Sunday, September 11, 2011

Getting Out of What You Think You Know and USING the NEW Energy!

Energetically, we indeed are in a new landscape.  Both within our planet and outer atmospheres and most especially within our physical and extended (energetic) bodies.  The activation is now underway.  That is to say, it is now available to anyone willing, wait... DIVINEly WILLing to to use it.  To (start to) fully use this new, incredibly enhanced energy that is now streaming into our newly activated light bodies, requires ABSOLUTE consciousness of it's Being!

I cannot tell you how grateful I am for the sheer amount of phone readings I have been doing lately.  It is really allowing me to get out of my own way... or better stated, stop doing what I think I know and what has worked in the past, even yesterday.  Of course, I have seen over the decade my own readings change and evolve as the energies of earth change and evolve.  I suppose I never realized how much it was all leading up to this very moment in time.

Let me tell you, your energy fields, are NOT the same as they were last week, last month and surely not even close to what they were last year.  The linearity we seem to have been moving thru on this path called earth seems to be dissipating.  That is to say, what took us a week to accomplish energetically, is now instant with pure intention.  I really seen the truth of this on my massage table yesterday.  I do want to talk about this, in depth here because the experience of yesterday dealt with a ladies inner child (to 3 years old).  Let me share:

The first thing that really caught me off guard (within this massage) was the black (meaning, no light has been shed on this area yet) image of a person dropped down (as if in a child's tantrum) across her upper chest blocking the area of her high heart (passion center).  This image as I kept trying to figure out what on earth does it mean to her... started to remind me of a breach birth.  Feet kicking into the left field (relating to physical life) of energy and head laid across to the right.  It wasn't until I went and touched this lady's ankle and shin did the details of what this image represented become clear.  She had one angry inner child stemming from 1-3 years old.  We went on to talk about that time in her life, that she said she has spent so much time dealing with that time and healing the issues, of which abandonment was big stemming from that time in her life.

Well, let me tell you, I could still feel the fury of this little girl and she said in no mistaking the terms, "you moved forward and left me behind."  This little 3 year old held a very important key in fully igniting her passion center, and she was not about to budge until the child was pulled up and integrated (and allowed to play fully present) in her current moment.  What has been the way of it on my massage table is I would give instructions on how to do this integrating thing and see the person back to check in on the progress.  Well not in this new, wonder-filled energies.  The more we talked, the more the person on my table desperately wanted to integrate this aspect of her, the energy already started the movement of forward motion.  Let me tell you, this is so new!  Pure Intention is the key.

But equally I now understand more fully about the breach birth.  How many people discovered themselves thru others?  Thru various classes taught by others, by reading books, websites, the whole lot of things available to us by the mother-load, thanx to the internet.  And yet, that one super crucial aspect that I have seen and talked to thousands pf people thru the years about, is very much the last thing they attempt to do within themselves.. and that is meditation.  Most specifically, co-creative meditation (where you are consciously working with your spiritual team and not only healing your issues, but integrating your energy that is now healed!  This is something that only YOU can do and it must be done from the inside out.

This new energy that is activated and available to us, can only be brought in and used by you.  Don't think for a moment anyone "out there" knows how to bring in and use this high-falutant energy better than your spiritual team.  As I am seeing quite consistently, every single person I have connected to, has a very different energy field wrapped around their body.  Different codes are in place for you to breath in and start to assimilate and use.  No more searching and working outside ourselves, the power and the knowing is an inside job! (smile)

I have been seeing the most amazing, indeed quite humbling energy fields around our men.  For a good many years I really did worry about them. (smile)  I have seen in the last decade that women are more actively seeking themselves than men... men have been busy playing the game of life and their left brains have had such a strangle-hold on their field that even those that did sign up for a reading, a massage, or a class... phew!  Let me tell you about giving me a run for my money (big smiles).  But we go back to that critical mass thing.  Enough women and men did get it thru the decades that all are now fully gifted with... phew... an amazing grid-work of energy and new codes waiting for them to breath it all in and start to use it in their lives.  (No more hiding behind your left brain lol

The way I have been seeing these codes on men (and only on men) is interesting.  They are solid energetic symbols of which I never seen before.  Your responsibility (if you choose to want to use them) is to consciously connect to them (from the inside out... I can tell you where they are and -try- to tell you what they look like, but everything else is absolutely withheld from me.  That is to say, what they mean to you and how they will change and enhance your life, only your spiritual team can and will share with you!

Women, we are so incredibly fluid (as opposed to grid like structuring).  From what I am now understanding our fluidity is the fuel that will fire up the grid that the men are laying in our world of matter from their heart centers.  This really gives a whole new rise (in my mind) to the word unity.  We MUST work together for all the new energy to work together.

The old ways of even how we did our spiritual practices were all designed to get us to here.  Well, we are now here and must learn to do it all differently.  Funny, it reminds me of the old saying "Once I figured out all the answers, they changed all the questions!" Indeed... nothing is the same as it was!

To an empowered world, re-member-ing how to live an empowered life, I salute you (us).

With more gratitude than I will ever have the words to express for every connection that allows all of us to grow deeper into our own empowered life...

Together, we are One!
Lisa Gawlas

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