Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Ring of Light: What we do unto others,we do unto ourselves

Yesterday morning I awoke with a weird dizziness.  I call it weird because it wasn't like anything I have experienced before.  It was quick (lasted only seconds) and flashing a brightness and I could tell it was coming from my frontal lobes.  Even tho this flashing dizziness only lasted a few seconds, it was happening often thru the morning.  I simply assumed the sun was spitting out some new Light energy and it was swirling around my head.  Not really...

Very little surprises me on this crazy (yet wonderful) spiritual path I call Life, yet, the universe was kind enough to give me a really big surprise as my 9am massage appointment unfolded.

As I placed my hands on my clients head, I could see so vividly this ring of light around his upper to middle brain area.  It was rotating in a clockwise fashion rather quickly.  I remember thinking, man if I had this light in me I would end up being dizzy.  I had to stop in my tracks.  I was dizzy!  Now the question becomes, was I experiencing my own ring of light.... or his?

The vibrancy of this ring of light just beheld my inner vision.  It was beautiful with stripes of various colors blending into the etheric energy field that was circling his brain.  Of course, I had to ask this light... what are you doing and why? 

I could feel the newness of this light field.  It was a new stream of energy available to all of us wondering humans on earth.  This rong of light had let me know that it was released to us recently and it is up to us (each human) to pull this energy into the working circuitry of our brain for enhancement.  We can do this with the intention of our breath.  So I breathed for him... or perhaps for both of us.  As I was breathing this light into his )our) brain matter, I had to equally ask, what is your purpose.  Like a thought on the breeze...

I could see this energy take hold in his visual cortex and stream outward thru his eyes.  The color of the light streaming thru his eyes was now the post beautiful light blue/white light with a directed energy outwards.  I was humbled by the sight.  For as much as I write and share, my words and my ability to string words together to paint a picture pales in comparison to the aliveness, the vibrancy of what I was seeing in all it's grandeur!

Of course, I had to know... what exactly is your purpose?  I do want to make clear, when this light energy answers my questions, very seldom does it come in words.  It comes in packages of feelings sometimes accompanied by images of its potential.  Its my job to go to the rolodex of words in my mind to find description and accurateness to what it has answered.  Not often an easy task.  So please bear with me as I describe this new lights purpose...

It is clearing our visual cortex.  We humans have a tendency to see what we want to see as opposed to the truth of what we are really seeing.  This light (if allowed by the host human) will clear the debris feel of perceived bias to allow us to take in the truth in any given situation.  I am not sure how much (until even now writing this) we take in visually via our feeling sensors.  This new refined light is truly enhancing our field of vision in the world of truth.  It will (again, if we allow it) expose all energy feelings in relation to what we are "seeing."

I thought to myself wow this is beautifully exciting.  Ummmm or was it?  Like everything in life, it really is a double edged sword.

After his session was over, I never suspected the energy work that I had helped him with, I equally did for myself.  I don't think I have ever thought of that particular trade off before even today as I look back on the rest of my yesterday. 

As soon as I finished my session with him, my flashing light dizziness ceased to exist (thank you dear Lord.)  I sat in my car waiting for my next appointment to arrive and wave after wave of love started flowing in towards me.  It truly melted into my skin.  I didn't want to leave my car!

I had to wonder... was the universe finally happy that after many many months of asking me to share what I experience via massage sessions... I finally started?  Maybe?  Then I got a clear view of yesterdays posting and most especially the forum that I ( choose to share my blog with.  Let me tell you.. the love and appreciation you send out to another, is received by that person!  I thank each and every molecule of loving energy that was sent to me yesterday, God it felt great!!

And yet, when my day was done and I arrived home it was like walking into a field of muck (we had company.)  I just assumed I was officially exhausted and retreated to my room.  I couldn't even leave my room, I knew if I did, I would have to wade thru the muck to get to wherever I was going.

It really isn't until this morning, as I share within this blog, do I really understand what I felt yesterday (and lingers even now... but as my "new" sensors even out, it is not as overwhelming as it was last evening.)

I wish with all my heart I could show people what they emit when they feel anything but love for themselves and others.  It really does take the oxygen out of the air and depletes all that is around you/us. 

With the deepest of gratitude for each and every one of us.  We are indeed.... Becoming!

Lisa Gawlas

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