Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Wonder and Flu Like Symptoms of "Black December!"

This is no ordinary month and we are no longer living ordinary lives.  My own memories have gone back to the times when I first consuming spiritual energy and understanding and applying it to my life (key phrase there... applying.)  I had more intense head colds, chest colds than I ever had.  I could have never ever foreseen or understood the true reasons why I was "sick" more now that I was changing my life,but I sure do now!

What we all are going thru is such a massive quantum state of change that it really dilutes it all by trying to put it into a linear context to wrap our processing minds around.  But... I am going to give this understanding a go!

From summer to the 11/11 we all have been suited up with a new light body.  New codes, new blue prints, new enhanced spiritual attributes.  With the activation of earth on the 11/11 those codes started to fire up within our bodies.  Changing everything right down to the very air we breathe thru November.

November 26th we went thru a wormhole (I suppose that is what I will call and landed here on this re-fueling station of earth.  Now... what is happening to each of us, is so unique unto ourselves, our energy systems, our applications thru the decade(s) and most especially thru the year 2011, that we are experiencing December quite differently... as we should.

There are many people who was standing on the tippy top of 4th dimensional frequencies but had not allowed themselves to use their energy to catapult them into the vibrancy and fullness of the 5th dimensions... and here they are now.  Singing, dancing and celebrating what they feel within and starting to really use the energy of their new light body!  This I celebrate with you all as well.  It is an extraordinary place to be within yourself and learning how to serve the higher good with this wonderfully enhanced version of yourself is key.

Then there are those who need a little nudge within themselves that says... you have changed, now use this change for your higher good.  The higher good is always served serving others in some way.  Perhaps you may get an ache or pain in very particular areas... this is your enhanced energy chomping at the bit to be used.  To be applied in a new way in your life.

And then there are those who's various frequencies have changed so much that they must take time off and allow the fuller change to happen.  I will try ad break this down in general ways, but please, it is not as limiting as I am going to explain it.  It is much fuller and more profound... but again, quantum into linear dilutes.

The intense head cold.  Now think of how much wiring you actually have in your head.  This is where you brain, your neurons, your pineal gland, etc is.  Your whole head is being rewired to a frequency the earth has not had available to her in a long long time.  You are being rewired from 5th dimensional frequencies to the 6th and above.  Your body buffers it all with the congestion.  It is your protection within yourself.

The intense chest cold.  You have some super duper wiring within the heart area, housed between the bed of your lungs, the air you are breathing has changed to fit your new level of energy.  Again, a full change out of the energy fields... of the heart processor is taking place.  The congestion is needed as the buffer.

The soar throat.  That alone should say, my voice is changing.  My self expression has to change with this new alignment.  For me personally, I lost my voice 3 separate times as the congestion was first in my head then moved down into my chest.

The headaches.  The hard wiring.  Ouch! For me, this was an continual intensity in the left temple.  The energy of my physical life is changing.

Then there are those with leg pain.  Your path of life is gearing up for change.  The way you walk thru life, how you have walked thru life... changing.

Before I actually got "sick" I felt my lower chakras being ripped out (smile).  This happened the first day I was on the road to New Mexico.  I stopped a lot to go to the bathroom!  Eliminating all the crap of my life that so wonderfully got me to there.

Me personally... I have been overhauled from head to toe.  There was not an ache or pain left out.  Just when I thought I was feeling better, another part would chime in to put me down again!  Had this been 10 years ago, I sure would have gone to the ER, or taken medicine to stop the process (only for it to have to start up again another time.)

There is another wormhole we are all going thru sometime mid-February and our bodies and consciousness is really preparing us for this massive, intense shift.

Even today, I can see this opening in February.  The intensity of the month is orange.  Our sense of self in the world around us... but not as a separate individual, but as a collective whole, together, paving the path for all those arriving in their new states of bliss.

But I must also bring up that pesky pesky word of "responsibility."  We have brought ourselves to here to help others.  Wielding your new enhanced power for the sake of self gain (which of course... you can), well... let's just say that would be unwise.

Wisdom.  Knowledge applied as a working energy within your life.  This is the key to the rest of your enhanced life!  Don't read a book, be the book others read from as an animated way of Being in life.

We are the living library of earth.  Our pages, our wisdom, binding together in a new way.  I so need you to continue my own story... place your page next to mine, to be read and lived out loud, for the higher good of All.

In service to the All, with you and thru you!  We have changed it all...together!!

In Light, In Love, In Full Service...

Lisa Gawlas


  1. Michelle from Washington,DC here. I have thrown up my hands concerning syncronicity since 11:11. I have been living with a head cold for the past 4 days, but it is presenting in a different manner than previous head chest colds. I usually sneeze a wk before the cold starts. This cold has been CONSTANT sneezing all the way through. It almost presents as if my body is having an allergic reacion to "something." I was saying to myself yesterday that this could be a cold or ascension symptoms.
    I have my first reading scheduled with you on Dec 30th or 29th. I was thinking of rescheduling, because I did not know if you could read someone while they had a cold. After reading today's post, I now understand that the cold may just be a part of my integration process.

  2. Reading your blogs with much interest I wish to thank you for sharing all the informations... I have lived through these changes of my body as well for so many years and thought they would never end - this year I even lost my hair on the back of the head while the cranial bones are growing (and my hair is white now)... But all in all, I feel much better than before!
    The 26th of November happening to be a very special one I felt very deep in my body: being subject to a force of nature like being hit by a snowslide.. I only got my body moving again by imagining to walk forward in the inner realms... strange experience.
    I hope there are many more interesting developments to share!
    Many greetings from Europe and a wonderful Winter Solstice time <3

  3. Hi Lisa,
    4 days ago I dreamt I would get a cold. What a dream, I thought the next day. I was fine, no cold but pain in the throat and waiting for relief. Next day there it was, I had a cold and my throat felt so much better. Like Michelle from DC I also had to sneeze all the time and to be honest it feels like a headorgasm not like an allergic reaction. I have a new feeling as if plaesure and joy is boosting my head.
    New thought: I dont need to suffer while ascending.
    Much love
    Sandra from Germany

  4. Michelle... Your reading is on the 30th and yes, I can read you if your are sick... just not when I am sick (smile). It really isn't sick as we think... but a much needed buffer in the process of complete energy change! I so appreciate you in my life and in this world... thank you for Being You!!

    Big big (((HUGZ))) and a soft tissue too (smile)

  5. Martina... the one thing I have come to accept (sometimes not so gracefully) is this path comes with intense body changes and discomfort and at times down right painful stuff too.

    I am banking on 2012 being much gentler if now ecstatic on the physical body... getting to here has been hell!! But we are here and (for the most part) intact!!

    Big big Snow-melting (((HUGZ))) to you filled with radiant light!!

  6. Sandra... That is so kewl you dreamt of your cold before you received it! I love how spirit is always getting us to see what we need that is ahead that we may otherwise avoid!

    Headorgasm... I love it. I will have to remember that next time I sneeze (smile)

    Lots of super head sneeze to you wrapped in bliss-filled (((HUGZ)))