Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Fall of the Ego and Out-Breath of Spirit

December has been the most diverse month I have ever seen within the human energy body in all the years I have been looking at and working with the energy system.  But what I had seen yesterday just leaves me even more excited for the days and months to come.

I know I have written about expansion and contraction, inhaling and exhaling our new lives, our new way if living life, but until yesterday, it was a concept without images.  For me personally, I understand in greater detail when I can "see" what is happening.

Yesterday (12/20/11) I woke up for the first time since arriving in New Mexico almost a month ago, with a clear head.  No congestion, no mental fog and no severe tiredness.  It felt like I took my very first breath of fresh air in a long time.  But even in that clarity, something felt very different within me.  The only way I have to describe what felt different was a feeling.  A feeling of pure centeredness, of a calm within that I have not known before.  I sat with it for a while, trying it on like a new sweater.

That feeling expanded into something else as well.  This something else is hard to describe with words.  Hard really for me to understand as well.  It is this feeling of contracting back into myself.  I have spent 11 years expanding, learning, applying.  I have gone thru many shifts within myself over the decade, each one brought with an exhilaration of mind and energy, a newness of pure giddiness.  Of course, most always preceded by the depths of hell of letting go.

I could feel the energy coming into me.  All of the energy I have put out thru my own expansion was now coming back into me in a highly concentrated formula.  Being present with it all really didn't give me a full clarity of what it really means to me, to us.

In the wonderful, most precious way this universe has to really help us (all) understand where we are at and what we are really going thru, my first reading of the day was exactly that.  The moment I had seen her energy and what was happening with it... I simply felt like I was not only reading for her, but fully for my Self as well.

I am going to go into as much detail as I can with both her and I because there are many at this stage of their own evolution as well, and many that will be in the days and weeks to come.

I could see her body surrounded in a 360 degree of an in-flowing of energy.  Not an energy like I had ever seen before.  It was flowing into every pore of her Being.  Silvery-white, concentrated.  It wasn't coming from the "grid" as I am accustomed to seeing, or from anything in particular that I could put a label on.  I watched intently as this energy moved into her whole body and concentrated itself at the solar plexus.

There was an intensity to the pure energy being released thru her solar plexus.  It was yellow and gold and I could feel: highly concentrated.  Imagine someone turning on a fire hose... it was with the same pressure and intensity this highly concentrated, pure energy was coming out of her solar plexus.

I watched and felt so deeply... as her life path, the road she is currently walking emerged beneath her feet.  A radiant white road that was far from straight,  it was more like a series of squished down S's.  Each step purposely taken bringing her deeper into her spiritual energy and releasing it outward into life.  The road had blue and red strands of energy embedded in the intense field of white.  Pulling from her like magnetic strips, her full spiritual essence of expression (think throat chakra and above with the blue) as it creates in her physical life (the red.)

This morning I understand that it is this field of energy from the human that will one day give birth (in the earth realm) to the energies of Shambhala, living Heaven on earth.

It is no wonder why the mantra for the last several months from spirit has been "responsibility and action."

If I can go a little deeper into what all that means (because it is now unveiling itself to  That energy radiating into the pores is pulling from the fields of unlimited potential... immediately, going thru the changing station we will call the solar plexus and creating it into matter within the road you are walking upon.

I obviously pondered this incredible connection/understanding all day and night long.  It gave the visual to what I was feeling already.  But yet, I felt like I missed something.  A piece of information that goes with the fullness of it all.  So I do what I usually do when perplexed.  I asked Archangel Michael.  Now his only message to me for this entire month as been "rest" which I was tired of hearing already!!  Not sure I would get anything more than the single word "rest" I pulled out my pendulum and asked for his help in understanding the fullness of this message.  He said:

"The ego has fallen.  Nurture only the energies of the Heart. "

Yes, I can and do hear him without my pendulum, but I like it for my own clarity.  This was too big a statement to wait for letters to swing to me from.  Besides, I do hear the sentence(s) before they swing all the way out on my paper.  He said to me that the road will rise from the heart and be made manifest in all our desires (spiritually speaking mind you.) by walking towards the heart promptings from the highly concentrated energy now out-flowing from the solar plexus.

I had to ponder that ego falling thing.  What does that really mean?  How does that work... or not work (smile.)

The ego is what separates me from you, us from them, time from space.  It is that which feels it must survive, dilutes anything of life, in life, with fear.  It is that which takes for itself first and leaves anything outside of itself for last.

If someone passed you on the street who was not wearing a coat and said "I am cold" would you take your own coat off to offer warmth?  Or do you think to yourself, shit I would be cold too if I wasn't wearing a coat.

The soul does not know or entertain lack in any way... only the ego does.  There is no hesitation when the heart is leading and the road moves up to meet and provide for all of your needs and heart desires.

There is so much more I learned from the connections yesterday, but that will have to wait for tomorrow.  My day beckons.

With absolute humbleness and pure radiant solar love to all!
Lisa Gawlas


  1. The soul does not know or entertain lack in any way... only the ego does.

    Coats for everyone.....

  2. Hi, I put up this little exchange between Wayne Dyer and Deepak Chopra, on seperation/unity, asking " why can't I wiggle your finger"

    Glow with the Flow,