Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Pull on our Bodies of Mercury and Jupiter Going Direct!

Yesterday, 12/12 was just one very strange day!  I woke up feeling like my brains were stuffed into the clouds.  A very loopy feeling.  The more awake I became, the more my physical body felt like sludge... again!  As the day went into night,  I could hear my voice changing again.  The raspiness of congestion around the larynx.  
But yet, a miracle indeed happened, I was still able to read.  THAT is amazing.  THAT is surely new.  Granted I had to stand on my tippie toes to get started, but once we got started, it flowed.  I am grateful on so many levels for yesterday, for the loving souls who give me the privileged of connecting to them and understand   what they, and we, are going thru in this moment on earth.

I woke up this morning, I swear there was/is an elephant sitting on my chest, primarily at the high heart area (very top of the sternum.  My first morning cough sent a searing pain thru my entire upper and strangely, outter, chest area.  Each cough there after is following suit.  Ouch!  But really, there is nothing there to hurt.

As I get everything set up in my car to start this blog, I realized exactly what is happening within me.  Which I am going to explain, along with the many variations taking place in this moment of time we will call December 2011!

I would like to first say, any and all astorolgy information I am going to share here comes from Karyl Jackson's website: www.alphalifetrends.com.  (Thank you Karyl for all you share and do, you make my life clearer!!)  I share this because two major things have and are happening that she helps me so clearly understand.

Murcury Retrograde.  Jeepers creepers peepers!  This has been the most physically intense retrograde period my physical body every experienced.  I did a very particular reading yesterday for a lady who's entire root system was being completely pulled out of the ground as we spoke and thru the night as Mercury went forward on the 13th (today).  I could see a huge gapping hole where everything that was her, was now richly empty.  I could see the dirt of the earth, so rich and vibrant.  I could see the molecular codes of light... waiting.  But her team was clear to say she will be completely de-rooted over night.

As soon as dropped into my quite painful upper chest to ask... why do you hurt so bad this morning and now my chest is so congested too.  the first two weeks of this... whatever that I have the congestion was primarily in my head.  I was vividly reminded of this lady's root removal.  Ohhhhhhhhh!  So my high heart went thru the same exact thing over night too.  Which of course, now makes sense.  It is truly the passion center of the spirit/soul.  We are changing radically within this month of December.  Of course the passion has got to change with the new DNA.

Lets take a look at what Karyl says about this Mercury Retrograde cycle:  With the November/December 2011 Mercury Retrograde, the major issue of goals, plans and directions are up for revision. We are on the threshold of major change and transition regarding our direction, location and purpose. The road that we have been on for this year of 2011 now requires that we make choices and decisions. The road had ended and we must choose to go right or left, we can no longer continue the way we have. This Mercury retrograde is setting the stage for the shift out of 2011 and movement into 2012, a universal FIVE year (in numerology terms) which represents CHANGE, BREAKTHROUGH AND FREEDOM. You will need to be ready to break free from the past and move into new directions, shifting your goals, location and purpose. 

Because everyone is so uniquely them, with their own mission, their own spiritual agenda and purpose, I am seeing so many variations of how this energy is affecting each person.  Please do not think for a moment someone is getting better energy than another, or that someone is more advanced than another (thats all ego there)... we all have our very specific shifts to go thru at our energized time.  One way or another (smile) we ALL will meet on earth (one day) in wholeness of our soul within a biological body.

So now that Mercury has gone direct, those who has been cleared out (so to speak) is going thru a massive hard wiring over the next couple weeks.  That precious, beautiful new Light Body I had seen thru the 11/11/11 will be fully wired to your new Life, our new earth!

From what I am currently understanding, for those in full mode of this energy, all will be completed by the equinox and the energy of Jupiter (which has been showing up for the last week in readings) going direct will pull all this new energy forward into 2012.  Of course, all I was seeing was Jupiter and there is something really really important with its energy alignment with all this hard wiring I am witnessing.

I have 0 astrology or planetary understanding within me, so it wasn't until yesterday I actually went to Karyl site to see if she had anything listed about Jupiter, of course she did!!

This week, December 25th through December 31st, begins with our New Moon in Capricorn setting up new and different offshoots from our business, career and industrial pursuits. Jupiter turns direct on Sunday, which gives us a way to set back to ground zero and recalibrate our route and journey. Jupiter will begin to expand the situations that we have put into place and will finally be given the cosmic go. We have worked for the last 6 months to make the changes, but yet to no avail. With the shifts, revisions and complete overhauls, all information is finally lined up with expansive opportunities that will unfold as we move into 2012

So for those who did not resist mercury retrogrades energy will be lead into their new life expression thanx to Jupiter.  Of course... YOU still have to walk it.

There is something really interesting I happening to that I want to mention here in this sharing.  The aches, pains and body sludge we are going thru.  Now this is something I am really trying to fully wrap my own mind around.  But, before I get to sharing what I am seeing and understanding I want to say... had the lady I read for not asked the very specific question that led to this understanding, I would not have this understanding at all.  I don't recall what her question was... maybe I think why her back and legs were in so much pain... but your questions bring forth so much I never even thought about.  We are so vital to each other and the higher understanding of all!

I had actually seen the new energy hard wiring within our body right now, being pinned/aligned to the next vibrational shift in mid-February.  From what I am currently understanding, this next shift allows and releases full use (for those vibrationally aligned to it) of the 6th dimensional energies.

Imagine your hair being pulled down the street to another house...  that is what is happening within our energy fields.  I suppose it would make sense, why hard wire to a "fueling station."

So for those of you who feel energetically listless (me) and as much as you may have a clue, or non at all, of what you would like to be doing or get started on... yet there is no energy within you to do a damn thing... trust in that.  All of your vital energy is going towards this hard wiring into the next dimensional field and your mind/understanding/attributes have got to catch up and come online for use.

Enjoy the rest period, January is not going to be so low key!!

Lisa Gawlas



  1. Unique as everyone else, your information helps me in my situation a lot, dear Lisa!

    I was feeling great up until 10 days ago, when the void hit and my energy vanished. Not left me tired, just went out the window floating-ly and I decided to simply wait and see (What else is there to do?). With Monday and the start of the week, I decided waiting was find and all, but that I could still at least ask for a tour of the construction site ... my intrigue and boredom getting the better of me, and wow what an active site for renovations!

    My main point being, that while no Ah-ha or enlightenment moments are coming through, I keep telling myself, because this is also what I get told: And that is to trust in that it will be alright. Trust in that it is progressing wonderfully Damnit, just T-R-U-S-T.

    And while it is so, soo, sooo much easier to tell others to trust, being your own cheerleading/pep squad is difficult, although possible.

    So from me to you, and anyone else reading here ... give yourself a shout! Shake your pom-poms or high-five yourself ... patience is needed, but KNOW that in the meantime, patience is worthy to be celebrated!

    trans-luminal-U (David)

  2. Oh Lisa....I just love reading your blogs!

    As I lay listless this morning, I asked what I was (again) experiencing.

    I saw myself and Mother Earth holding hands on (yes, get this): a fueling station off in outer space.

    Similar to the pit crew of Nascar, I was shown that Mother Earth and I had "run out of gas" and in the present moment, our pit crew was running fuel cleaner through us. (lots of symbolism there!)

    I was then shown the crew putting new gas in our tanks, a new set of wheels on each of us and then, quite literally, we were pushed off the fueling station into the great Unknown. ;)

    Thank you for posting your experiences as they always confirm and validate my own. <3


  3. I wish i could see what u people see

  4. For most of my life I couldn't "see" the way I did now.. especially not purposely. My sight and connections came from meditation, meditation, meditation! Do you meditate??