Friday, December 9, 2011

The Ascending Body and Acceleration of December Energies!

After 2 weeks in the deepest void I have experienced in a very long, long time... I am back and of course the energy is so new again!  Or maybe just my eyes are new (smile)... however it is working, I find it all so exciting.

I realized that something magnificent happen and during a very strange sleep, I got to really witness the the shift (leaving one version of earth and moving to another version where the higher frequencies of light are more readily available.  This happened to all of us on Nov. 26th, 2011.  What I now further understand thru the readings I have done in the last several days, this is only a temporary earth we are on.  We can look at it like a fueling station.  

One of the first connections I got was to man whose entire calves, knees and lower thighs were infused in what looked like a blue cylinder of light.  There was both an intensity and desire coming from the light that was now his legs.  All I could feel from this light of his was it wanted to be used.  I could feel more refined energy as I went up his body, but I was still very congested and could not see and connect to it fully.  

I had connected to several ladies whose light field was still calibrating within their physical bodies.  For the first time in many months, I was able to go inside the physical body of the people I was reading to see what was really happening within them.  

There is an amazing rewiring taking place within so many people.  It is very much like watching the old wiring being taken out and the new wiring being put in place.  The colors, vibrancy and excitement of this new light energy leaves me breathless every single time.  

Two very strong common themes with this light work... it must be used!  It is in place for you (us) to use it, master it.  The only way it can actually live and create in the field of matter is thru your use of it, with intention, with purpose.

However, during this intense month of December, the energy itself is still being infused, aligned, amplified thru your own living field of matter.  I would even call this transformation of your inner and outer light... radical!

I had done a reading for a lady yesterday who probably gave me the clearest understanding of what is really happening within our physical bodies... enhanced and accelerated by the many energy surges of December.  I am going to share the details of this exchange because this is happening as well to so many of you (us).

At first I thought I was seeing wrong.  She was a field of black and white energy.  I could see something black going thru her entire core and looked as if it was splitting her in two.  (I was seeing this as the phone was ringing.)  

Once she answered the phone I could see her arms and legs, both spread out in a 90 degree angle.  Her arms up-stretched towards the sky.  All I could think to myself was what the heck??  It literally looked like she was splitting into two halves.  But each half had this vibrant white glowing energy outline to her.  The more I trained my vision on her, the more i could see the outline of white energy taking form.  It was outlining her physical body as if it was the outline of her wings from top of her hands to the extent of her toes.  She now looked very much like a black and white energetic human-butterfly!  Then the fullness of what is happening to her (and so many right now) became utterly clear.

The Ascended Body:

She was quite literally in the between stage of her ascension.  Completely aligned with the higher light fields and going thru the radical inner transformation of DNA and downloading and hard wiring the new soul-codes or blueprints for her new life.

In her (our) own way she is splitting it two.  Letting go of all that got her to here.  Releasing the old blueprints of her life, releasing the old energies that got her to here.  Literally changing out the old DNA set as the new comes in and replaces it.  

I understood that this month of December will serve to enlighten all the new energy pathways within her.  The full lunar eclipse is a huge catalyst followed by Mercury coming out of retrograde and other planetary movements that is way over my head of understanding (smile) with the crescendo happening with the winter equinox.  

By the end of this year, she will quite literally be in a whole new life.  Ascended.  

There is not doubt in my heart that she will ever really know exactly what day that fullness happens.  Everything around her will still look the same, feel the same, for most accounts.... it will all be the same.  Except she is far from the same person she was.  She is new.  She must now learn to walk with new feet, in a new way.  All this without even realizing how much has changed within her.  But yet... there is this subtlety.  This deep inner prompting that says... change is here and must be acted upon.

I think we have romanticized ascension so much that we expect life to be easier once we have reached ascension.  Altho it is definitely more exciting, so much more is going to be asked.... if not demanded of you.

I also heard her team say that this coming year, 2012 will be the landscape she uses to apply her new Life.  To learn to walk in her new shoes in a new way.  All of this preparing us for the final activation of earth on 12/12/12 (which happens to be her Birthday... synchronicity at large!!

I share this in detail for a reason.  So many of you are going thru or have gone thru it already.  This particular earth frequency I referred to earlier as a fueling station is where we are changing en masse.  Preparing for a huge frequency shift within February, where the 6th dimensional energies are freely available (for those who have done the inner work) to use and create with.

Thru another lady that I had read for, I had seen the energy of this gateway in Feb.  It was like a fountain of energy that was coming as much from the sky as it was from the earth and was very violet and blue in hue and tangible in texture.  

I could feel the incredible potential of that energy, of our part in creating with that energy.  It is thru us, the spirit embodied human, that this energy lives and creates.  Without our full and purposeful intention and action of use... it remains a potential we have available to us.

A this to birth a March that is beyond our current comprehension!

I am going to close this for today by referring you to my other blog site.  These are sister posts.  I will be next sharing what I understood yesterday about our DNA and activating all of it.  Keep in mind, your full DNA activation can happen by how you choose to live your life.  Period.

Please go to to read my next post that I will write about DNA.

With ohhhh so much excitement in the fields of active transformation... yippie!!
Lisa Gawlas

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