Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Finishing Touches are Underway!

What an interesting week this has been within the voyeurism that is my life!  The theme has been teh same no matter if it was seen in a massage or seen via a phone reading.  The finishing touches of the NEW energy fields are being connected.  With this came several interesting visuals and understandings:

In a few people this old ball of energy was being hacked (as if to say coughed) out of their throat chakra (throat in my world is all about self expression) and I could see this new network of hmmmmm, I am not sure I want to call it chakra energy, but really not sure what to call it.  There is a power point forming (perhaps formed already just not "turned on") in the very back of the throat.  There is no exit to this energy center, but more of a network or grid-work of threads that connect to the tongue, the nose and the pineal gland.  I was also told within the readings/massages that there is a new concentrated energy that will be released in our breath especially when we talk, but equally when we think and breath that is released outwards into the fields of matter (on earth).

Our breath is the very energy of our core Being and soon (for some, already) will be released in concentrated amounts each time we breath.  The only think I can say about this energy right now, fill it will unconditional, non-judgmental love.  For what you put out in any way, is already at your doorstep as yours.

There is not a thing you are doing to others, you are always doing it to yourself, for better or worse.  here is not a soul on this planet who will not have this (soon to be) activated energy enhancer creating instantly within their world of matter.  Phew!

Now this next "understanding" took me slightly by surprise, and I suppose it shouldn't have but did.  I was reading for a lady and I could see her crown chakra only 1 inch away from our new, magnificent grid of violet and blue energy grid.  From what I am understanding this new energy grid is the (soon to be fully) released energy that I refer to as Shamabhala. That is the ability to create Heaven on earth within a thought.  Of course, in the unbiased world of energy we can also create intense hell on earth with just a thought too.  (If you haven't already done so, please deal with your anger issues, for your own sake).

But getting back to the point (smile)... Her spirit team made sure to tell her that what she says, how she thinks will be cruicial as all is conected and "turned on."  The good thing for a lot of people, their crown chakra has a lot of other energy fields to pass thru before the energy of the crown chakra is connected to this new highly charged new grid.  That is too say it doesn't take 30 seconds to manifest, maybe more like 30 hours.

I suppose I should have known that everyone is at a different field of energy, very much like we are all on different poin ts of the path together.  But I suppose as well, I didn't fullly understand what it all means as we emerge into the new.  Let me just say this too, there is a safety mechanism built into life.  The closer you are to this new grid, the purer you are in heart energy.  But equally, the higher the responsibility is for you to be utterly conscious of what you say and how you feel at ALL TIMES.

I do want to mention something I really don't understand yet, but for sure is important.  I did my first reading on a man this week too.  Since the last of July, every single person I connected too (when I was able to) were females.  Most (but not all) females are in this liquidy amniotic feeling of a protective egg like place.  There is a fluidness to the female, protected by various colors of outer energy.  The man I connected to... interesting as well as exciting (for us to really understand what it means).  It was as if he was in the amazing sphere of grid-work.  Perhaps the best way I can say I felt it was he was in the core of mother earth, all around him were energetic deep golden threads of energy that created the most amazing grid and all connected to a circle of energy way out side of his body.

Let me tell you, where ever he was energetically left me feeling completely stoned or buzzed when we hung up the phone.  This week coming up should prove to be interesting as I have many men to read for, and hopefully understand is this unique unto him or are our men developing in a new way.  Will let you know as soon as I get clarity on it.

Last but so far from least, another common communication from spirit thru the readings was we are at the very end of being fully activated.  Very much like the finishing touches are being connected from our new energy bodies (and yes, every person on earth has a new energy body) o the new grid.  I was also told that a series of three events would take place back to back of each other by Sept 10 (keep in mind, that dateline can change with the collective energies).  Each event (god forbid anyone would say exactly or even remotely what these events are) would each being an energy surge in fully turning on the new connections.

I have a feeling (but really don't know for sure) one of these events was the earthquake that just happened in Alaska.  I could literally see the waves moving up from the earth and getting larger as these circular waves moved upward in the atmosphere... the moment it was in expanded height with my forehead, my brains melted into lethargy (man that is becoming common place for me these days.)

I do want to close this sharing with a dream I woke up with this morning. I very rarely dream so when I remember anything of a dream I know it is important.  I went to sleep with a prayer of "please let me be able to do all three readings effectively in the morning) (especially since 2 of the three are men lol).

In the dream I was in a place I never was before.  Perhaps the new earth, because it looked like earth, just didn't feel like earth.  I was given a new cell phone because the one I had stopped working.  They (not sure who) told me that my old Android Galaxy no longer works and I am given the new upgraded version.  I hated it!  The viewing screen was only a small area in the upper right hand corner of the phone (seems like the very thing my readings have been like, only viewing where all the higher energies are in relationship to people, nothing more).  It was encased in this black protective casing  with buttons I could press to use the phone, yet, was not actually the phone itself.  I could see a space between the casing and the phone and it made it awkward to use, not to mention the viewing area way to small.  I called the lady and complained and said that the old models no longer work and I had to use what I was given.

I woke up rather pissed!

I get it now in doing this blog... black is about unseen potential, energy where the light has not shined or been activated yet... and yet I/we can still function in this protective field and only get to see a glimpse of what we are looking at. ...for now!


Togther as we close out the 5th night and emerge into the 6th day (A cycle in the Mayan calendar someone told me about).

Happy Re-Birthday to ALL!!
Lisa Gawlas

P.S. I was just reminded of a meditation I had done a couple days ago and of course the inner prompting to add it to this particular blog.  At the end of a chaotic meditation (meaning I couldn't get any of the personal information I went in to get) I finally (and god knows why) gave up trying to see my own energy field and where I was at in this process and decided to ask spirit a personal question.  We are only 1 year out to the elections here in the US and I am at the point there is no one I want to vote for.  I asked spirit what is going to come of these elections I am so tired of having the choice of voting for bad or worse.  Instantly I had seen the political playing field and this massive and beautiful arm of God (yeah, I know it was the arm of god because He said so when I asked whose arm is that) cl;ear the field of energy leaving a trail of soft glowing white light.  The arm came in from the left (physical life side) and swept all the black energy to the right side (back into the ethers of spirit) and left a wonderful trail in its gentle wake.  I don't fully understand it, but it did give me the hope I was searching for.

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