Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Strength of our Children and Alignment with the Solar Winds of Change!

I have always known that the suns energy has an effect on me personally.  I bob and weave and sometimes lay out flat with the solar flares and solar winds for the last (conscious) decade.  Yesterday (9/24/11) I was given such a wonderful and rare gift.  I got to see exactly what that looks like in our energy stream.

My 2nd reading of the day was with a 20 year old powerhouse!  What I've had the pure privileged to bear witness to, I can barely find the words to describe.  So please forgive me in my attempt to share something so important, that really gives way to our next generation of leadership in this world.  Everything about this reading was new.. utterly different than anything I have been blessed to see and understand.

Her energy infiltrated my entire room, joyful particles bouncing around my personal space.  I could see and feel them (the energy particles she emits) as we happily said hello.  Her energy was not unfolding on my floor like every other reading prior, instead, I was seeing what I can only describe as a mountain-scape outline of energy that she stood upon, from there, her energy field took shape.

Today and only today, I realize the depth of what I had seen within her... she is growing on a whole new vibrational level of reality.  This is why our spiritual teams keep telling us NOT to attempt to ground ourselves thru this accelerating and changing times.  I guess the best way to explain it is like the ground is growing beneath her energy body.  Even in this visual, I knew, whatever happens on the earth space we are moving away from, the vibration holds her harmless in it all.

Again, spirit is amplifying in my ear right now... what worked for us so wonderfully well to get to here, will often times serve to keep us in all that got us to here as opposed to moving upward into the higher landscape of Life.  Breath in-Breath out, Breath in - Breath out.  That's it.  No fancy foot work, no complicated steps of anything left to do.  Allow the vibrational uplift to happen.

And then the next thing I did was orient myself to her energy body (not an easy thing to do because it was as transparent in color as it was radiantly full.  Then I noticed something amazing (yeah, everything I witness is amazing on this new journey I am sharing with y' but this took the cake really.  Her entire right field of energy (spiritual side) was frayed and open to what I eventually understood as the solar stream of energy directly from the sun.  Spirit kept saying her origin point is the sun...   I had no clue the sun released X and high M class flairs yesterday morning or that Nasa would release this information today:

Active sunspot 1302 has turned the sun into a shortwave radio transmitter. Shock waves rippling from the sunspot's exploding magnetic canopy excite plasma oscillations in the sun's atmosphere. The result is bursts of static that may be heard in the loudspeakers of shortwave radios on Earth.

Her whole energy field took in the entire communication of the sun and swirled and changed every single thing within her.  I could see it all, until this morning I really had no clue what I was bearing witness to.  And really, I so don't have the words to explain the fullness of it all, for that, I so apologize.

Someone once asked how this affecting our children... yesterday was the answer.  Our next generation, the ones currently 20 something are coming into their own.  Her inner power, sense of conviction and humanity/humility awe-inspiring. I even seen her hold her spiritual mantel (power) so close to her chest (heart) and she owned who she was.  Even without understanding the fullness of what that means to her... to us.  I seen her near future energy very much like a "transformer", not robotic but powerful just in her footsteps.  The high vibration of change she imprints into our world... man, just leaves me so utterly filled with the brightest hope of our up and coming leaders.

I share this with you, mostly as my out-breath.  She allowed me to take in her fullness, and today I just need to breath it out to anyone who wants pure radiant hope as their future unfolds.

In the deepest of humbleness and gratitude!
Lisa Gawlas

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