Sunday, December 11, 2011

Black December, Zip-Lines to January - The Butterfly Emerges for Flight!

What a month, year, time on earth we are in!  Phew baby!

I remember (now) writing about December quite a bit prior to the 11/11/11.  It had always been black with what I refer to as a zip line pulling us (those aligned with the higher fields of vibration) towards January.  I never really understood what it meant to us, it was just consistent in my field of vision.

Of course I spent the first week of December on my informational (AKA sick) bed, so I was not thinking of anything except for how to breathe again.  Even that is telling really.

On Nov 26th we entered earths refueling station.  We will be here until mid-February 2012.  Our whole life is being refueled, energized according to our thoughts and deeds of this year.  This really has been a year of allowing.  Allowing change to come into your life.  Allowing higher and newer thoughts/ideas to come into your life.  Allowing new understandings of how to be in life... healthy and in full joy, to come into your life.

Every single person on earth was given these seeds of energy.  A lot of people either gave these seeds back to the universe or lays dormant within ones pocket.  I will get to this in a bit... I tend to write about where my excitement lays... those who planted their seeds!

Planted means you tilled your own soil, allowed these new thoughts, idea's, inspirations to embed themselves within you.  To become alive in your life.  Knowing soon you will move, relocate, change jobs, relationships, go to school, get out of school... their is a vastness to these seeds.  Many people have already started applying this new energy in their lives.  Packing, letting go, giving in... helping others, looking beyond their own life circumstance to see where they can be of assistance.

It is these people that I am talking about now, with this energy understanding of December.

The high fuel energy field of life is literally changing you from the inside out.  That moment in time where the Caterpillar has eaten enough fuel to go into the transformation aspect of it's journey.  The cocoon.   Where change in every area is happening.

DNA code sets are being released (old life) and new is now being hard wired into it's life.  New light sets, new thoughts, old skills perfected in lifetimes where the energy supported such skills are now being hard wired into the new human undergoing this process.

Since I started reading again I am seeing something very consistent happening.  A black cylinder type thing covering the person I am reading for but yet filled with super molecules of light by the thousands (maybe more than thousands, but you get the idea.)  It is changing first the inside... the core energy of the person.  As the core is rewired, enhanced, it then moves outwards to the energy field itself.  Creating new opportunities, new relationships, movements of all kinds.

Because we are still undergoing this tremendous re-wiring the specifics are really hard to see, depending of course, where you are in the process.

There are two things that have set all this new energy into a "turned on" mode and that is this eclipse we just emerged from.  But equally, our sun played it's part in the field of dark energy (and trust me here, dark right now is an amazing thing...):

This is taken from Dec. 8th, NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) observed an unusual event on the sun: An erupting cloud of plasma was eclipsed by a dark magnetic filament.

So thru the darkness of December, emerges the butterfly.  From what I am currently understanding, everyone's transmutation will be completed by the Winter Equinox.  There are many other planetary alignments happening between now and the equinox that will continue to light up ad turn on our new Light Body for full use!

For all of those tossing to the winds of change their identities, relationships, survival skills (you get the idea), January is going to be an amazing month of working your new wings for flight in life.  This re-wiring is the zip-line I had been seeing.

January is super white and red.  I didn't fully understand what the white and red energy really meant to us until i had the most enlightening reading the other day.  We were talking about a friend of hers in stage 4 lung cancer and why.  Her friend lived in the metaphysical understanding and interaction for decades.  I immediately thought of Wayne Dweyer and Jerry Hicks... leukemia and the red blood cells and bone marrow.    As our conversation progressed, I really really understood how I am seeing and feeling January (again, for those going thru this transmutation process... there are those who will be experiencing a shades of gray in January, I will get to this part as well.)

Our white blood cells is the very energy of our pure spirit.  The white cells keep all negative energy away from us.  Our red cells are the building blocks of life.  The bone marrow is the field of energy in which we create with.  Life serves Life.  Period.  We truly will have a new life blood flowing thru us and must use it as such.  Not for self gain or recognition, but for the pure benefit of Life.  We don't need to complicate this either... something's so simple as letting someone cut in-front of you in a line at the store.  Helping someone pick something up they dropped.  Offering a tissue to someone sniffling.  We have so many opportunities to serve in our day to day moments that ask nothing more from us than to care for that which you see as separate from yourself.  But.... (smile)... even this becomes null and void in the field of energy if you do something thinking you have something to gain from it.

We will have January to use and play within to create and amplify the fields that we will live as 2012 and beyond.

We leave the fueling station mid February and emerge onto an earth that supports and enhances all of your (our) highly vibrating fields of desire.  More of this is just emerging within the readings and my comprehension, as it becomes clearer, I will write about it.

Now, last but not least.  There are those who are challenged to get out of their own way.  Keep in mind every single person on this planet has gone thru the energy enhancement of December.  Indeed, All life wishes to play and live within the fields of Heaven... of unconditional love and support.

So with that, all those obstacles you left until the last minute to overcome... will be bouncing around January and February for you to choose.... instantly, in that very moment... again.

Look at challenges as the most wonderful and instant opportunity to change, to fully ignite your heavenly light body for full use.  Keep playing in the old energy thoughts and relationships that does not support love... well... the consequences are faster and deeper than ever before.

Life is in-love with you.  Unconditionally.  For you Are the Love of your Life!!

(((((HUGZ))))) of pure potential and excitement.
Lisa Gawlas

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  1. Amen, Sister. Do I have a reply for you. Working on it now. Welcome back, by the way. Jenna