Friday, August 26, 2011

We are not changing... WE HAVE CHANGED!!

What an amazing month August has been.  Wait, what an amazing year 2011 has been so far. It is so filled with the vastness of change.  Change in our bodies, change in our lives, change on and within our earth, change in many governmental structures, change  in sun activity. 

For this whole year, there was not a soul who graced my massage table where their spiritual team wasn't talking about the changes needed in their lives or their attitudes or the approach to their lives.  Their teams also expressed how important it was to get set for what had been referenced thru the year as September and/or October. 

Especially during June and July, I could see the vast amount of new codes that will activate various sets of DNA within a clients body, had no clue what it meant to them (still don't really) but it's funny, I was so busy looking and helping everyone else... I never stopped to look at what was happening within me.  Until I was stopped in my tracks with the energies and shifts of August. 

I do remember asking Archangel Michael in late June why am I really heading back to Virginia.  The longing in my heart to be near my 18 month old grandson was simply a teaser to make sure I got to where the earth needed me, I have been on this path long enough to know how tricky our spiritual team is (always for our highest good of course).  I was shocked at his reply:

"The East Coast needs you."  When I asked him why he said i need to be there for "The Shift."  That simply left me pondering the question "what the hell does that mean." 

Well 19 days after my arrival back In Virginia, I started to get a true clue!  We had a very rare 5.9 earthquake.  Let me just back up here a moment. 

I never felt so lethargic as I did the day I got back to Virgina.  My right ear (spiritual hearing) became blocked and rang off the hook.  It stayed that was until August 16th.  I could feel a lot lift within me between August 16th and 17th.  My head was clearing up, lethargy was leaving.  Inspiration was coming in, at least in spurts.  Somewhere around the 17th or 18th, still trying to force my own agenda of doing phone readings and trying to get a therapy room set up... spirit was quite adamant in what it needed from me.  It was not about being in service to others... yet. 

I was clearly told to lay the lattice work down for my next expression of myself. I thought, GREAT!!  I could use a new expression, but what the heck is it?  Ask, and trust me, you receive in abundance, don't ask, and you get exactly that... nothing!  That very day as I was talking to my great friend in Chicago, she reminded me of a flutter of inspiration that came down several months before: The Soul Gym.  I thought, OMG how did I forget?  I have been laying my lattice work with earnest since she reminded me of this wonderful place I am now creating (still working out the kinks) of a virtual workout for body and soul called The Soul Gym.  More on that later.

On the 21st of August I started to get this consistent fluttering of energy exterior to my body, but only about two inches out.  It was like a group of butterflies were flapping their wings constantly for a day and a half.  With this constant tickling to these two areas was a feeling of something wonderful about to happen.  Very euphoric really.  I basked in this energy, until I guess it made it's way inside.  The evening of the 22nd, the fluttering was no longer outside, but now an intensity of energy inside, and let me tell you, it hurt like hell!  My stomach was queasy as if I had to vomit, I was burping really big, loud hollow burps all day and night.  My lower abdomen hurt as if I had cramps, but my monthly cycle ended a week prior and I never ever get period cramps and my back muscles around my solar plexus and heart chakra really really hurt.  All I could do was lay against the couch wondering... what the heck? 

And then I felt the house shake.  At first I thought a big ole semi-truck passed the house, but there wasn't even a car on the road.  Within minutes my daughter-in-love called me and asked if we (I was baby sitting) were ok and if I felt the earthquake.  THAT was an earthquake?  How exciting.  Now I so get all this weird energy for the last several days.  I had really hoped the absolute discomfort I was in would have subsided as the day went on... not even!

However, I woke up feeling so new.  Like I was breathing in new energy, new air.  The feeling of hope, of pure excitement, of breathing in heaven permeated my entire day.  Not a single trace of weird energy anywhere in or outside of my body.  I did a full and easy reading on my daughter-in-law.  I was excited.  I thought, yay... I am back! (yeah right).  In this incredible moment of clarity, I had to ask Archangel Michael, whats up with a super rare earthquake in VA that was echoed thru out my body.  His reply was "The Shift has started in earnest."  Alrighty then.  Makes sense to me!

Just look at what the sun did in this month of August: two very powerful back to back solar flares (an M9 followed by an X7 flare, for those who don't follow the sun, X class flares are the strongest flares the sun emits).  Several days later, we are in a dual (notice the doubles taking place here... ummm duality) solar wind stream from a coronal hole above and below the mid-line of the sun... both streaming into us at the same time.  Several days later, same thing, according to NASA, less intense energetically (I beg to differ).

And now the East Coast is gearing up for a one-two punch.  Earthquake (releasing all the energy that no longer serves mother earth in this area) followed by a hurricane that is going to travel the same (relative) path as the shock waves of the earthquake.  What a great mother to clean up after her intense burp!

We can look at this moment in time as the base fear grid has exploded and now everything is going to be cleared up from this wonder-filled hurricane that should great us late today and thru this weekend. 

With it all, we are being asked to be new as well.  To find and create that new expression of ourselves.  To be there in that expression, together, as One. 

We are not changing... WE HAVE CHANGED and now we need to help each other walk in our new shoes. 

Several days before this wonderful earthquake, I went into meditation (as fleeting as they may be these days) and asked spirit what all the focused energy (in my world) is on this "soul gym" (its all I hear them talk to me about, prompt me about, fill me with excitement about) and they gave me this wonderful visual I would like to share with you, insert yourself where I am and feel the wonder of it all.

I was shown my feet standing on the earth, my body filled the space of the air as it touched the sun.  The sun was sitting on my shoulders, my head/face inside the sun.  My arms stretched out in a circle to hug the outer edges of the sun.  My entire root chakra was a grid work of energy that encompassed the entirety of the earth.  I felt like a connecting rod from the sun energy to the earth energy.

Today, I realized why I am back in Virgina and the timing of it all.  I have developed myself into a Light Rod for the earth.  Where those magnetic codes are streaming down, simply in my Being (and sharing) grounds the energy where it is needed for full use of our mother (earth) and father (sun).

Whatever it all really means, we are in this together.  Light Rods set up all over the globe... helping... grounding... Being!

Together as One.  I love you so much. 
Lisa Gawlas
(please know this page is a work in progress, your insights/advise/input/participation is dearly appreciated)


  1. Dear Lisa,
    I read this with my jaw dropped. Gosh how similar our experiences are!
    I was so sick in my belly last week like never before. I couldn't eat but had to vomit twice. I know this from multidimensional traveling. But it had never been so intense.
    Extreme stomach ache, cramps, extreme burping day and night, back pain ditto. All of it instantly gone on August 23nd.
    Now I am breathing light blue “air” which feels more like breathing light blue consciousness. Delicious!

    I crossed "the last wall" and stood in 100% pure golden sunlight. It hurt my skin and eyes for hours.
    I have a new deeper "floor" under my feet. It feels like standing on a velvet covered waterbed. I am surrounded by this thick honey you talked about.

    Till July I channeled the earth grid that holds the energy for all of our plants globally. Now I am that grid and communication is beyond channeling. I am it, we are ONE. I still have to get used to this.

    We did not have an earthquake in northern Germany but extremely heavy rains and today I lost part of the roof of my porch during a 5 minute thunder-storm. Amazing! I wanted to renew that roof anyway ;-))

    I love you Lisa! Thanks for your post. I sensed the global wave of change but interpreted my health issues as a personal affair.

    I still can hardly believe that our bodies experienced this many similar reactions despite the fact that we are living thousands of miles apart on different continents.

    Furthermore my PC crashed on the 11th, 11-8-11 and I got a new one on 22-8-11 = 2x 11-8-11. 11 days of shift, puking and runs.

    Happily ever after ;-)

  2. Ohhh Sandra, thank you so much for your sharing! Isn't it wonderful to know how incredibly connected to all of earth we are, even when our minds perceive us as separated by thousands of miles (smile.

    WE are the grid, what happens to you, happens to me... for better or worse (grin).

    Ahhhh here is to releasing and replenshing around the globe connected by our hearts!!

    I so love you too Miss Sandra. Thank you for being YOU!!