talking to me.  Clearly.  Normally by 4pm I have little battery juice left for psychic anything... and yet I felt as if I had just woken up with a full battery pack on.

The land is so excited to have us there.  I purposely say us... because you will be there with me thru every reading.  Normally when I do a reading I move my spirit to you... now... I will bring you to me.  (I will figure out how as I go.)  This energy... an energy I have not ever felt before, not like this... is so alive, so excited... so ready to be in service to us (it is going to be exciting to see what that even means lol.)

Suddenly I could hear every crystal I have (which is several hundred) yelling to me from inside the house to come out into the landscape to expand and absorb.  I laid everyone out all around the encircled fire pit.  They are in bliss!! I will more than likely leave them all out there basking in heaven thru the full moon on the 9th.  And then, I will take a cup of dead sea salts, a crystal and have it with me when I do a reading... to infuse your highest potential within the mixture... adding whatever essential oil(s) that feels right after the reading and mail it to you (if you desire.)

The energy of the landscape will also be infused within this mixture to bring you to your highest vision of yourself.  Pure Light Essence especially programmed for you, thru you.  I am so excited!!

I also stood by the little river in the back yard that runs along the cliff of the Mesa.  There is a vortex of energy that emerges out of the cliff.  Not from the top so much but the side of the cliff itself and beams outward horizontally.

As I looked at the very top of the cliff I could see ancestors standing all along the cliff's edge.  (I knew they were ancestors because I asked who they were lol.)  There was one who felt like a "look out" of some sort.  Masculine energy consistently facing the Southeast edge of the Mesa cliff.  I couldn't see him clearly... nor the others for that fact, it was like I needed glasses.

At the very center of the cliff was an energy field that seemed to blink in and out of my vision (more like I couldn't hold the vibration of it within myself) which was a field of golden yellow energy.  There is no doubt in heart that is the field... the true field of Shambhala and we are all going to be attuned and vibrationally adjusted to it.  (I am so looking forward to how!!)

They (who ever was standing up there on the cliff's,) said as I adjust to the energy of this place my vision will get clearer and clearer.

I am truly overwhelmed with the shear abundance life has bestowed upon my world... our world.  The people who opened up their purse to help fuel this moment in my time is more than my heart could ever hope for.  Thank you is way to small of a phrase to match the tremendous awe and gratitude in my heart.
By our own hearts and actions we are truly fueling the pathway of this New World together.  We can think that our actions don't mean much.... but truly... our heart centered actions have changed this world.

Thank you, to each of you, even to those who will never read my words or feel my heart... I love you ALL so much and cannot wait to share my new world energy energy with you!

With the deepest of love, gratitude and awe as we all come alive in our Dreams Come True!
Lisa Gawlas

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Walking Into Your Dreams with Nothing But Trust in Your Heart - Welcome to 2012

Three full days into the fields of 2012 and I so feel like I woke up into a living dream.  Magical even.  But before I get into the details of why, I want to do a review of some really really important things I have come to learn about how we should walk within this new energy field.

Twice in the last several weeks, my heart spoke quite clearly... in feeling to me.  Once, as I had already shared in a previous blog when Archangel Michael asked me how I see myself in 2012 and then most recently was within a conversation I was having with a wonderful lady I was supposed to read for.  She was talking about stocking up on the "comforts" of our life... my mind went immediately to chocolate, coffee and smokes.  They are my comforts within my life.  We chuckled for a moment and then... my heart kicked in.  This time I could see the energy flow out of my heart as I felt my soul so deeply wanted to live in a place that nurtured it, surrounded by like minds/vibrations.  It actually took me by surprise for two reasons, firstly was the intensity.  My heart, my soul yearned for this in no uncertain terms.

But I actually seen the energy emitted from my heart center.  It was like a cloud of smoke coming out... pink at the base that moved into a soft yellow at the outer most field of this energy.  It only moved about a foot from my body... I should have known something was near... but I was so surprised at the experience and hey, that moment in time was not about me, but the precious soul on the phone.

I also feel the need to mention when my mind thought of chocolate, coffee, and smokes I could see it clearly.  So clearly it was as if my mind turned my inner vision to a hi-definition image.  Crisp, tangible, clear.  My heart on the other hand... poofy energy filled with feeling.

It is no wonder we make choices from our minds.  How do you make a choice from poofy, feeling drenched pink and yellow energy?  I can grab the chocolate but how do I grab a feeling??  Well, let me tell you how!!

With my own soul shutting down my psychic abilities on New Years day to focus on my own Self, my own life and that green energy that greeted me, I suppose I should have known something big was around my corner... but I didn't.

I did realize I am tired of working out of my car.  I go thru $50 in gas a week sitting in the driveway... not to mention the constant use of the cars engine.  There are so many other things I want to bring to life to help others, but I simply cannot do it from my car and in the house, I have zero connection to spirit.

I could so feel the promptings in my own heart wanting to have my feet live and walk the same vibrational field as my consciousness does.  But how can I do that... I spent my savings on moving back to New Mexico and being sick for 2 weeks... I have no money left for anything.

But, I would be such a fool if I do these readings, which are intense these days.  "Intense" by the adamant nature of spirit that I can both hear and feel when sharing with a client.  The sale tags, the spiritual attributes in a back pack... Life wants us to Live our Dreams not be held hostage by them!!

Yesterday thru the course of more readings, more messages of "just go for it" I couldn't ignore my own heart promptings any longer.  By late afternoon I decided, OK, time to move.  I went to craigslist and looked for the cheapest housing... yuck.

I kept hearing a message to a man I read for the day before "don't sell yourself short."  Easy for spirit to say when they are not worried about a bank account that is supposed fund your dreams.  Ohhhh... we can be so human!!

And then I opened an ad that said Jemez Valley Cabin for rent.  Even tho my mind was sure it was a vacation rental and almost didn't open it, I opened it anyway.  Ohhhhh my freakin God!!  Heaven.  Let me show you what I seen:

The ad said it was $685 per month and they wanted first and last to move in.  I was about $1200 short.  I closed it, then opened it, closed it, then opened it and decided, it was just out of reach per my current financial situation.

I woke up at 1am and all I could feel was this amazing place in Jemez Springs.  I opened the ad again, and closed it.  There is something that happens when you wake up with freshness in your body... the mind chatter is not as loud as it can be deep into a day.  I had to write to her.  I introduced myself and gave her my website link as a way to get to know me.  I already knew it was a "her."

As my morning progressed I was writing an email to a friend about this sudden desire to move and this proptery that is now haunting me when all of a sudden... I felt it.  I got an email back from the Jemez lady.  I went to my phone email and sure enough... she invited me to come look.  Part of me felt crazy for even wasting her time, I started to go thru people I knew who may have this large amount of money to lend me.  But my heart reminded me, when something is meant to be... it is and it is effortless.  Just do it!

I had to smile from ear to ear when she emailed me directions to this property.  It was just beyond "Shangra-La Gallery directly across from mile marker 11."  I actually cried when I got her email.  Her first line to me was: I think this is probably the exact place that has been calling to you. It is located in a healing community, and sited in a clearing that is a definite power spot. The mesa is sacred ground, and the water in the little river is warm in the summer and fall.

As I drove to this place I felt exactly as I did when I first drove to the mountain-side in Vermont.  My chakra's were spinning so fast that my head was getting dizzy.  I could feel it drawing me in.

Now I have got to pause and share something I so didn't get yesterday!!  In a reading I had done... I had seen the lady's arm as pure golden energy.  In front of her was 3 horizontal vortexes stretching out into her future and all I kept hearing spirit say, reach out for what you want.  Well that sounds fanciful... but what does it mean really??

My experience later in the day yesterday... was exactly what it meant!!

We sat and talked and shared.  I was in love... Am in love.  I could feel my feet and my heart vibrating in unison.  She lived next door and there was another artist (she is one as well) who lived in another cabin right there.  3 women living in heaven together... separately, yet... understanding why we choose to live off the beaten path.

And then the moment of truth.  I told her, which there is no doubt she already knew, I was in heaven there... but... and I explained my financial situation.  She didn't care.  She didn't ask for a credit report, nor my bank statements, not even past references.  She trusts her gut and heart to put the right person in this sacred land.  She trusted me and allowed payments as I got money to cover the money she was asking for..

But one major drawback... I have no cell signal in this place.  My soul income is from readings... yikes.  She ordered me broadband internet to make sure I had a way to continue doing my readings.  All this, with a promise to pay... just like that.  No thinking, no worrying... just helping me and she didn't even know me but a couple hours.

I signed the lease, she gave me a key, told me I can move in anytime I wanted but understood I had to wait until the internet modem arrived, which they were shipping via fed-ex and I expect to live there by Friday.

Trust me, I am still pinching myself.  If this is a dream, please don't ever wake me up.

Who knew in less than 24 hours my life would change completely... and all I had to do was reach out from my heart promptings.

I cannot wait to do readings from this place.  I cannot wait to learn, absorb and teach from this place.  Over this coming weekend I will be launching new aspects of myself.  Finally The Soul Gym as well as private courses to teach you how to fully and truly live from your heart and how to live the promptings of your heart!

Here is to all of our Dreams Come True and the audacity to LIVE them!!  Be sure to go shopping NOW... Life really is having a clearance sale filled with LOVE!!!!

I love you all soooo much!!  Thank you all for fueling my life with your desire to know more!
((((HUGZ)))) of New Life, New Energy to ALL,
Lisa Gawlas

Friday, December 30, 2011

Cycles of Completion: Using the Energy for Creation thru 2012!

I have been saying for weeks now, that when Jupiter goes direct on Christmas day (Dec. 25th) that it would be pulling the new energy fields out of your very pores to sew the fields of Light in front of you.  Just because I say something, it doesn't always mean I know what that looks like or how it affects us humans.  I get it from Spirit/Source and share it outwards in as much detail as my consciousness understands and my words allow.

I pray with all my words (smile) I can share in detail the reading I had done first thing yesterday morning.  It is so important for all of us to understand.  If I leave anyone even the slightest confused, please please ask a question here on the blog.  I promise I will reply.  Please bear with the super humble artwork I inserted here, but because I really feel a visual will help "get this" I did my best to create what I am about to talk about.

The very first, and only thing I had seen within the field of energy for the lady I had read for yesterday morning  was what I attempted to re-create in figure A.  A series of circles that got smaller and smaller as they reached from the sky down into her crown chakra.  At first I thought it was a funnel vortex of energy until I realized each circle was closed and did not connect to the circle just beneath it.

The information started to come in from spirit that she had fully and wonderfully completed everything she came into earth to accomplish in this phase of earth.  Each circle held an energy of creation (all those colored dots on the circles... in no particular order.)

I started to realize that the next thing she had to do, in order to connect these circles.. or cycles of completion (if you will) was to open up the energy thru application.  I heard the word "application" over and over again because I could see, as if I was watching a movie, what was happening.  I just couldn't understand how.

I could see the energy of the very first circle, which spirit said is the most expanded thought you have within yourself.  The highest vibration of understanding that exists within your consciousness and now, it is her (our) responsibility to open up that package of energy - knowledge and apply it to life.  To give you an example from myself:

I now understand how incredibly important it is to create a landscape on earth to birth and work within the higher fields of energy (6D and above).  Thru all the readings in the last several months, this has been an important theme as well as desire in most people.  When we hold that thought as a knowing and energy is released within our consciousness that gives way to the next circle, it contains the energy of how to start the creation process within that desire.

Example... I ow feel with every ounce of my Being that Faywood will become that playgroud for our souls.  I have learned enough in my past efforts to understand what works and what doesn't in not only creating that high vibration field, but the most important aspect... maintaining it.

As you start creating the energy in your life to fuel that next circle of knowledge coming down now as applied wisdom, it connects to the next circle of energy.  I think you can get the idea with these examples... that one flows into the next and activates it's energy as you bring it into your life in a tangible way.  Application, application, application!!

So what I was able to see as she set free all the circles of energy that are now more like a funnel of continually moving energy, everything in that field of desire becomes clearer to see, understand, apply.  The energy itself is working with you to bring everything together... effortlessly.


Yes, I am shouting that very loudly.  I don't want that super important point to be missed.

Look at it as the pure vortex of your soul linking directly to your brand new processors we are going to just call your brain.  This will not work in any way if the ego steps in.  It is not an ego agenda but the pure soul agenda.  The circles will go back together should your ego come into play.... fully breaking the energy and manifestation until the ego is back under co-operative control within you (us.)

As I sit here and ponder the amazing readings I have done since Jupiter went direct, I once again had to think of that amazing golden bridge of energy.  How does that come into play?  Well... ask and we do receive!!

That bridge is available to EVERYONE who has completed all of their cycles of energy here and take those completed cycles and apply it as tangible wisdom in the life you are now creating.  Again, not from the ego but from the pureness of the soul desire within.

Some have already gotten to that place within themselves that the energies we are stepping into in 2012 will already hold the golden bridge of creation.  Some have some tidying up to do within their lives.  Some have wonderful knowledge but now must apply it as wisdom and action.  We are all on our own evolutionary path, we are ALL moving forward, one way or another.

It is no wonder Archangel Michael had asked me over and over in December "how do you see yourself in 2012."  My mind had no idea, my heart tho... man oh man did/does it know.  Passion.  Pure passion for the greater good is what creates the link up of the series of energies that truly is our birthright.  Application, even if it is just putting it all into a book for use as it all comes together, binds the energy together and quickens the process.

How do you know if you are really in your heart center as opposed to your ego place?  Let me be really careful with these words:

Actually, we are going to use an example of my own.  When I connect to faywood, I feel everyone who is there thru all time, everything that is there, every potential that arises from its energy field for the greater good of All.  I feel us working together, bringing out more and more of our own inner magic to use for the fields of creation.  I can see myself there... feel myself there, standing, pink energy flowing out in every direction.

With that said... I have no idea what I am "doing" because it doesn't matter.  I am Being and putting into action thru the fields of energy, whatever is needed in that moment.  There is no identity at all, just a complete oneness in it all.

I am going to leave you with a message that Archangel Michael gave to me this week:  "Stay Focused, Time is on your side."

I love you all so much, and am so excited for all that we have available to us for use!!
(((((HUGZ)))))) of tangible application to each of us!
Lisa Gawlas

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Life in 2012: Passion, Pointing, Earth, Bridges, Glass Slippers and Pay Days.

I so so so love the fluid fields of light that give way to expression and understanding, even if that understanding is vague at best!  Yesterday (12/28/11) was one of the clearest, most exciting days I have had in a long time.  Both within myself as well as with everyone I had the pure privilege to read for.  This blog, which I am posting on both of my blog sites (for those subscribed to both, sorry for the double emails) because I am going to share ALL the richness of yesterdays readings, exercises and understandings within this space.

There is an extraordinary excitement that is running thru ALL of life for these times we are stepping into.  I mean an excitement like I have never witnessed before.  If I can find a way to describe it, it would be like Life is finally able to live out loud in the fields of created matter.  But equally, it is due to the fact it can only live fully thru us, the human.  I am going to kick off this blog with a wonderful, empowering message a gentleman shared with me thru a reading a few days ago:

The meek are not "going" to inherite the world - The meek HAVE inherited the world!!

Equally tho, the meek have stayed so far in the background of life.  Learning, expanding, applying... all while life went on, is going on, in the density of the 3D.  

Life has grown strong - whole.  Life in my world is Love, Compassion, Passion, Unity... all the things that make Life strong and not separate.  

Now Life, thru each of us, WILL Live out Loud!

I must talk once again about our voice; our throat chakra and our Self expression in life.  Tremendously important.

My first connection of the day was with yet another young man, fully empowered, tremendously enlightened and just took my breath away with his innate wisdom.

Within the reading I had seen him in the beginning of January striking a "teacher" pose.  He was in front of no one I could see, yet, the moment he opened his mouth to speak... it mattered.  His words came out of his mouth in an amazing pink energy.  Pink, in my world is always about passion... living and speaking from your soul.   The energy of his words connected to the grid of life as if the grid had tubuals thru the threading and went outward into the fullness of Life.  I understood that what he shares passionately outward with his voice feeds the grid of life and embeds the energy into every open heart and consciousness.

This really gives true light to the saying: when you help one person, you help the entire world.  This has become utterly obvious thru this mans reading.  

The more you connect and share with like minds and hearts, the stronger the energy is.  The more penetrable the energy becomes in others just waiting to receive it (even if unknowingly.)

I had also seen him, in his "teaching" stance with a really short pointer.  As the reading continued I realized that pointer was actually his index finger.  This realization came when I suddenly seen him near his own table and he was outlining a circle with his finger.  I could see the energy coming out of his index finger and literally creating the circle on the table.   Creating by energetically doodling with deep feeling on his table (no particular table, just one in his home.)

We have heard the dampening of our own energy thru the words "it's not polite to point" I actually now realize how important it is to point.  To release the creative, magnetic field of energy that is within you by pointing to what your heart desires.  It also takes finger painting to a whole new level (smile.)  

I thought I understood the power of our fingertip chakra's, but I missed a huge important aspect until yesterday.  In my massage sessions, it is my fingertips that act as a radio receiver, communicating with the energy of the body.  I also knew it flowed new energy into the body... I never  ever realized how much we can manifest within our own lives thru the same energy portal!!  

So my dear friends filled with Light, time to start practicing your finger painting, finger pointing in earnest!!  
Now in a completely different vain... the next reading of the day really took me by surprise, at least initially.  I want to share this opening of a reading in detail as a meditation you can use for yourself.... if it is needed in your life.

Meditation Exercise:
I could see this lady standing on the earth, a very very narrow path forward before her.  The earth felt like it was just tilled as if to plant within.  I could see and feel the rich dirt of the earth.  As she took one step forward I suddenly seen   a hole in the earth that seemed to have it's own force field within it.  The moment she stepped forward the energy of this hole took her down into the earth, thru a clear tube going back in time.  I could see her whole body being sucked thru this tube (like at the drive thru of a bank.)

This tube popped her up and out in the month of July 2011.  (if you are doing your meditation, let it pop you up wherever you need to be, and feel with the energy of where you emerge to get a timeline.)

Now what was equally amazing with witnessing this thru her reading was it was all happening as if in the dark of night... at least until she popped up in the field of July.  July was filled with tremendous white and violet energy. thick like clouds and I couldn't see a thing except the vibrancy of this month.

What I understood with this was that she missed an opportunity to turn understanding into wisdom during the month of July and now she must go back to that timeline and breathe in the fullness of this energy and allow it to embed into her Being (thru the breath work.)  She will know when she is done because she will be sucked back down the tube and back into the present timeline.  I also understood this is crucial for her to move forward with.

So if there is anyone out there feeling stuck... this is an excellent meditation to do.  I will be connecting with her again as soon as she is filled with whatever that July energy is... and will write about the out come.  Right now, I don't know the end result... but I do know the intensity I felt this with.

I also want to return to the blog I wrote yesterday:

I want to share a comment left on my facebook by a beautiful soul and friend in Virginia about the golden bridge I wrote about yesterday (thanks to a reading the day before.)

This is from Erica:
Two things while reading this- gold was the essence of the group meditation I did with u so long ago before u left Va the first time. I still remember how beautiful the higher realm was- all colors merged together to create a beautiful irredescent gold that encompassed everything. No doubt that was heaven and it was gold. Second, last night I can't remember my many dreams but I know I was handed a glass shoe and I said,"just like Cinderella!" And it triggered as I read ur post- how crazy!

Her meditation gives deeper understanding to the aliveness of the golden bridge I had seen in the reading.  But I only now understand the glass slipper part:

Cinderella is very much a fairy tale about the struggle, oppression of life and one day moving into your "happily ever after" .... unconditional love, abundance of Life... 

The image I had seen on the bridge was of the lady with no shoe on yet feeling like the glass slipper was at hand.  Glass... clarity, open, reflective.  Even now I hear the phrase "if the shoe fits, wear it."  Be the Cinderella of your dreams (men, you too can be Cinderella in energy, this is not gender
This bridge, if we choose to cross over it, leads us to our Happily Ever After.

Even this understanding of the bridge gives more light to a repetitive phrase a man's spiritual team I had read for kept saying to him thru his reading: "you are walking into your pay-day."  I suppose the glass slipper would not have held the same energy for a man in a reading... but the meaning... the same.
We have worked really hard, really diligently to get to here... this energetic phase of our human.  The rewards are about to be felt to the core.

On that note, I am going to pause and ponder.  I love you all so much and I cannot thank you enough for the richness of each connection... the wisdom that flows out of your energy field to help us all on our road to live the Happily Ever After on earth!!

Lisa Gawlas

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Golden Bridge of Creation 2012

There is a reading I had done yesterday that lingers in my mind and heart.  I want to share the details with you for two reasons, the first reason, I am hoping as I share more details will come thru.  Secondly, it feels so important to all of us to understand.  The feeling and imagery has stayed with me all day and into this morning, so I know it is important for all of us.

The reading opened up with this intense energy being emitted from the front of her sacral-plexus area.  Not just any sort of energy, it reminded me of the energy that comes out of the bottom of rockets that are launched into space.  Only it wasn't pushing her forward more like drawing her forward.  The emission was completely in-front of her (as opposed to behind her.)  The energy was a pure white/silver energy and powerfully  yet gently just pulling her, no, thrusting her forward.

But this next set of imagery... man of man.  I had seen her in the field I am going to simply call January 2012.  It opened with the entire month having a circle of energy within it.  Circles in my readings always represents cycles of completions.  As I looked at the circle of energy, doors started forming one next to the other in the full circle.All the doors appeared as translucent energy except for two.  One that looked like it was housed in the middle of the month of circles, this one was yellow.  The one next to it that felt it was that it was aligned with the 3rd week in January was green.  Both very soft colors.  The yellow could be aligned with the doorway to the soul (solar plexus) giving way to the green of the heart center.  I could not, in any way see what was on the other side of these doors.

I did start to understand that she must walk thru each, one at a time.  Whatever is on the other side of the door gives the ability or momentum or something (smile) to open the next door.

Now here is where I really get tripped up, but again, the feeling of importance, beyond anything I have ever connected with.

This circle of doors opened up at the top of January.  Once she completed all the doorways... it took her right back to the energy of the beginning of January but... in a higher field of vibration.  When I had seen her circle thru the energy this amazing... AMAZING golden bridge emerged.

The bridge itself was just a little wider than her body.  The edges on both sides had intricate etchings, carvings that supported her as she walked the bridge.  The bridge itself was an arch going up and over what I will call February and came back down onto the path of earth at the very end of March.

The energy of this bridge... the golden hues of energy was so very much alive.  It wasn't solid nor not solid.  There was a series of colors that ran thru the golden energy but mostly what I could see, and let me emphasize FEEL was how alive this bridge was.  It had a consciousness to it... an awareness if you will.

Now gold in my world is the highest vibration of spiritual energy there is.  The bridge, we came to understand represented two thing... a rise in consciousness as we move over January, February and into the end of March.  It is also a major support system.  The bridging of this energy supported her movement forward, keeping her both elevated and safe.  But yet, I know there is so much more to it than that.

However, it only appeared once all the doors were opened and closed.  I suppose the linear-ness of my mind is really having a hard time with the fact that this bridge exists at the beginning of January, but first you must complete and start several things (whatever these doors hold) during January in order for it to be made manifest for you to walk over.

Back to the doors for a moment.  Since there was a whole circle of them... but really all I was aware of was the half of the circle that was on the left field (physical life) I did start to realize it was walking thru the doorways in your life that activated and enhanced the doorway on the right.

Putting all that imagery on hold for just a moment, I do want to share a few of the things I have come to realize with crystal clarity within the many readings I have done in Dec.

Spirit is focused now on our life.  Our physical life of created matter.  In doing these readings and energy work over the last decade, up until now... the emphasis has been on the right side.  The emotional spiritual side of us.  Not now, almost all the imagery opens up on the left.  I have come to understand how incredibly important it is for us to LIVE our truth and understandings... not just feel with them or blog about them (smile, hint to

The middle of January seems to be an important time, right around the 15th.  I have now seen that particular date in several readings and it is where the first door of color was aligned... yellow.  Soul energy/application perhaps?  Which gives birth to the doorway of the heart... the green one.

Even as I write the above paragraph I hear spirit say, don't dilly-dally thru the doors or you will miss the gateway.  Open the door, understand it, close it move to the next door.  If you do not fully encompass the energy (whatever that is) of one door, the next will not open until you do.  Yet, I have no flipping clue what even may be on the other side of any given door.

But man oh man... I so want a bridge like the lovely lady in S. Africa has available to her!!  I could feel it in ways I have never felt anything before.

Ohhhh, god I love mornings (which is where I am right  I had pondered yesterday as I kept seeing this bridge go up and over the first quarter of the year... completely over February... I had to wonder why.  I have been been seeing the importance of February, the opening of the portal to the next frequency of earth as well as the pure orange of the month itself.  Relationship energy, both of the Self with the self... as well as those important "other" alliances in our world.

And now I get it... well, sorta.  More than I got it yesterday lol.   She, and others like her, already emit the 6th dimensional frequencies (that rocket booster coming from her sacral-plexus) and thru actions, applications thru the month of January, give way to the landslide of energy the end of March holds for the human race.  There is no reason to move thru lessons learned already... it is facilitating all the higher energies for earth thru the higher applications.

What is funny... god I so love spirit... the reason they withheld so much of this (now crystal clear) understandings yesterday is so I would write out the details in full today.  Otherwise, I might have just done highlights... and there are other people with this very same sort of agenda in January.  Each getting there in their own way... but it is the understanding that is so important for us as we move forward.

Here is another interesting aspect of the reading which I didn't even tell her at the time.  I was so trying to fully understand this bridge, that I discounted how I had seen her foot... ummm feet.  (But I also know she will be reading this blog, so it isn't lost information

Once I had seen her complete all these doorways and the bridge itself emerged in the reading... I could see her standing at the start of the bridge... and mostly I could see her feet, her feet reminded me of Cinderella when the prince was coming to try on the glass slipper (there was no glass slipper... just the feeling of it all.)  I could see her right foot trying to find it's footing on this golden energy of a bridge.  You know, when you put your foot down, pick it back up, put it back down... trying to find a way to walk forward.  I really feel too, this is what I have meant when I have said (in many readings) we will have to learn how to walk in new shoes now.  I think it really is new energy.  Alive energy.

And please, I know that all energy is alive... but nothing... not ever... has felt like the pure aliveness of this energy bridge.  I don't even know how to put it into words or a full context even within myself.  But talk about interactive and co-creating... no... co-supporting.

One last thing.  I suddenly realized something was very different as this bridge came back to the ground at the end of March.  For the last several months I had seen the end of march as consistently as I had seen the black of December.  There at the end of March has always been a solid (not movement whatsoever) yellow-gold tsunami wave of energy.  It has always been there at the last week of March.

Now thru a few (and I mean very few) readings I had seen elements added to the end of March energy.. a glow of white and yellow energy, a feeling of coming alive, or movement starting or something.  I have always understood as well, that this tsunami like energy was the full potential of the Shambhala energies being released onto earth.

When the golden energy bridge completed it's arch at the end of March... that wall of energy was no longer there.  Even as I sit here and ponder that... I hear spirit say that as this golden bridge returns back to earth, it has created the trigger for the full flow of the Shambhala energies out into the field of created matter.

What is funny (at least funny within me) I have been hearing (thru spirit), planning, preparing for the fullness of Shambhala (living heaven on earth) since 2008, and as I really understand the profoundness of the above paragraph, all I can feel is the worry I may not be ready to use what is our birth right.

Funny... we have ripped ourselves limb to limb, identity thru identity, relationship thru relationship... we bled, sweated, cried our way to here... with a lot of laughter and Oh My God-ness along the way, and yet, faced with the reward.... ha... the "pay-day" (a phrase from a reading a few days ago) we have worked towards, my own thoughts are.... am I ready?

HELL YEAH!!!!!!!

Thank you.... ALL of YOU, who give me the greatest privilege in this whole wide world... connecting to you thru readings.  Your desire to know more, allows everyone who understands these messages, to know more. That is a priceless gift to the All of creation and I truly kneel before you every single time we connect.

Ohhh... ohhhh... my goodness I will close with this last sudden visual!  We are all walking our golden bridge of alive energy and walking towards a center point in creation (end of March?????) we will meet there to continue the story (huh???)

I love y'all.... so much.  Just thank you for Being in my world of experience and understanding.

(((((HUGZ)))) of golden energy to all!!
Lisa Gawlas

Friday, December 23, 2011

Feeling Your Creation With the Internal Creator

Today is December 23rd, the first day after the Solstice.  A day I have been saying everything within us humans will be turned on to the green light of go  in our new energy bodies.  But did I really have a clue what that really means... hell no!

Today, however... I think I do.  Thank you to the most intense night of my life., coupled with the most intense readings... no, energy connections I have had over the last couple of days.

This blog, today, is coming from the depths of my soul.  Perhaps even the fields of the new energy.

There is a grogginess to my brain and yet, at the very same time, an utter clarity and focus that I have never felt before.  To tap into someone else's energy field today... impossible.

But yet, spirit has been relentlessly expanding my geez... consciousness?  feeling center? everything?  with a single focal point.

Before I get to that, let me back up (as I am prompted to do.)

I have spent the last 11 years helping anyone who really desired to meditate.  But more than just meditate, tap deeply into their feeling centers.  To understand the depths of their feelings and to focus only on their spiritual team and their communication system within meditation.

I suppose I have always known how important our feeling centers are, and how important it is to be clear, I mean crystal clear in what we feel, where it is coming from, and what to really do with what you feel.

But even that... I surely didn't fully realize the depths of it all.  Well let me tell you... I am getting it now.   (smile... I have always said I can be very slow on the uptake!!)

I have always known that whatever it is I am doing, I am learning, would one day give birth to a place where people could come, heal their human and expand their soul.  Over this last decade, I have embarked on so many different projects to do just that.  Obviously, none of which found it's wings.  But yet, thru each and every creation that eventually crumbled, I learned so very very much.  I got to see, with eyes that would have never understood any other way, what works and what doesn't work.

It is a good thing I never looked at any of it as failure, but instead much needed learning lessons, otherwise I would have quit a long time ago in moving forward with the only consistent feeling within me.  To one day give birth to this place.

The one thing I know more than I know my own name... ENERGY MATTERS -  SYNERGY MATTERS for the breadth of the God within to have full access to it's full potential on this field of created MATTER.

Following the long road of synchronicity:

This is a crucial point in life, and so easy to miss if there is an expanded time from one synchronicitic event to the other that links it.

About a month before I moved to Virginia, I went on an adventure with a client.  There was a hot springs resort for sale that he was interested in and he brought me to feel the place out.  I didn't just feel it out, I fell in-love with the place.   The energy vortex was magnificent there.  The feeling of the earth, the quiet solitude of the land... soul enriching. The place is located right next to "The City of Rocks" which we went to explore as well.  All I could feel was Home.  Forget a hot springs resort... this would make the most ideal spiritual center ever.

2 million bucks!  That is how much this 1280 acre slice of heaven is selling for (for a peek that will not do this place justice go to   I gave thanks for the opportunity to tour and feel this place.   Altho it left my mind quickly, obviously, it never left my heart.

Going back now to Archangel Michael's constant question to me during this crazy ass month we will just call December: How do you see yourself in 2012.

I will never forget that feeling that welled up inside of my heart several days ago.  It was so much more than anything I know how to put into words.  Perhaps maybe like my soul answered the question with a depth I cannot forget, nor do I want to.  I so want to be in a community with other people who want to serve the higher good in any way they can, especially within themselves.

And the readings.  My god how did I not so fully understand the change of energy I have been connecting to in the last several days.  Thru every heart I connected with... the details were being shared, and it is only today do I really get it.

One lady's spiritual guide kept telling her over and over that he communicates thru her feeling center.  Her gut feelings and heart.  He was sharing this thru my own feeling center... not in words, but in feelings I have learned to translate into words.

His message to her was much much bigger than I ever took personally (smile.)

I watched as a lady I had read for was bubbling internally with such new and yet ancient energy.  Codes, alliances, fields of activation's getting ready to emerge.  Extraordinary.

I have watched as two separate people had this amazing liquid yet solid gold energy within their reading.  A feeling of the true alchemist within, creating your life thru trust and feeling instead of wishing for it.

Today I can feel how much it all means to us.  To me.  But my super high energy crescendo came from Davy.  The last reading I had yesterday...  a young man who's very energy created a spin in my head that I was waiting to fall out of my car seat!  We went together into the fields of higher consciousness that I would have never otherwise climbed myself.  There was so much about this experience that was wordless... and still is.

So I went grocery shopping yesterday after it all.  A lady at the store just started talking to me after I almost collided with her buggy.  She told me of her sorrows, I listened.  She hugged me like she knew me forever and thanked me for listening.  I was madly inlove with her, I was grateful for the hug.  She told me as she walked away to make sure I play the lottery, it is really high.

How can I not play?  For the first time I actually have cash on me from a massage I had done the day before.  The line at the customer service counter was longer than  I was willing to wait in, so I decided not to get the lottery ticket.

As I moved my shopping buggy from the check out I realized I plucked a "feed the hungry in new mexico" ticket off the Christmas tree when I first walked into the store.  When I put the holiday ticket onto my buggy there was a feeling in my solar plexus that made me cry a tear.

For the last year I had seen so many billboards on the roads of new mexico about the hungry here.  I felt such a desire each time to help them, the hungry, but my own feelings of not having enough kept me from simply feeling with those signs and not doing anything... until yesterday.

There was no way I could walk out of that store without giving the $7 commitment I plucked off the tree to the hungry.  I got back into the check out line and used the $20 cash I had in my pocket.  It gave me three 1 dollar bills in  the  change.  Well, there is a lottery kiask on the way out.  I bought a ticket for the power-ball and mega millions.

As I was loading the groceries into my car, I heard spirit say to me, this is how you will buy faywood (refering to the lottery tickets I held in my hand).  Huh???

But with the words came this feeling.  Phew the feeling.  The focus, the desire.

When I went home there was a lady visiting my roommate.  She had taken really amazing photos recently at The City of Rocks.  Natural phallic and vagina's in the rock formations.  All I could think about was Shambhala and sacred sex.  This being right next to faywood.  Again, that feeling.  That deep freakin feeling.

My sleep last night... man oh man.  I was in night school to the 100th degree.  I was being shown energy fields.  How to separate the fields of energy to go back to it's original design.  The layers that actually happen over time, people's own fields... the intermingling and changing of it all.

I was show how to restore it back to it's original field of Being.  I woke up so late and so spacey... oozing energy out of every crevice of my Being.  My whole mind focused on what I was experiencing in my dreamtime.

I had only minutes from waking up to my first reading ad there was no way.  My brains were scrambled eggs, my mind only focused on what was/is expanding within me.  I knew my soul wanted to write a blog... this blog.  I cleared my schedule... again.  But yet, what I feel, what I am even seeing as I pluck out this text... holy shit batman.

Even before I got my computer out to write, all I could hear spirit say as I pondered the truth of what I am now feeling.... "Life takes care of Life."

And now the I am so reminded of the last thing I had seen with Davy and was it his reading or ours??  Is there really a difference?

The Ego has Fallen.  

I really have been wondering about the real meaning of that.  Davy and my conversation led to not having to know how things work out, or even how to move forward in this new energy field... but allowing it purely from within.

The moment he started to share his understanding of that insight, I could see glowing white arms that actually stemmed from the back of his head, that was wrapped around his head and face.  The hands on the arms were that liquid-solid gold covering his eyes.  The moment he said the words "not needing to know how" the hands left his eyes, the arms stretched out forward and the field of light in which was his path was amazing.  Couldn't see a damn thing, but ya didn't have to.  You could feel it.  It ... the field, simply beckoned you to move forward into it.

I know I have said, even 2 weeks ago, 2 million dollars is not easy to come by (talking to a friend about the faywood hot springs) and today... it feels so easy to come by.

Life takes care of Life.  It always has, it always WILL.

Filled with the most amazing synchronicity feeling of Life unfolding.  Thank you All for the most amazing Life unfolding and caring for life!  You all bless me in ways you do not even realize.  Thank you so much for Being!

In deep awe and enriched fields of wonder.  You Are the Holi-Days - Holy Beings I celebrate!
Lisa Gawlas