Monday, September 5, 2011

The Full Merger of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine

Indeed we are in a vastly new landscape of space and time.  Even space and time are changing to our new environment.  What was (spiritually) required of us even last year, no longer is valid in today's new world.  Actually, from what I am understanding, what worked for us so well last year (and for so long a time prior) is actually blocking our progress forward into the new landscape of the here and now.  Let me (try) and explain.

For about the last 6 months (give or take, time blurs these days) when I have had some very ill people on my massage table their (the clients) spiritual team is not busy talking to them about doing that deep inner healing I personally am familiar with (via my own journey to here), instead, consistently I have been hearing so many spiritual teams talking about re-patterning the thought process, being in a state of love and joy.

For close to a decade, I have taught people how to do the much needed (until now) deep inner healing that got us all to Here.  It seems this deep inner healing that so many had done had much more of a profound effect beyond their own life and body.  They cleared the way for the rest of humanity.  (Thank you to every single person who has done the heavy lifting within themselves along the way to here.)

I am personally watching as spiritual teams are in overtime removing the goo we accumulated along the way and setting it free.  We, as a collective of Light Bearers (smile) have raised the vibration on earth to the point where all can be free of their "issues" with the pure intention of being so.  The greatest responsibility to anyone right now is centering their being on unconditional love and joyful Being.

If you can look at it this way, if your focused on "healing" right now, you are declaring to the world around you that you are not whole.  The energetic world we live in is so unbiased, it will create issues within you so you can continue to keep healing.  Going forward from the knowing you are already healed, then there is nothing to look at, only the addressing of the habitual mind to know you are a whole and healthy Being of Light, of Love and that is what you Are in every day forward.

With all that said (and I pray I did it clearly) I have come to an amazing realization yesterday as I did 2 readings on 2 men in the morning.  Something even more profound is happening is every single one of us is also going thru the fulfillment of the Divine Marriage.  That is to say the complete merger of the Masculine and Feminine energies.  Until yesterday, I really didn't have a point of reference to understand this.

In all the females I have connected with, the energy grid was coming into the crown (brought in by the higher spiritual energies, and in my world that is equal to the masculine vibration as well.) and setting itself up in our entire head area as it moved downward into the body.  There is a tremendous amount of "grid-work" taking place within this construction as well.  In the most simplified version of the masculine and feminine energies, the masculine creates or makes manifest in the world of matter, the feminine dreams (the feeling world of intuition) about what can be created.)

I am now starting to see that men are being activated from the feet upwards and not so much with a grid-work within their core energy, but with the fluidness of the divine mother.  That ah-ha feeling of what I was bearing witness to came when one of the gentleman I was reading for mentioned about severe pain in his groin area not to long ago... hey I had severe head pain, mostly in my jawline as my new grid came into existence within me.

Another thing I just realized as I re-read some of my post from yesterday...  in ALL females, the liquid I see is surrounding her body (as opposed to moving up thru it as within the male), the males have the grid-work connected to the body (as opposed to within the core).  Hmmmm... I know this realization is important... what it means, can't tell ya.... yet! (smile)

Another added note (smile)... The one man and many females I have seen in a sort of suspended animation, is simply in a holding pattern as everyone on earth becomes activated at the same time. We are truly not doing anything one ahead of the other... but all together at the same time. How precious is that!

How super exciting this time is, when all we really have to do is lay back and allow the fullness of this incredible, beautiful, and often uncomfortable moment in time to simply happen without our need to think we need to do anything.  We simply need to allow and release... allow and release.  Breath in, breath out.  If the merger becomes to uncomfortable (as mine did) let your spiritual team know this and ask for it to be gentle.  They will comply, but not until you ask.

So in this new field of energy, focus on what you love, what excites you, how you want to be in this world Now.  It's all that matters.

If you insist on the continued picking at a scab, don't be surprised if healing seems elusive and weighty.  This grand universe we live in loves you so much as to allow you any experience you focus on.

I do want to be clear here, which may be misconstrued by some.  I still do energy work, energy healing on the physical body.  We are in a time where once it is pulled up from the core to the light of day, we just need to set if free.  Not look at it over and over again.

With shear de-Light in the magnitude of who we are NOW!!  With the full merger of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine, we ARE fully empowered Beings of Light.  Trust in that, and learn to use that power wisely!

((((HUGZ))))) of joy and deep deep love to all,
Lisa Gawlas

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