Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Golden Bridge of Creation 2012

There is a reading I had done yesterday that lingers in my mind and heart.  I want to share the details with you for two reasons, the first reason, I am hoping as I share more details will come thru.  Secondly, it feels so important to all of us to understand.  The feeling and imagery has stayed with me all day and into this morning, so I know it is important for all of us.

The reading opened up with this intense energy being emitted from the front of her sacral-plexus area.  Not just any sort of energy, it reminded me of the energy that comes out of the bottom of rockets that are launched into space.  Only it wasn't pushing her forward more like drawing her forward.  The emission was completely in-front of her (as opposed to behind her.)  The energy was a pure white/silver energy and powerfully  yet gently just pulling her, no, thrusting her forward.

But this next set of imagery... man of man.  I had seen her in the field I am going to simply call January 2012.  It opened with the entire month having a circle of energy within it.  Circles in my readings always represents cycles of completions.  As I looked at the circle of energy, doors started forming one next to the other in the full circle.All the doors appeared as translucent energy except for two.  One that looked like it was housed in the middle of the month of circles, this one was yellow.  The one next to it that felt it was that it was aligned with the 3rd week in January was green.  Both very soft colors.  The yellow could be aligned with the doorway to the soul (solar plexus) giving way to the green of the heart center.  I could not, in any way see what was on the other side of these doors.

I did start to understand that she must walk thru each, one at a time.  Whatever is on the other side of the door gives the ability or momentum or something (smile) to open the next door.

Now here is where I really get tripped up, but again, the feeling of importance, beyond anything I have ever connected with.

This circle of doors opened up at the top of January.  Once she completed all the doorways... it took her right back to the energy of the beginning of January but... in a higher field of vibration.  When I had seen her circle thru the energy this amazing... AMAZING golden bridge emerged.

The bridge itself was just a little wider than her body.  The edges on both sides had intricate etchings, carvings that supported her as she walked the bridge.  The bridge itself was an arch going up and over what I will call February and came back down onto the path of earth at the very end of March.

The energy of this bridge... the golden hues of energy was so very much alive.  It wasn't solid nor not solid.  There was a series of colors that ran thru the golden energy but mostly what I could see, and let me emphasize FEEL was how alive this bridge was.  It had a consciousness to it... an awareness if you will.

Now gold in my world is the highest vibration of spiritual energy there is.  The bridge, we came to understand represented two thing... a rise in consciousness as we move over January, February and into the end of March.  It is also a major support system.  The bridging of this energy supported her movement forward, keeping her both elevated and safe.  But yet, I know there is so much more to it than that.

However, it only appeared once all the doors were opened and closed.  I suppose the linear-ness of my mind is really having a hard time with the fact that this bridge exists at the beginning of January, but first you must complete and start several things (whatever these doors hold) during January in order for it to be made manifest for you to walk over.

Back to the doors for a moment.  Since there was a whole circle of them... but really all I was aware of was the half of the circle that was on the left field (physical life) I did start to realize it was walking thru the doorways in your life that activated and enhanced the doorway on the right.

Putting all that imagery on hold for just a moment, I do want to share a few of the things I have come to realize with crystal clarity within the many readings I have done in Dec.

Spirit is focused now on our life.  Our physical life of created matter.  In doing these readings and energy work over the last decade, up until now... the emphasis has been on the right side.  The emotional spiritual side of us.  Not now, almost all the imagery opens up on the left.  I have come to understand how incredibly important it is for us to LIVE our truth and understandings... not just feel with them or blog about them (smile, hint to

The middle of January seems to be an important time, right around the 15th.  I have now seen that particular date in several readings and it is where the first door of color was aligned... yellow.  Soul energy/application perhaps?  Which gives birth to the doorway of the heart... the green one.

Even as I write the above paragraph I hear spirit say, don't dilly-dally thru the doors or you will miss the gateway.  Open the door, understand it, close it move to the next door.  If you do not fully encompass the energy (whatever that is) of one door, the next will not open until you do.  Yet, I have no flipping clue what even may be on the other side of any given door.

But man oh man... I so want a bridge like the lovely lady in S. Africa has available to her!!  I could feel it in ways I have never felt anything before.

Ohhhh, god I love mornings (which is where I am right  I had pondered yesterday as I kept seeing this bridge go up and over the first quarter of the year... completely over February... I had to wonder why.  I have been been seeing the importance of February, the opening of the portal to the next frequency of earth as well as the pure orange of the month itself.  Relationship energy, both of the Self with the self... as well as those important "other" alliances in our world.

And now I get it... well, sorta.  More than I got it yesterday lol.   She, and others like her, already emit the 6th dimensional frequencies (that rocket booster coming from her sacral-plexus) and thru actions, applications thru the month of January, give way to the landslide of energy the end of March holds for the human race.  There is no reason to move thru lessons learned already... it is facilitating all the higher energies for earth thru the higher applications.

What is funny... god I so love spirit... the reason they withheld so much of this (now crystal clear) understandings yesterday is so I would write out the details in full today.  Otherwise, I might have just done highlights... and there are other people with this very same sort of agenda in January.  Each getting there in their own way... but it is the understanding that is so important for us as we move forward.

Here is another interesting aspect of the reading which I didn't even tell her at the time.  I was so trying to fully understand this bridge, that I discounted how I had seen her foot... ummm feet.  (But I also know she will be reading this blog, so it isn't lost information

Once I had seen her complete all these doorways and the bridge itself emerged in the reading... I could see her standing at the start of the bridge... and mostly I could see her feet, her feet reminded me of Cinderella when the prince was coming to try on the glass slipper (there was no glass slipper... just the feeling of it all.)  I could see her right foot trying to find it's footing on this golden energy of a bridge.  You know, when you put your foot down, pick it back up, put it back down... trying to find a way to walk forward.  I really feel too, this is what I have meant when I have said (in many readings) we will have to learn how to walk in new shoes now.  I think it really is new energy.  Alive energy.

And please, I know that all energy is alive... but nothing... not ever... has felt like the pure aliveness of this energy bridge.  I don't even know how to put it into words or a full context even within myself.  But talk about interactive and co-creating... no... co-supporting.

One last thing.  I suddenly realized something was very different as this bridge came back to the ground at the end of March.  For the last several months I had seen the end of march as consistently as I had seen the black of December.  There at the end of March has always been a solid (not movement whatsoever) yellow-gold tsunami wave of energy.  It has always been there at the last week of March.

Now thru a few (and I mean very few) readings I had seen elements added to the end of March energy.. a glow of white and yellow energy, a feeling of coming alive, or movement starting or something.  I have always understood as well, that this tsunami like energy was the full potential of the Shambhala energies being released onto earth.

When the golden energy bridge completed it's arch at the end of March... that wall of energy was no longer there.  Even as I sit here and ponder that... I hear spirit say that as this golden bridge returns back to earth, it has created the trigger for the full flow of the Shambhala energies out into the field of created matter.

What is funny (at least funny within me) I have been hearing (thru spirit), planning, preparing for the fullness of Shambhala (living heaven on earth) since 2008, and as I really understand the profoundness of the above paragraph, all I can feel is the worry I may not be ready to use what is our birth right.

Funny... we have ripped ourselves limb to limb, identity thru identity, relationship thru relationship... we bled, sweated, cried our way to here... with a lot of laughter and Oh My God-ness along the way, and yet, faced with the reward.... ha... the "pay-day" (a phrase from a reading a few days ago) we have worked towards, my own thoughts are.... am I ready?

HELL YEAH!!!!!!!

Thank you.... ALL of YOU, who give me the greatest privilege in this whole wide world... connecting to you thru readings.  Your desire to know more, allows everyone who understands these messages, to know more. That is a priceless gift to the All of creation and I truly kneel before you every single time we connect.

Ohhh... ohhhh... my goodness I will close with this last sudden visual!  We are all walking our golden bridge of alive energy and walking towards a center point in creation (end of March?????) we will meet there to continue the story (huh???)

I love y'all.... so much.  Just thank you for Being in my world of experience and understanding.

(((((HUGZ)))) of golden energy to all!!
Lisa Gawlas

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