Saturday, September 24, 2011

Power Nodes and the Various Dimensional Shifts and USING Your Power!

I so love this universe, multi-verses that we live and love within, so very much!  I have said many times before, ask, and you shall receive every single time, without fail... just not always in the moment we ask it.  There have been some things that have been boggling my mind, well actually, a lot of things (smile).  Power nodes, energy portals, splitting of time lines and so on.  Well, thank you to the 3 magnificent souls who graced my telephone line in readings for actually bringing me into deeper clarity.

Yesterday was the Fall Equinox here in the USA, the sun gave us a wonderful boost of energy to welcome in this new season with an X class flair.  My three lovely ladies allowed me (us), in their own unique expression of energy, the fullness of what is happening on earth.

I really want to talk about the first lady right now, there is so much contrast and clarity that I learned from her (mostly while I was sleeping the rest of the day and all night lol.)  She arrived in all her energetic wonder with these three things behind her.  Now recently I have been "seeing" various people's spiritual attributes that they have developed but have not integrated into their energy showing up directly behind them, so at first glance, that is what I thought I was seeing.  Until I connected with them.  They had a radiance of light (there were three) but yet, they felt, not so good as I am accustomed to feeling light.  When I moved around her energy field, I felt someone screaming at her, purposely trying to weaken her energy field.  When I moved back to the three lights behind her I realized they were feeding off her energy field, all dressed up in colors that until yesterday, I thought was only available to those who mean the highest good for everyone.

Now I fully understand when spirit keeps saying, this energy amplification is happening to everyone.  Only you and I have bias, the universe, not at all. But even that serves a higher purpose.  The various power nodes that is happening is happening to ALL.  So those that mean you harm, or want to take what you have (even if that is inner peace) have gotten stronger and really (from my point of view) harder to recognize (in sight, in feeling, the truth is always there).  Any negative feeling you have towards them actually weakens your protective field of energy and allows them to draw more from your energy field.

I remember a few weeks ago, a clients spiritual team repeating to her over and over again "Protect Your Assets."  Her team got so adamant in saying this they actually showed these three words in bubble letters and filled it with glowing light energy radiating from her left field (Physical life) into my left ear (amplifying the need to protect ourselves in this game of life.)

These three people (co-workers of hers) found cracks in her protective field and were just having a feeding frenzy, and enjoying every moment of it.  So, I took her entire left field and put a protective field of crystalline energy around it.  I detached the three lights from her back and put them in their own light box.  And I watched her graceful ascent into the higher vibrations of spirit (on her right field of energy).  I couldn't see what that meant to her, as it was filled with the night air.  I did know that the place where she worked was going to crumble so these Light Leaches could go elsewhere.

I didn't realize what I had witnessed with her was the separation of the energy fields in that moment.  This is how the "re-purposed" energies will not effect us heading toward the high vibrating timeline of 2012.  When we stand in our power, firm, loving, diligent, there will be a natural (not always comfortable tho) separation of our space.

I did get an exercise for her, that I want to share outward with each of you, to help strengthen your field with your intention and that (becoming more and more important) breath work:

Imagine you are in the midst of the most protective field of energy possible (because you are) and when those annoyances start to bang up against your Divinity (smile, spirits word, not mine) imagine you breath it in with calmness and love and exhale it out onto the outside area of your protective energy field.  Do this until that outside energy no longer has any affect on you at all.  Do it in that moment, if you are at work, go to the bathroom and breath! Don't wait until later because chances are, your gonna forget and they are creating cracks in your field by allowance (on your end).

The game has changed.  Up until this moment in time, the time we all looked so forward to, comes with absolute Response-Ability on your end.  Your team cannot interfere in what you aren't doing yourself.  This is your power time.  This is for you to fully use the mantel of spirit that brought you to here.  Own and USE your power, that's why you brought yourself to here!

I am going to extract something from my prior blog and share it once again here... with more detail (sorry I know this is getting long, and I really do try and keep them shorter.)

Every thing we think, do and say travels outward on this network of energy and effects all those who resonate to your /my particular frequency.  Imagine that!  The argument you are having or had with a spouse or child is traveling the entirety of this network and amping up the nodes of anger others may resonate with.  If you have already dissolved your anger issues... it has no affect on your personal vibratory space.

Imagine you just had a major breakthrough in your releasing something that once held you in a negative space.  Let's just give it a name... insecurity.  You have started the releasing of anything within you that resonate(d) to insecurity... that breakthrough is rushing thru out network of energ fields and affecting... freeing those others who are also working on releasing this from their vibrational connections.

Every negative thing that is released, allows your higher pathways to turn on in its connection.  Everyone of us us humans are fully and utterly complete as we are.  It truly is a matter of where we are powering up our grid-work.    Only YOU can run the energy thru the higher grids of unconditional love by fully releasing the stranglehold of any sort of fear.  In that, you equally affect the all.

I share this (again) because of my 2nd reading.  I felt like I stepped into the sphere of the sun, only the sun rays were magnificent pastel energy vibrations that changed as our conversation changed.  Her core energy field was watery and fluid and I could see nothing.  Spirit referred to that place (her beautiful energy field) as the nucleus.   Because she was still "cooking" there was nothing for me to read, at least with understanding.  But her team did allow us to tip toe into the near future (after 9/29) and they pulled her skin (protective layer) back and I could see this intense, thick grid-work with this amazing golden nodes of energy connecting every glowing white energy strand to another.  I only got to see about 3 inches from her protective field, but that was enough to leave me wanting more!

Last (for today) but far from least was a lady I have been having ongoing readings with.  I am going to simply share with everyone a message her spiritual team said we are in a:

"Microscopic holding pattern of elevation"

We are already going thru the separation of time-lines, which is actually vibrational dimensional shifts. If I can liniarize (sp?) the time-lines and even dimensions it is (sort of) like this... at this moment we have available to us, for full use 3D to 5D energy.  As we move into the timeline I keep talking about as 2012, we will have available to us: 5D thru 12D energy (always according to your own vibrational fields.  Where the "splitting" happens is those being re-purposed will have lets say, only 3D energy available to them, or 4D, or 5D (again, depending where they are within themselves and how nicely they place and honor others.

Those of us on the zip-line to 2012, will feel like we have died and emerged into heaven.

I am going to have to close on that note, but will expand further tomorrow.  With pure love, honor and absolute wonder to ALL!

Lisa Gawlas

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