Monday, September 12, 2011

Recycling of the Old Energies and Moving Upward into the New of 2012

At the end of my 2nd reading yesterday (9/11) an image appeared that I cannot seem to shake, nor fully understand.  The information coming thru was talking about the start of the New Year, 2012.  Very specifically the first week in January.  I have heard this time frame referenced before in both readings and massages and I suppose I thought it was a date for the client as opposed to the All.  Today, I am consumed with the All (of it).

Let me try and share the very simple details.  I seen a line that represented 2011, and I know it represented this timeline because the date 2011 was on the line I was seeing (spirit at times wants us to make sure we get (some) of it!  As I looked at the part of the line that represented the last quarter (3 months) of this year, the line got darker and darker.  Then it hit a energy wall as Dec 31st was represented on this line.  The energy wall was unmistakable and impenetrable.  This energy wall was about 3 feet high and there was the line that represented 2012.  Again I knew it was 2012 because the date was on the line I was viewing.  The line that represented 2012 was maroon for as far as I could see, and that was simply to the middle of the month, then it was like my eyes couldn't adjust to the energy beyond that.

The one thing was for sure, nothing passed thru this wall and the only way to move into the energetic of 2012 was to rise above it with your own energy field.  I could see the lady I as reading for was already prepared to rise above it and that many of her "gifts" will be handed to her in the first week of January.  I had to think about every one else.... and I could see person after person hitting this energetic wall and falling down.  What the heck does that mean??  lol

This morning I went into meditation and the only added piece of this puzzle that was added to the visual (and perhaps, my very limited understanding) is that the people falling down represented the "old energy."  nI was then shown this black line of 2011 going under the energy wall that literally separated the end of the year from the beginning of the year... and all these people went down into what looked like a circular energy pattern under the higher vibrations.  Without words being said, I heard that all that old  energy is being recycled.  (How? No one is saying... yet.)

As the energies separated, I knew one did not affect the other.  That is to say, however all that old energy (and the people who cling to it) recycles itself, does not affect those who have transversed themselves into the high energies that is the 2012 dateline.

It's weird because it feels like two separate worlds existing at the same time, one not affecting the other in any way.  But yet at the same time, the feeling of responsibility for those that are on the top line of 2012 is intense.  How, I can fit (consciously) into the vibratory field any further.  Just as I can't see beyond mid-January either. My eyes have not adjusted to the clarity of that higher energy.

Inside my heart, there is a sadness in watching all those folks recycle themselves.  It is like seeing them go so deep into 3D that they no longer exist in the higher energy fields.  I must know some of those people because somewhere inside of me, the mourning process of seeing this, is real and already started within me.  Not to mention the deep desire (especially today) to go see my family in Pennsylvania.)

Unconditional, non-judgmental love is the most buoyant energy there is.  You can only truly apply this energy to yourSelf.  It is from there it radiates outward in genuineness.  It is from this place we start the year 2012!

With love and honor to ALL,
Lisa Gawlas

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