Monday, July 25, 2011

The Love and Protection of the Earth within our Energy System with the coming Shift

A man graced my massage table a few days ago, that gave me (us) insight and understanding I never even considered before.  That is, how much earth herself is giving back to us according to what we have given out.  Let me explain (smile).

When I got to this man's feet, another place I do deep reading from (I am working on doing this in phone readings, gotta get me a rubber-like doll as a surrogate, anyone have one??)... there was this purposeful flow of red energy going up into his right (emotional / spiritual side) foot and calf.    I had to ask the energy, what on earth are you all about.  Little did I ever expect mother earth herself to tell me.  Never before did she make her self audible in any reading I have ever done (outside of my own personal meditations).  Obviously this was important.

The first thing was this feeling of integrity from this man.  That his heart center (which is where I was on his foot) was impeccable.  This flow of energy was the mans own highly charged integrity field flowing from his "store house" within the earth.  Which created many more questions for me. 

The love and appreciation that came from Mother Earth was soothing like a mothers love should be.  I was drenched in this mans goodness and back flow of energy that truly was his.  As I started to do the massage on his calf... this is when mother earth became audible.  She had told him that this energy is flowing into him as a protection field.  No harm will come of him "as things become chaotic."  Yeah more questions from me, left totally unanswered here. 

I could see this energy enriching his already beautiful energy field.  There was equally an extra layer of glowing white protection building itself into his field on his left (physical life) calf area.  Mother earth continued to talk about the value of his integrity and how much she appreciated it.  Especially in relationship to his chosen field of work.

I had to ask him what he did for work... I figured it had to be something huge that created this energy field.  A doctor perhaps, maybe even a lawyer?  Nope.  He is an insurance adjuster.  Talk about being stunned!!  And what our precious mother shared with me in understanding...

He has no bias on either side.  He does his best, with the highest integrity to do what is right regardless of who he works for.  That is to say, no claimant can take advantage of the insurance company, and no insurance company can withhold on a claiment.  He truly works for the higher good of all.  I was humbled.  What it must take within to have such a balanced desire.  How incredibly grateful our earth is for what, no... for HOW he does what he does.

So now that I took the long way (smile) to get to the point of this sharing.  Every single thing we do in life... holds energy.  This energy is stored within the earth herself.  She does not hold negative energy, that comes zooming back to us once we put it out.  This is our (for lack of a better word) good energy. 

Integrity means you do something without gain for yourself.  You do it because it is the right thing to do for the greater good of all.  This energy that you put out has super high value, especially in these intensely changing times. 

So what is happening, in part, with all the releasing mama is doing with the earthquakes, volcanoes, etc. is opening wide our storehouse of energy to return to its source (us) for enhanced protection during this "shift".  She gave me an example (for him, he came to me for a massage and detox and got more than he bargained for lol) that you have seen when a tornado has come into town to clear out the old energy, and it seems every house in the neighborhood got torn down expect one.  Well that one has this enhanced energy field that is truly their own energy coming back to protect them. 

She also showed me that these energy fields, communicate with each other.  The energy of the tornado recognizes the energy of the protected person/people and this field is created between the two to "do no harm."

This is a lifetime collection.  Every hug you have given just because you could, every dollar you gave to a needy person without filing it on your taxes at the end of the year... every good, helpful thing you have ever done... just because you could, is now returning to you in mammoth degrees.  Not only for protection from the coming storm... but to support you as you, with the deepest of integrity, rebuild this world as it is needed.

Keep this little phrase in mind: "You are as protected as the protection you have shared with others." 

I also want to note here several things.  Mostly this week is getting really busy for me as I prepare to leave New Mexico for Virginia, so I am not sure how many sharings I am going to have time for. 

Altho the information was purposely kept away from me (I only get to know so much... like spirit says, we are on a "need to know" basis lol) there was something so significant with relationship to the end of the first week in August.  Mother earth talked about the Chaos and I could connect to the when(ish) but not the what. 

On the drive into work that day, I had just done the blog on the sacral-plexus and I was getting this massive download of information about protection as well as the shift. 

Archangel Michael had told me several weeks ago that I must be with my family (in Virgina) when the shift happens.  I was slightly puzzled because I assumed (don't ever do that lol) that the "shift" was as much as a process as ascension.  Happening a little bit at a time.  Seems like there is much more to it than what I ever cared to ask about.  So I got to see on my profound drive to work this scenario happening:

There are many new energy grids that have emerged into our space of created matter.  Like within the human body, that means the old grids need to go.  I could so clearly see the grid of fear bulging about 3 inches from the ground.  It was as black as black can get and obviously over filled from the shear amount of people feeding into it as well as off of it.

It is about to explode.  I feel it like an old star that goes super nova.  Only here it is, in our place of created reality, 3 small inches from the ground level.  We will all feel it.  We will all be here for whatever is going to play out as it goes nova.  This is why earth has been busy making sure we have our deserved protection around us. 

I did try and see how that will play out... spirit is really good at making sure I don't see more than we need to know. 

For me, this potential fills me with excitement.  It will be so wonderful to have that layer of fear released once and for all.  Trust me, your spiritual team is on over time making sure all is in place within your energy stream.  I have seen this too and now understand it more fully!

Love, like it is the only thing that matters, because at the end of the day... it is the ONLY thing that matters.

With deep humbleness and tremendous excitement,

Lisa Gawlas


  1. Dear Lisa
    THANK YOU for sharing your being light blue.
    It helped me to understand more deeply the new light blue quality in plants and in my own cells. I am a fellow blogger from Germany and write about certain foods connected to the emerging I AM Body.
    A few days ago I created a picture which shows the new light blue around the plums in my garden. I posted it here:

    I talked to friends in Switzerland, Spain and Germany and we agree, this light blue is brand new.
    While writing this I experience an endless light blue space/consciousness in which I can also see you. It feels benevolently human :-))
    Lots of Love

  2. oops
    my comment was ment for your next post