Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Washing Away ALL Our Old Bridges to Create the NEW!

There is so much I am excited about, so much I want to share outward with you.  So please bear with me if this is an unusually long sharing. 

The communication during August has been breathtaking and so incredibly revealing.  A very rare earthquake happened on August 23 (2+3=5 which is about change) that did most of its rattling northward.  The Washington Monument seemed to have the most damage, or maybe the most talked about damage.  I find several things interesting about this in particular.  The Washington Monument is 555 feet tall (talk about embedding change into this statue... someone knew Washington needed LOTS of change when they built it.)  It is currently closed for repairs (so is our government too really.) 

We can look across the globe and see governments changing, people taking back their power to create a life of their desires.  We, in the USA, need to do the same.  Washington is broken, the cracks are now obvious (thank you monument) and should only be repaired, reconstructed by the Will of the People (not many in this country really remember what that even means... may we ALL remember and stand together to reclaim our country with love and hope for all.

We barely recovered from the earthquake (mostly the shock of it happening) and wham... Hurricane Irene comes and washes so much away.  It was a wonderful and needed clearing of energies.  But my baffle happened when I seen that my beloved state of Vermont was in the midst of devastating flooding.  I lived, grew, no transformed my whole life in central Vermont from 2002 - 04.  It is the only state I have lived in (and trust me, I have lived all over the USA) that loves and genuinely cares deeply for its people.  Perhaps maybe, that is why Vermont is getting the most damage from Irene's cleansing.  The people will be cared for.  So my bigger question is... why.  Why does Vermont need this cleansing?

This morning the answer was so present and unmistakable.  Vermont is home to some amazing old bridges.  The old wooden kind, there is even a floating bridge there.  3 of its old bridges have been wiped out from this severe flooding taking place right now.  I seen a picture on CNN this morning of a beautiful covered wooden bridge that was built 141 years ago and now most of it is gone, taken away by the fury of the moving water.

As I sat here and pondered the bridge(s), I suddenly remembered a reading I had done yesterday with one of my ongoing clients.  There was a covered bridge in the back of my clients heart chakra.  She was standing on the edge closest to her body filled with hesitation in moving off the bridge, as well as comfort and safety of being on the bridge.  I could see her heart center filled with liquid energy that she needed to jump into.  The liquid of her heart was new, deep, and from all accounts unsafe because she had not allowed herself to leave the comforts of her bridge (every ounce of the past that brought her-you to the present).  I understood both so clearly instantly.

We must get off the bridges of our past.  Let go of who you think you are and even the road that got you to here.  You are NO LONGER THAT.  It was simply what got you to here.  That which we cling to will be lost in the clearing of the new energy (which is well underway.)

Here is new.  Here needs to be created new.  No trace of old energy.  No support systems of the old energy.  Take the plunge into the deep waters of your heart, of your soul and learn to swim in these new fields of fluid energy.  Nothing else will be supported moving forward.

Earlier in the day, in a separate reading, I now understand even more fully a visual I got for a client.  I could see all this amazing threads of deep golden energy lattice being laid in her upper chakras and I could see the energy flowing into her Pineal Gland and it looked like windshield wipers flowing back and forth... clearing her higher vision.  Her Pineal Gland was filled with the light blue energy that I now know is her souls appearance in my rearding.  There was even several statements from her soul (and for the first time, I could feel the difference in energies from her spirit guides and her direct soul communication, more on this in a moment.)  It was clearing her old perceptions so that she would only see the new. 

Our souls are only focused on the present moment moving forward, NOT where we came from.

I also remember the lady on the bridge, she had 4 latches that her soul was releasing (because she gave permission for this thru the reading) and now I get it even more than before.  With it, I suddenly seen this tremendous love energy hugging her... filling her every molecule with this wonderful and filling love energy.  As I was caught by surprise with that sudden image, I was also reminded of our Fall Harvest (for those on the other side of the earth, look at it as your Spring Blooms) and what we have put out in energy is coming back to be our experience 100 fold.  The place in her heart is filled with genuine love of herself and all that surrounds her.  After the roughness of August, I was thrilled to see and feel that reminder that something wonderful is coming our way in the fields of September.  The longing in our soul will find its creation and expression in this new field of fresh, fluid energy as we move into September.

I wish I can say everyone on the face of the earth has placed only the highest degree of love outwards... so with the wonder, there is the other side of this Harvesting. 

There was a common theme with dates (keep in mind, dates are always subjective and can and will change as the collective changes.)

October 13th was something that I feel will affect us globally.  I say globally because the three readings I had yesterday all contained this time frame, one in the UK, one on the east coast of the US and one on the West coast of the US. 

With the lady in the UK I felt the ground beneath her feet really start to shake up (and often times, I cannot tell the difference between literal and symbolic, which is the case with this.)  I also seen energy waves coming in from the distant left (Physical life) going to the entire energy field where she was.  It didn't feel so much as personal as it did area wide.  I have a feeling this morning, this is going to be a global shake up event.  With her it was also a key opportunity for her (how, we have not understood yet, darn it!)

The one thing I know for sure, we are in this together.  Lets hold hands and pave our new streets with gold (to me, gold is the highest vibration of spiritual energy there is... in my readings.)

Together, we are One... WE are the new energy!

Until the next update.... (((((HUGZ))))) of pure excitement and potential!
Lisa Gawlas

P.S. (8/31/11) I just recieved an email from a lady named Nancy who reminded me that the flooding is wide spread from Irene, which I knew and most of the places being cleared, needs to be.  She is in upstate NY and reminded me as well that NY doesn't love its people (which I have found to be a true statement for a lot of states in the US).  My prayers go out to ALL affected by Irene, but I pondered a little more about Vermont.  It has been hit the hardest of all areas... why?

Two reasons really (more I am sure, but 2 I understand right now):

1.  There was a vast amount of prayers going out as Irene headed to the East Coast, which did amazing things at lessening the effect of the Storm.  Who ever thought Vermont was in the path of the Hurricane?  No one. 

We humans, even us who claim to be "aware" and participating in The Shift are excited about it, but don't want to be inconvienced or changed by it.  Mother earth is NOTsick or mad... she is in full Labor!  If you have seen someone give birth, there is always blood and water that comes out before and with the child.  Why would we want that labor to slow down or stop it... it is only going to have to pick up again to complete the job.  What our those intentioned prayers have done is slow down the energy of birth... at least on the East Coast.

2. Vermont, on the other hand was allowed full effect of the waters.  So the prayers that saved the East Coast  more damage and ability to fully cleansed, was released in Vermont.  A place that holds very high energy to begin with.  A place that says to lightworkers everywhere... clear what you think you know.  Remove old energy, old thoughts and bridges to the new... for even we have yesterdays ways of doing things and that must be released as well.  The greatest thing we did yesterday must become new with the alignment of the new energy.  Don't fear the energy of this massive birth, don't worry about inconvenience... embrace the change and help each other move thru it!

Look at how powerful we are when we ban energies together to heal.  We slowed the birth of labor and the cleansing that was needed to provide the new landscape for this higher energy.  What if we embraced it, loved it, helped it and each other thru.

Lets join together not to prevent, but to reNew this landscape called earth!!

With love and great appreciation to all affected by this hurricane (Including my area of Virginia).  My prayer is that what the energy of Irene couldn't do on the East Coast, was allowed to fully release itself in Vermont (I wonder how Canada is doing) so the birth doesn't have to restart (another hurricane come our way) its releasing of the waters.


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