Thursday, September 15, 2011

Co-Creation and Manifesting Together in the Unified Fields of Potential!! How Exciting!!!

I think the greatest gift I have ever given myself in this life is the constant need to know more.  I am always asking "why" followed by "how."  I have also decided to nurture these questions within my grandson as he grows (he is currently 19 months old) and never try and stop the insistent "why" that children naturally pursue.  It is more important to us than we could have ever realized.

There are two words we tend to use a lot in this spiritual exchange that we do.  I suppose until now, I understood it in the vaguest of understandings, and even in that, it was enough to keep me going... and wondering.

The two words are: Co-Creation and Manifesting.  

I am going to use this moment to talk about each, separately, altho truly the work together as one energy.  More on that later.

As I wrote my blog yesterday I started to see the true depth of how we co-create.  I used to simply define co-creation as creating both with spirit and this human chick named Lisa.  Interweaving together the life we desired.  Not even!  Granted, it emerged from my desires, but do you realize how much YOU have played a part in my personal co-creative energies, and vise versa?  I sure as heck didn't.

We are vibratory Beings, playing in a vast field of vibratory space.  Everything you do and don't do affects the vibratory world in which I create with.  Every conscious breath of Light you breath in, helps to manifest (we will get to that in a moment) the desires of my heart.  Every insecurity and judgement you have, slows the vibratory rate in which I can create with.   I guess this would be a good place to add in the Unified Field of Creation (aka Christ Consciousness.)

Every soul disguised in a human body that works and releases even just one of their "issues" accelerates the energies in which we create with.  The more vibrant these energies become, the more peoples issues are released without effort.  Our own good deeds go out and flood the universe with equal potential!

No one ever even has to be conscious there is a spiritual path to journey upon... you just have to let your heavy stuff go!  Transmute the heavy energy into the buoyancy of love.

Together, we have done a wonderful job in releasing and adding to the whole.

Which allows for the quickness of the manifesting energies. Yesterday, thru a reading, I got to see how this manifesting energy works in real time.  With effortless understanding (my own effort comes in using the words to describe what I understand inside... smile.)

From the initial opening of the reading, I clearly... ummm that is to say, eventually, understood that her soul self (energy body) was now where her physical body should have been (in my readings) and I had seen her physical body walking the fields of potential (of course, I didn't even know what she was doing until now.)  That is to say, she fully released her physical world to her soul and the two are one energy.

She got a call from her children asking for fresh green beans from her well tended garden.  Her heart filled with love and desire to share with her children went out to gather beans from her garden, knowing inside she had already harvested most of them days prior.

Much to her surprise, there was a bounty of beans, enough to send to all of her children.  How did this happen?

As she shared the story and asked the question, my awareness was in the midst of her green beans.  I could feel her hearts desire... and trust me... so could the beans.  I could see on the bean stalks every place a bean had the potential to grow and in that place a gold energy started to take form and grow more and more solid and zap, it was a bean!  Instantly.

It was her pure heart love of both the garden in which she tended and the love of her children, coupled with the pure desire to share her bounty with them... that it all came rushing toward her in abundance.

I could feel the silent communication taking place.  And the ethers that are always listening and waiting to burst into creation.  I am not sure who/what is more excited about all this... us who can use at ANY time this manifesting ability, or the fields of potential that wait eagerly to be pulled into creation from our hearts desires.

Granted this is a true story of wanting to share with our kids, but it is no different than what we desire from the depths of our hearts even for ourselves.  Funny, for close to a decade I have wanted to literally be at the Dead Sea in Israel, I have made it my full intention to be there for my 50th birthday (next August)... I know now, I will be there.  I so unconditional love mySelf and all that surrounds me... I know, the ethers are standing on the sidelines waiting for my time line of desire to happen and they will leap in front of me with opportunity.

I am sitting her both excited as well as in awe and suddenly remembered an experience I had in 2002, that I so had no flipping clue how it happened.  I will share the full details of the story via a link... and skim the story here.  If you want to read it all just go here: (It really is a LONG sharing lol: )

My mentor when I first started this journey lived in Australia, I lived in North Carolina and eventually Virginia, and all I would ever demand (smile) to spirit is to find a way to dry up the oceans that kept him and I a part so we can be together in the physical world.  I demanded this for about a year and a half, always with a reply that "when the time was right, you will meet."  I never fully understood what made the time right at all.  I know fully understand it was the desire of both of us, in unison that rerouted an airplane that was scheduled to lay over in Hong Kong on its way back home from Finland to Sydney... and suddenly, out of the blue... the lay over was diverted to New York City.  Allowing us 5 full days of bliss and frustration to dance together joyfully in created matter.

Ask... and you WILL receive, without fail, every single time.

Think even for a moment that you are limited, and indeed... you are!!

With the deepest of gratitude to each and every one of you.  Thank you for working so diligently so I (we) could reach my / our fullest potential.

Ohhhh.... and now I so understand (sorta) that wall of energy that is the end of this year.  No more pull of our energy fields in the lower vibrations (those that cling to fear)... The weight will be gone.

OMG Israel... here I come August-Sept. 2012!!

With joy and laughter to all!!
Lisa Gawlas

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