Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Sacrel-Plexus and the Manifesting Potential of the New Energy Grid it Connects To!!!!

It is really hard for me to fully wrap my understanding around how much we humans are changing, and what it really means to us.  When I talk to people who really don't "live" in my world of understanding, I sound very much like a chapter out of a sci-fi novel.  Yet, deep inside of me, I know the truth of it.  That's good enough for me!!

Our energy systems are in such advancing stages of.... Becoming.  Becoming the fullness of who we always have been.  We talk about the power within, but do we really understand it?  I think if we did, we would not have the first negative thought ever.  But then again, we are human.

I had the most incredibly awesome experience during a phone reading a few days ago.  It has taken me a few days to really process the magnitude of information that came out of this amazing creature of life.  I got to see, and (struggle to) understand what is really happening within our "sacral-plexus" area.  This is so much more than simply shifting from a mundane orientation with life to a spiritual orientation.  It it's current phase of capacity, it is setting itself up like a super intense satellite system.  Let me try and explain what I had witnessed and what I am (still struggling to) understand.

As I made my way down her core energy and arrived at the place I refer to as the sacral-plexus (between the solar plexus and sacral chakra) there was a new energy I had never seen before... not only was her chakra the familiar yellow and orange, but equally spinning within this energy center was blue and red as well.  And let me talk about seeing the spin... holy cow batman!! 

Her sacral-plexus was spinning so flipping fast it looked solid and still... yet, I knew there was a super fast spin happening.  The spin distorted (at least in my vision) the area to look what I at first thought was maybe like a plate... super wide opening, yet, close to her body about maybe 6 inches tall.   Most chakras (that aren't dealing with issues) are about a foot and a half from the bottom up.  As we kept on talking about the intensiveness of this chakra, I started to get a deeper understanding of what was really happening.  It wasn't a plate at all... but forming like a satellite dish.  With that I started to see where in the "ethers" it was connecting too... and it was (from my view) a whole new grid system that is emerging in the realms of manifested reality (the earth plane). 

The emerging grid I was able to see had the reflected blue and red energy threads embedded within it.  Now I have been seeing quite a few people over the last several months with what I can only call red and blue energy dots being absorbed into various areas of their being.  Some in the heart, some in the throat, with her, the day before when she actually booked the appointment, I instantly seen this energy going down her crown chakra.  Had no clue what it meant at the time, but did ask for the energy to assimilate itself before our phone reading so I could help her (and me) understand what it meant to her.  I love love love how energy wants us to understand it, and it obviously complied!

In my interpretation of these colors... blue is that of the throat chakra.  So it is really all about your self expression.  Not only the "words" you say, but who you choose to be and how you present yourself to this world we live within.  Red, root chakra.  Our connection to physical life.  Because she already had a fully formed sacral-plexus, she had already done the inner work to move her away from the mundane focus of life to the spiritual being that she is within life.  (Her mind may tell her otherwise, but you cannot fool the energy system 

So what I am (still) understanding with this powered up chakra center... it is our manifestation grid.  What we put out energetically is received instantly on this new (thank you dear god, still emerging) grid work and brings it to our manifested reality.... INSTANTLY.

Like I said, it is still in the emerging phase.  Giving time (not as much as we once had lol) to clear up our ego center and get it working with us instead of against us. 

Like anything and everything in life... there is no bias to energy.  No good, bad or otherwise.  Everything simply is. So if your worried about something the energy field of life that loves you so unconditionally will bring you more of "that" to worry about.  However, if you live like you are already there, in that world of wonder... it provides endless fields to continue to wonder about.

The more "in-service" to life we are, the more lit up our own energy fields are (we can look at this as a way of our energy fields protecting us too) because survival comes from fear, and we have manifested enough of that and so... some folks have no active sacral-plexus yet.  Phew... that's a great thing really!

There is a well of gratitude I give to any and all who allow me the most amazing privilege of connecting with their soul.  We all get to grow and understand from your own desire to grow and understand.  Thank you all for being in Life with me.  I love and honor you more than my words will ever hold the energy to truly express.

Lisa Gawlas


  1. Namaste Sister right on Angel time :) I feel so connected to you like I have known you before which I probably have Much Love xXx

  2. Very awesome insight and information Lisa! So we are being lit up like Christmas trees! LOVE it:) Thank you for all you share. Love you too! Namaste, Donna!