Thursday, September 8, 2011

Stepping Thru the Doorway into Your New Life!

These last three days have been progressive energetically, and I think I have seen enough of peoples energy fields (including my own) to get an unfolding story to share.

The first day I had seen something outside of the "holding pattern" was a couple days ago when I had seen a ladies protective field of energy starting to fray on her left side.  I started to understand whatever energy is going to be released for us to use will first be noticeable (that is not to say in our physical lives.

The next day, I had seen for the first time in weeks a brand new landscape being created while the lady was in her holding pattern.  This landscape was on the right side.  It was the most intense colors I have ever seen in any reading, the greenest of grasses, the most vibrant of white and pink flowers, yet in contrast to the day before, I couldn't see a thing on her left side.  Keep in mind, in my world left side is your physical life, right side is your emotional/spiritual life.  The greens and pinks are of the heart chakra and passion center, so I am understanding that landscape within is already being laid into life for you via your soul and spiritual team.

Yesterdays reading was probably the most profound I have seen in relationship to this new energy we are now alive within.  It filled in information I have not realized or understood in all the years I have been connecting to every facet of energy there is.  Let me (try once again) to explain it.

For many years I had taught and talked about what I refer to as the 4 main energetic layers of earth.  The fear layer which is closest to the ground (which is why so many people connect to it) and then there is the collective consciousness layer.  This layer I have seen as a variant of energy, a lot of fear and the area closest to the ground to the highest energy as it moves upwards. The majority of people are connected to this particular layer of energy. Let me explain this to, because indeed it is super important.

Everyone of us is connected to this area.  We are born connected to it.  As I personally grew in my own anger issues as a child, I was connected to the densest part of the collective, right close to the fear area.  In this connection my physical and mental bodies were sick (literally).  Anger and judgement were really good friends and I connected deeply with other people who equally seen the world thru my collective eyes.

Then I was thrust (no lie) onto this path of spirit.  As I meditated and cleared my own inner energy field, my crown chakra started climbing higher in the collective energy field.  New insights, greater intuition (well intuitive that held truth instead of collective fears) were becoming my new way of Being.  The higher I cleared my own energy field within, the higher I was ascending (which really means upward motion) and my body and mind were actually becoming well, healthy.  I also understood (from my own spiritual team as I was growing and reading things that just didn't sit well with my new consciousness) that most psychics and channels connect to this area... the collective.

The next energy field I "see" is what I refer to the Christ Consciousness or the Unity Consciousness.  This is a place where only pure love is.  There is no judgement here.  There is no aspect of fear at all.  The oneness and wisdom of the All plays in this field.  In order to move into this area, also known as ascended energy, you must have a pretty clear energy body within (at least in the days of me growing up spiritually).  This is where your own creation powers are to the 100th degree (as opposed to the power allowed via the collective field.)

And then there is what I refer to as the Shambhala energy.  Until I started to write my book this past October (still writing it) The Lost Codes of Shambhala, I really didn't understand the fullness of this energy field.  I just knew it was our goal to reach as we played the game of life.  Loosely translated it is the energy field of Heaven, or of our God-Self.  It is where thoughts being instantly created with no time delay.  Harmony and oneness can be your only vibration within in order to tap into this field for use in matter.  This is the violet and blue grid I now see as ready to use in our game of life.  Until this year, I only knew about it, never seen it.

So, back to yesterdays reading (smile).  I had seen this lady way up on a cloud sitting crossed leg, her back to me (meaning she is watching herself float into her present and future energies).  She was on the far left side of her energy field, meaning this scene was taking place in her connection with physical life.  I also started to understand her higher chakras were still being activated and this vision of her floating way above the ground means she is being held above the earth, protected and safe, as the last connections of her higher chakras are set and activated.

What does this mean to us... just look at the last couple of weeks on earth, most especially, the last several days.  Floods are raising, storms are clearing (did you notice the feminine - Irene and the masculine - Lee clearing), people seem to be just killing others.  The fear grid is exploding and being cleansed, and those who are deeply connected to it are either just acting out their last moments of anger, or being totally cleansed of their past.  Some are just being swept back Home.  She (we) are safe from this chaos.. as the next part of her reading really explained.

As I looked to her right side (spiritual side) I couldn't see a darn thing.  I told spirit (yeah I can be a bit demanding myself) I was tired of just giving people a glimpse of their energy field and wanted her to have something tangible to take away from this moment.  Well, spirit was instant in obliging!

I could see 3 deep golden energy threads coming from her right side and equally, three energy threads coming from her left side.  They were coming out at a 90 degree angel and met in the middle of (my field of vision) life. This is when so much made sense to me (in relationship to all of us... ummm... a lot of us)

I started to see (what I know as) the magnetic field that surrounds earth and filters the energy of the sun as it comes flying towards us.  This the area I started to realize separates (hey I am linear over here) the collective consciousness from the Christ Consciousness (the magnetic field that is) with the collective being below it.

This is also the area her 6 energy threads started to meat and bind together.  Just below the magnetic field of earth (in her visual) I could see this (just let me call it) PVC pipe that her energy strands are being laid down into as they connect with earth.  So this pipe is serving as protection as well from the fields of matter and even the collective consciousness (even the highest aspect of the collective has fear bubbles in it).  Our new energy body is completely protected from the field of chaos (for a lack of better word).

So not only are our physical lives protected so is our new energy grid.  Thank God.  But I also understood something too with all this PVC pipe stuff... it equally protects us from ourselves.  She (as well as the majority of people who are reading and understanding this sharing) is already living in ascended energy.  Her (and our) energies have ascended.

Like I said (keep being told by spirit) there is NOTHING left for us to do but float on our cloud into the sunrise of our new day.  The doing part is now going to be... how on earth to use this new ascended energy you worked so hard to bring into yourself.

I am going to close with this super important message (smile).  It is completely up to you to learn how to use this new, vibrant refined energy field of the Christ Consciousness (which will get you to full use of the Shambhala Energy) in your lives.  If you don't use it it, then it simply goes unused in your life.  Kind of like knowing you have the purest water all around you, and you still die of thirst because you didn't create the action of drinking it, perhaps you simply thought it would jump into you, or seep into you... or worse, afraid you may harm yourself (or others) in drinking it.

Another way to look at it is you (we all) are at the doorway to our new (energetic) lives.  Our hands have even been placed on the door-knob.  Only you can turn the door-knob to open (allow in and have full use of) the new energetic landscape.  Only you can step thru this doorway into your new vibrant life!

Ohhh I do want to add this side note as well. In creating prosperity in this new world (this really came as a message to my son, who is a contractor).  Those of us who are in business for ourselves we are to make enough to eat while helping others as much as we can.  That is to say, don't charge more than it takes to feed your family and do as much extra as you can for those who employ you.  This allows spirit to work quietly in the background setting you up to be a leader in your industry as the old world falls away and the pure heart of your business takes a larger form on earth.  Make it about money (beyond what you need to live), and you collapse with the old world.

There is so much more to share, but that will have to wait for the next time.

I am grateful we are so protected as we learn to use this highly concentrated, vibrant energy that is life now.  I know there will come a day that the PVC pipe will be removed, may we all remember and use our Mastery between now and then!

The Shift is well underway... Together, as One!
Lisa Gawlas

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