Saturday, September 17, 2011

A Super Activation for Everyone just after 11/11/11 and so much more!

Everything is moving faster with each accelerated day.  The sheer diversity and yet similarities I am seeing now within the people I connect to, humbling.  I laid down last evening and pondered all the information I am so privileged to receive thru you and spirit share a story in the most amazing visualization I have seen yet.

There was a time we lived on this earth in absolute harmony with the All.  Each person assigned their full use of their gifts, their piece of the fabric of creation.  There were those who were natural "forecasters."  Some forecaster the weather, some the shifts of energy, some danger.  There were those aligned with the sun and purposely brought in the solar energy for the higher use of all.  Then there were the weavers who took the energy and weaved into the tapestry of their lives.  No one was singular in the (I suppose) memory... all that was done, was done for each other, for the greater good of all.  No one ever felt less than or more than.  All was equal.  We added to each others strengths by full use of our own.

Each passing day, each phone connection, massage connection fills in more details of where we are heading and how we are going to get there.... albeit a bit vague even still.

I now understand the "recycling of energy" is happening to all of us.  All the old identifiers are being stripped (and by some, simply letting go of) from us.  For so many people, even this "spiritual path" has become a linear walk in time.  We started to "own" what we do, how we do it, and what had worked so wonderfully well to get here.  For so so long the focus, as was needed, was on healing.  We have now done this healing thing for so long it is what we "identify with."  I used to call myself (up until last week) a healing facilitator, once I realized the mourning I was feeling a week ago was the death of all that got me to here, I had to ask... now what?  Instantly I was asked to change from a healing facilitator to a vibrational facilitator.  Kewl Beans!!

Even with that, my massage business is now fading into the background of what I do as the phone readings move upward to the front.  For this, my hands truly are grateful! (smile)  But it also comes with an internal acknowledgement, I am back at the beginning.  A very new beginning filled with potential, wisdom and allowing.

I was catapulted into this timeline by doing readings and then eventually "spiritual development courses" that helped me as much as any given person.  We truly pulled each other forward with every intense inner desire to understand and grow.  There is no doubt that The Soul Gym is what will be in place of development, since we are all here anyway (well those that resonate with what I share, those that don't will wonderfully be teaching their own spiritual development... more to come on that).  I truly need some loving construction workers to help me build The Soul Gym.  Getting to here was a soul-o journey.  Creating the now moments of time is a group effort.

So, if you can (and trust me, you can) let go of who you think you are, even spiritually.  Allowing all that is moving toward us at the speed of Light move into your energy stream now so that you may be effortlessly carried into where we are all going anyway.  Stand at the helm with me, and lets guide this ship of pure, radiant, love Light guide us all into 2012.

I am not quite sure how this new info fits in, as I just took a pause to go downstairs to get a cup of coffee and continue with this sharing that the images I have been seeing, the grid-work surrounding the energy fields of men, they are the network agents, the double-helix men are the biological agents, the fluidness of females are the energetic agents.  (Agents of what... and how... don't quite know yet..*sigh*).

I was also shown yesterday in a reading a super major power point coming to planet earth that will utterly and forever transform all those who have the vibratory field to move forward.  (Just a side note, there is not a single person I have done a [phone] reading for [since July] yet, that does not have this field set and ready.)

Shortly after the full activation of the crystal mines in Arkansas on 11/11 of this year, every one of us (yes, even tho who are not energetically holding the highest degree of energy) will move into a hmmm, geez a gateway, a gateway of transformation as well as transmutation. This will be (in our linear time a 5 day event.  You will go in one way and emerge another.  Nothing will ever be the same again.

For those who will not automatically land on the sacred energy fields that 2012 holds will be recycled into the greatest learning phase of their lives (how that's gonna play out, I really don't want to know.  But I am equally reminded, everything is designed to keep us moving forward.  Yeah, I have had more than one of those big flipping spiritual pushes on my way to here.  I am flying into 2012... stripped clean and ready lol.)

I also seen in the above mentioned reading what her energy field will be like afterwards (of course, in the vaguest of understandings.) and let me tell you... intense.  Beautiful.  I was given a preview (god I love my job) of her driving down a highway and her golden energy field was high and wide and affected every single person on the road with her.  Her (our) fields, simply be Being, activate everyone we come in contact.  I had seen some getting really really pissed off as they passed her on the road.  They had no idea why they suddenly became enraged, by I did (grin).  Without doing anything, she brought their well hidden issues up to the surface.  No more pack ratting people!!  What they choose to do with their issues... completely up to them.  I do want t note the positive... some people were just suddenly filled with love and joy... bliss even.

There is no doubt that this is why it is sooooooooo crucially important to be clear inside.

I can so turn this blog into a small novel with the clarity I am getting every day, thru every one, but I won't.  I will leave you with a wonderful exercise that came thru one of my on-going readings.

Completely remove a few phrases from your entire mind and vocabulary.  These phrases include "I can't and I am trying."  Both energies that limit not enhance you.  To help yourself, every time you hear it either cross your mind or slip off your lips, write it down on paper and literally throw it into the garbage.

Together, as One standing on the Cliffs of "I will" and I Am",
God I am in such great company!  I love each of you so flipping much.  Thank you for assisting me with getting to here!!  Hand in hand, heart in heart... let's fly together into 2012!

Lisa Gawlas


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