Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Sewing Together the New World with our Conscious Breath!

I feel like I am back at the beginning of my journey again.  Perhaps, in many ways, we all are.  Every day, my own consciousness is expanded with each new connection.  I remembering my own spiritual team saying just before I left New Mexico that I was there to breath in the high energy field that is New Mexico (I was really concerned I missed something because I did nothing new in the whole year I was there, except maybe unplug from group energy and a lot of connections I once had.)  Once I arrived in Virginia, I would be exhaling all that I breathed in.  I have been on this path long enough that I knew not to argue nor try and even understand what that could possibly mean.

I also remember, several years ago as I was searching around inside myself for something to heal and once again I hear my team say "do you not think there comes a time on your journey there is nothing left to heal."  Actually, no, I figured I would be doing that for the rest of this lifetime.  It was from that vantage point I never looked to wash the floor within me that was already clean, I started to build and strengthen a whole new energy field within myself.

I suppose it all lead me to hear, with eyes that see the most amazing details in the energy fields of people who grace me the privilege of connection.  No one person looks the same.  No one person vibrates the same.  The old exterior energy field (that I am accustomed to seeing) is gone, or perhaps better stated, morphed into intricate details of energy.  There are patterns and sequences to every single person that is so uniquely different (some things the same... but each as unique as the face on your shoulders).

I have only started seeing, what I now understand as people energy signature, or blue print, on the 7th of September, when the field of matter became fully activated to the high energies.  I am also seeing that every day that goes by, more and more details are appearing in each precious connection.  I understand that the energies are becoming clearer for "those who have eyes to see" to be able to see with and I am learning to adjust to the vibration of the new earth held within each of us.  Now to adjust my hearing (still working on that one.)  There are some common themes I do want to share with you, the ones I am (finally) starting to understand.

The energetic blueprints or codings are very different within the male field and the female field.  Somewhere within the vibratory field of the female I see white patchwork like squares of energy.  I keep remembering my (ex) mother-in-law who did quilting and she used squares of material to create her quilts.  The glowing white quilt pieces are not formed together year.  When they are, I understand that each will enhance the other energetically.  From the information I a gathering with each connection, we are literally building and sewing together a whole new patchwork of energy.  The unified, co-creation kind of energy.  The place where Heaven exists in full use.  We are the architects of this new world.

Men, they hold the threading of this sacred place we are building from the inside out.  I see their field with all sorts of little trinkets (symbols) hanging like Christmas ornaments on an amazing sphere of grid-work of energy (very much like their own labyrinth.) Each trinket containing very specific energy enhancements.

Both men and women (thru my personal connections with them and their team) are being asked to breath in this energy and exhale their co-mingled inner energy which is changing and enhancing the new field of vibration that surrounds their personal world (where ever they are

This conscious breathing (for some, not all) is also merging together in that sacred holy matrimony the fully unified masculine and feminine energy vibration.  There are still some that are being instructed to do this cellular energy enhancement of integrating their kundalini energy... those that have, are making manifest what they have already achieved spiritually.

Wow, I was just given this kewl little visual as I take a moment and ponder what I am sharing.  I have seen that every connection / reading / massage that I have, the client is breathing out (and I get to see their beautiful sacred energy field of Life, I am breathing in (doing my very very best to assimilate and understand) and as I breath back out (talk) they breath in a fully understanding (yeah right, they get to see me struggle lol) of their own vibration.  I am even more humbled right now... and trust me, each connection puts me so deep into a state of awe as I see how magnificent we really are.

Even our chakras have changed.  I no longer see (on most connections) that funnel looking shape... instead, there is a full design and unique coloring to them.  No colors like I have ever seen before, not in the same color scheme we emerged from.

I have seen yesterday in a reading the most amazing thing yet.  The lady's energy field was like constant gyroscope of motion.  It was beautiful.  Right behind her (which, I think, still represents the past, even 10 minutes ago is your were these patchworks I had been seeing within the energy fields.  Only hers were embedded within the ground she walked on to get to this moment.  The most amazing thing was (perhaps is) that each patchwork vibrated to the most wonderful pastel color and changed color as we talked about different things within her field.  This embedded (into the earth energy) pastel energy thing I had seen was in a triangle shape, with the single point going out what I felt like was the last 5 years.  I still have no clue what the fullness of it meant, but it game me insight as to what these patchwork thingies are I see in (most) females vibrational field will do.  Once embedded into our reality and fully activated will be the energy of Heaven made manifest.

I also understand that these next three months (between now and the last of this year) is our practice zone.  We must co-create within our energy fields, which co-creates with other's energy fields and naturally weaves themselves together.  We have a couple "power" dates coming up in each of the remaining months of this year, which will activate each trinket, each patchwork with higher degree's of energy.  The more we connect to each other (and trust me, we have an entire world of unseen entities stringing it all together as we breath and exhale.

I say practice for these next three months because we are Response-Able for building and maintain this new energy.  However, we have to know how to work that what that even means to us.  Consider yourself in spiritual boot camp, that is fun and vibrant over the next 3 months.  Breath and play... have fun with using your new super enhanced energy body.  And please.... don't look back, there is nothing to see.

From my heart-filled breath to yours... thank you for all you have done.

Together... we have weaved ourselves into One!
Lisa Gawlas

P.S. I owe so many people email replies, please forgive my tardiness.  Most days all I can do is expand and be still (after my morning readings/massages).  I have read them all, and will (soon) reply to them all!  Thank you for your patience and understanding with me.  I love you!

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