Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Color of Our Soul, Black Matter of the Ego, A Blue Moth and Crystal Wisdom

I have completed the transition from New Mexico to Virginia.  What an amazing, insightful trip it had been.  A lot of the details I didn't know... became known as I sat in the silence of my car, as well as the 2 days iu the Crystal Mines in Mount Ida, Arkansas.  I pray I can remember all the fine details and share them outward with you.  This is a two part sharing (smile)

Part 1
There is a new color that has emerged in the body over the last several weeks.  (At least it is new to me.)  This is the most beautiful light blue I had ever seen.  I knew it was a vibration associated with the throat chakra, which, in my readings is all about Self-expression.  The majority of people I have seen over the years... this area is usually a bulging black energy area.  On a very rare occasion (and I do mean very rare) I would see the energy of a cobalt blue streaming from within the black.  But now, in a handful of people, I am seeing light blue.  I understood the lightness of the blue meant there was a spiritual energy streaming thru the cobalt blue area, but until my road trip, I didn't understand the full degree in which this color is now appearing.  God knows I can be slow on the uptake!!  lol  ...really slow!!!

The light blue I have been seeing is the pure soul energy of the client.  Makes sense now as to why I have seen this color in areas other than the throat.  Primarily it radiates somewhere in the head as well.  I had a lady in a phone reading that this beautiful light blue energy was actually streaming out of her eyes.  It was breathing taking to behold.  About two inches from her eyes was this... hmmmm, I guess I will just call it a thin layer, a block in her outward field of vision.  I heard her team say that in order to use the fullness of this vision she must remove the scorn from her eyes.  I then watched as this incredible white light shower started happening between her face and the area of "scorn"... her team helping her to clear it up!  At the time of the reading, I had no clue it was her soul looking out the eyes of her world and being blocked in distance by something that just gets her angry.

I was truly humbled by this new understanding of the way peoples pure soul energy is now making itself known in my inner vision.  But then came an understanding I so should have known... for years.  But somehow I just didn't.  Not to the full extent I get it now!

The black areas I have seen since I have been able to "see" is so much more than blocks and issues.  It is truly the energy of the ego blocking out the light of your own pure light.  Now let me back up for a moment.  About a month maybe two ago, all of a sudden I kept hearing a quote from our beloved Jesus: "I of mine own self can do nothing."  I have always assumed this quote meant that he never worked alone and without spirit surrounding his "works" he could not do it.  The more I went back to the understanding, the louder I would hear that quote.  I knew I was missing something within it.  But what?

It is the willingness of the "client" that absolutely must be present for any healing to actually happen.  The black energy that creates blocks and illness within the body comes from the perceptions of the person being worked on.  He, nor I, nor any energy worker, can ever undo what a person puts in place.  We can add light to the area, but it is always up to the person to fully transmute their mis-perceptions into light and free it once and for all.  I have watched as some peoples energy field completely changed to higher vibrations by the time a massage session was over.  Not because of anything I did... if that was the case, every person that ever graced my table would change.  It is because of what they did in the moment.  We think healing... releasing long held dark (un-enlightened) energy has to take time, it doesn't.  It can be as instantaneous as choosing in that moment.  Of course, I do my best to go deep into the core energy of that black matter to understand why it is there... Awareness of the issue is key, but alone, not enough.  The person MUST choose to release it!

Keep in mind, the ego... a beautiful and much needed creation in our field of matter, is non-the less a fear based entity.  It was designed to keep the incarnating spirit safe from harm and to work intimately with the spiritual energy that is us.  It knows the land of matter well and can navigate in an instant to get us from our heart promptings to our destiny in nano-seconds.  Over time tho, we have let go of our heart and fed off the fear of the ego.

The only time the light blue energy can make itself manifest in our physical bodies, is by clearing the darkness of the ego.  Our soul is the most patient, loving energy.  It so wants to play fully in the field of created matter, NOT with us... but AS us.  It will wait lifetimes for us to really change our minds on how we are going to move thru the fields of unlimited potential... and create the bounty that has always been the greatest potential of our lives!!

 Part 2
The first full day in Arkansas I was joyfully in a crystal mine playing as a child moving dirt and looking for hidden treasures.  About an hour or two into creating this major crater in the side of the earth the most beautiful light blue moth took up residence within the crater with me.  I couldn't tell you if this was a moth (looked like a moth) or a butterfly.  I felt so graced by the universe as I just had the download of understanding about the light blue color and here was a winged creature sporting the exact color of blue I had seen in several clients.  

And then I forgot about the company that was so patiently sitting on the dirt floor of the huge hole I was digging into the earth, and I took a shovel of dirt and buried the moth.  The moment I realized what I had done, I got afraid I killed it!  This is when the black matter of my ego took over saying, well if you uncover it, it may be dead, then you will feel bad.  So leave it covered in the earth.  OK?  Back to crystal digging...

And then my shovel took up some of the dirt that was covering the light blue moth and it was suddenly jumping all over the place.  I was horrified to see that in my carelessness, I removed its right wing from its body.  I apologized profusely to this precious critter and scooped it up on my little hand shovel and placed it on top of the crater about a foot away from me.  It surely was a determined moth and hobbled right back over to me and sat at the edge of the crater I created.  I prayed it could live and thrive without a wing.  I wondered how it would eat and get to where it needs to go... and it looked straight at me... not with anger, not with anything other than love.  Even tho I took off its right wing and injured its core energy, it still wanted to be with me digging crystals and it loved me!  I was humbled as I watched this critter intently.  I kept praying it would live.. within minutes tho, it died.  My heart was crushed.  I once again apologized profusely and scrambled within my mind to think of something I could do.  Instantly it came to me:

I told the light blue moth that I was so sorry for being so careless in my pursuit of crystals and that it died because of me.  I invited its essence to come live within my body.  I told this little critter that I try to be a good stream of energy for the earth and it can take up a new residence within me, if it so desired.  I told it I would breath deeply in... and it had a choice of becoming one with me.  I closed my eyes and breathed in...  my light blue moth was no where to be seen when I opened my eyes and exhaled.

I mined hundreds of crystals, took them back to my motel to clean each one with a toothbrush.  As I finished my day and laid down to rest, there was a throbbing happening in my right arm.  It was intense.  Every jointed felt like it was inflamed, every muscle fiber screaming out in agony.  No matter how I positioned my arm it got no relief.  My left arm, totally unaffected.  The throbbing (not so much actual pain as it was a throbbing thru my entire arm) radiated from top to bottom, joint to joint, muscle to muscle.  I knew it wasn't just an over worked arm from mining all day... there was an energy something or another happening within that arm.  I even took Ibuprofen to no avail.  Didn't even touch it.  I finally found a position in which my arm could bare the throbbing and fell asleep.

In the morning I went crystal mining again.  As I sat there on my bucket digging for earthly treasures with a right arm that held no memory of the intensity that it felt the night before... I suddenly remembered the light blue butterfly and it clearly showed me its right wing.  I thought... OMG KARMA!!!  I felt worse thinking the last thing this little critter felt on earth... was an aching caused by my hand.  I was crushed.  It allowed me time to get out of my head (pesky fear filled ego ya know) and once I was done, allowed me to realize that my right arm has become its right wing.  It choose to live within me as I breathed in!  I was as elated as I was humbled and grateful!  As this validating universe so loving does ALL THE TIME, the next morning in my "TUT email message was the reminder: "Give with a truly glad heart, lisa, for the sole purpose of the good it will do, and whatever you give shall return to you, multiplied, as if on wings, covered in sparkles."  

I cried like a brand new baby!

Last but far from least in this sharing today was the profound message I got from crystal mining on day 2.  We as humans are really full of ourselves and our perceptions.  Even when it comes to the crystal kingdom.  As I was searching for crystals and many many "injured" crystals would make its way to my hand and I would put it back down on the ground looking for "whole crystals" instead of broken ones the crystals really took the time to school me!  I am going to paraphrase the incredible communications of our quartz crystal family.

We humans have a way of discarding what appears to be broken.  All of the crystals laying within the ground that have been injured are the most sympathetic healers we will find.  They know what it is like to be broken and discarded as not very good and therefore, overlooked by humans.  They gave me a parallel of themselves with the men and women coming back from the various wars we have ongoing... they are injured.  Missing limbs, brain matter, facial features... are they any less than who they were when they went to war?  No!  They are coming home changed.  The "broken" crystals have changed as well.  For the better, not for the worse.  Not to be overlooked as a precious value on this earth.  They understand injury better than those who are still pristine.

Many broken crystals were placed in my bucket!

They also shared something else with me.  We (humans) tend to think the bigger and the clearer the crystal, the more potent it is.  Not really.  Most sacred information have been stored in the smaller, overlooked crystals to purposely make sure they make their way to the ones who can use their information.  The cloudy crystals have deep hidden secrets.  You will know you have extracted the sacred information inside as the cloudy turns to clear.

I have returned to Virginia with several hundred crystals... broken and whole, cloudy and clear.  Everyone will be participating in the activation of the Arkansas crystal mines on 11/11/11.  Every person who gets a massage, gets a reading, or just simply desires to have one of these precious gifts of our lives will receive one. I will give them away until the last one finds its Home.  I will be mailing them to clients who already had a reading in July as well.

We are indeed changing... Becoming.  We truly are the blessings of the earth!!
With the deepest gratitude to all who embark on changing into the Light Blue Butterfly of earth!
Lisa Gawlas


  1. Dear Lisa
    THANK YOU for sharing your being light blue.
    It helped me to understand more deeply the new light blue quality in plants and in my own cells. I am a fellow blogger from Germany and write about certain foods connected to the emerging I AM Body.
    A few days ago I created a picture which shows the new light blue around the plums in my garden. I posted it here:

    I talked to friends in Switzerland, Spain and Germany and we agree, this light blue is brand new.
    While writing this I experience an endless light blue space/consciousness in which I can also see you. It feels benevolently human :-))
    Lots of Love
    P.S. sorry for posting this twice (see your last post)

  2. Hi Sandra, sorry for not seeing this until today. I have been in a deep crazy place. You may find my new post under "The Shift of Time and Energy" relative as well! (link below)

    Isn't it exciting that spirit makes sure to stay consistent in it communication and understanding... the whole field of earth is... Becoming! Hurray and thank you so much for sharing!