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Power Dates of 2011 and 2012 and the Separation of Time-Lines

Man, we are indeed in for the times of our lives!  There is so much happening now that it is hard for me to keep up with (sharing) the sheer vastness of it all.  The first thing I want to talk about is power dates that I keep hearing about via personal connections.  Before I share this, I want to also state, my own spiritual team has placed me on a "news blackout."  Since I have come back online (Sept. 7th) my team has been sure once again to what I am understanding untainted by anyone else's understanding.  The only time this has happened to the extent it is happening now was when I first started this path.  The only place I can get any information and ongoing understanding is thru my own personal connections.  Keeps bias out, and information that may sound true or right (for my own personal path) out of my consciousness.  Indeed, I am right back at a new beginning once again.  This time tho (smile) I am not stomping my feet and screaming at spirit thru it all.

There are several dates that seems to be repeating itself with spirit.  The first and closest one is October 23rd.     The way I see this event is quite personal to each and every person on earth.  That is to say, I am seeing what spirit refers to as "an energy portal."  The clearest one of these portals that I had seen was a lady I had on my massage table.  I showed up at her feet (which lets us know it she will be walking right into it, and it will affect her life both on earth and spiritually) and was about 6 feet tall (no way of bumping her head... smile) but only as wide as she was.  For her, and so far, only for her, the energy of the portal was a dull golden color and the color outline was a brilliant yellow0gold.  In my world, any form of gold is the highest vibration of spirit there is (silver being the highest vibration of earth energy there is.)

As the days and personal connections went on, I started to see this portal on many other people, all within the framework of "just wide enough for you" but vibrationally different for each person.  All on this timeline of Oct. 23rd.

We all know that everyone is at a different point in their path, and this portal is personal energetically to each and every one of us.  Truly, I don't understand it's purpose or what it means to us even collectively, I just know it is a global event happening individually.  There is no doubt it is the precursor to November.

November changes it all.  We will watch the earth as she goes into the first (of 5) full activations within her core energy.  From what I am understanding (now) We had two simultaneous activations during the week of Sept. 7th thru the 10.  That is when our personal new Light Bodies were activated with personal alignment with the new higher grid (the one that I keep seeing as violet and blue) and now mother earth will be completing (in a series of 5 installments thru 2015) this energetic activation on November 11th as the Crystalline Kingdom in Arkansas is fully activated (the completion of crystalline activation will be in Brazil in 2012... I have no clue, yet, what happens and why in the following years thru and including 2015.)

I can see the energetic waves of deep core earth moving outward across the globe and connecting to every single thing on earth.  From what I understand (and this information has not changed at all since I started seeing it several weeks ago) is each and every person will be affected by this trilogy of energy merges together as one final (sorta) connections.  The affects for each person will once again, be as unique as you are.

We will all be triggered energetically at various times during November.  High energy moves fast, lower energy moves slow.  So some may feel this "quickening" within their energy field as soon as 11/11, others a week or two later.  Internally, it is a 5 day event.  (I have yet to be shown what the heck happens in those 5 days inside the body... they (spirit) keeps the details quite hidden from my sight.

But if I can put the potentials into groups, at least for the purpose of this sharing.  The one I plan on being in (smile) is the one I want to talk about first.  And even in that, the conversation will be vague at best!  For those who have a high resonance within their personal energy fields, the pure energy of earths activation will be a catalyst for us to start moving upwards within the separation of the time-lines.  With it feels like a pulling apart of time.  We are lifted (and for me, the only way I can think if describing what I mean by this is like an energetic elevator) gradually starting somewhere at the end of November all the way thru December into the higher fields of vibrations (that I see as) of 2012.

From what I am understanding, this time will be rather disorienting (more than it is even right now) as we don't feel ground (because we are not.. purposely so) and not in the clarity of the higher fields of vibration.  Please don't try and ground yourself during this (energetically unsettling) time, as you will be defeating your movement forward.  (oohhh goodie... *sigh*)

Anyone who is not in the first group, is somewhere in the second group, again only for my sharing am I putting any of this into "gropup"s.  The rest will remain within the 2011 timeline as their energy goes into (truly for lack of a better word) recycling... or as someone once beautifully stated: "re-purposing".   Beyond seeing the energy drop down (as if on a conveyor belt) under the wall of energy I see dividing 2001 and 2012, I really don't know what happens.  What I do understand tho, as each of us has experienced, what we don't learn from (and each earning is designed to help us release, get clearer, vibrate higher) will become bigger, louder and clearer giving those (who are in this group) the chance to choose again as we move into the next amplification of earth energy on 12/12/12.  Each year, it gets bigger, louder, more intense.

I also understand there is a reason why the earths vibrational field will take 5 years.  Cuz it's flipping big!  lol  Only a small fraction of the worlds population (right now) is prepared even a little to handle and hold the fullness of her soul energy, and therefore, just like it took us many years/decades/eons to get to this point of handling it... everyone still needs this to happen in waves.

The next date I see with absolute consistancey, and understand less about is mid-January 2012.  Bare with me as I struggle to explain this... For the first time yesterday, in my own bath meditation, I had seen what spirit refers to as a: Confluence, convergence and back-flow of energy taking place at this (that) time.  (I will get to those fancy words in a moment).  The visual is every single thread of energy is all meeting at a single point in the field of mid-January 2012.  The threads of energy move in from above, below, backwards, forwards and all converging at a single point.  I have no flipping clue what it means (to us personally) but man oh man... it hasta be BIG! (smile)

Lets take each of those fancy words into our understanding.  (All taken from


  [kon-floo-uhns]  Show IPA
a flowing together of two or more streams, rivers, or thelike: the confluence of the Missouri and Mississippi rivers.
their place of junction: St. Louis is at the confluence of theMissouri and Mississippi rivers.
a body of water formed by the flowing together of two ormore streams, rivers, or the like.
a coming together of people or things; concourse.
a crowd or throng; assemblage.


  [kuhn-vur-juhns]  Show IPA
an act or instance of converging.
a convergent state or quality.
the degree or point at which lines, objects, etc., converge.
Ophthalmology a coordinated turning of the eyes to bearupon a near point.
Physics .
the contraction of a vector field.
a measure of this.

I think we can pretty much understand the word "back-flow" and how it applies to the above two fancy words.

Last bust surely far from least, I am actually seeing (without a whole lot of understanding) more of 2012.  Particularly the dateline of March 23rd 2012.  I can see it in color, texture, everything but understanding.  It is a dull yellow and (sort of) reminds me of a wall of water, but not really)... the details I have no way of explaining right now.  I just know, this is HUGE!  AS I understand it more, trust me, I will share!

Before I close this sharing, I want to go back and talk about the separation of time-lines in Nov. 2011.  It is how I see it, and how spirit refers to what I am seeing.  Time itself is coming a part.  Until this moment, I didn't realize that I have actually been seeing 5 different times separating themselves from and thru out reality.    How this affects us, again, I am not sure.  I am processing at the speed of light, and occasionally (like yesterday) crashing from the sheer amount of date coming thru.

The one thing I understand too... whatever this means to us, the recycling (re-purposing) and those who can hold their vibration on the fields of 2012... one does not affect the other.  That's good... right?

I love y'all so much and no matter where we are, I am so joyful and grateful to be sharing this magnificent journey with each of you!

Huge (((((HUGZ)))) all around,

Lisa Gawlas

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