Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Sticky Frustration of August Leads to the Sweet Harvest in September

Thank you to the bright and beautiful energy of the full moon for shining down on my sleeping consciousness the understanding of the true moment in time we are all in at this elongated moment we call August!

Yesterday (August 13th) I officially entered the frustrated zone.  That frustration quickly turned into sadness even as I cooked all the food for my birthday party.  Earlier in the day I felt the tear in my heart open up.  I hadn't felt this sadness since I left Virginia in June of 2010, so what does my protective ego want to do... move back to New Mexico!

I truly believe when something is meant to be, it is, and it is effortless.  But what I have not looked at, until today, is when things become challenging it is because our ego stepped into the forefront of our spiritual agenda!

My move from New Mexico back to my son, daughter-in-love and my grandson in Virginia was more than effortless, it was supported by every strand of energy in the multi-verse.  The week before I left New Mexico, my own personal bank account became filled with 3 times the amount of money I had targeted to move with.  I even had a plan before I left to work out of our home here in Virginia, setting up my massage business in the back room.

I didn't anticipate being in the void... the place of (what feels like) disconnectedness the moment I arrived.  Not only that, my right ear became blocked and buzzing.  The right side of the body is all about emotional spiritual energy.  The ear is hearing the spiritual communication that surrounds us.  Of course, this compounded my feeling of disconnection and each day that passed by, deepened my frustration.  I arrived in Virginia with 11 phone readings to do.  Can (my ego) tell you that I soooo dislike rescheduling appointments. I stopped doing phone readings many years ago because I dubbed myself the most unreliable psychic on earth.  When I am going thru an energy change or upgrade, I am disconnected (as each of us are to allow the new energy to integrate) and I cannot reach that level of connectivity I know I can reach, so I was rescheduling appointments left and right and simply just stopped taking them at the end of 2005, at least... until July of this year.

Truly, I am in the midst of my own lesson.  As we all are!

Right out of the gate of doing phone readings again, I am so disconnected I can't even get a small inkling of insight.  Not only that, Skype won't work on any of the computers in the house, my cell phone won't hold a signal long enough to hear (I am the one who cannot hear, people can hear me just fine) a full sentence.

The ego kicks into overdrive (since I am disconnected anyway).  I decided, the house is not the place I am supposed to work out of.  I find a therapy room that is affordable and laid out perfectly.  The owner denied me the ability to rent there.  I have never had anyone say no.. crushing!

After 2 weeks of being in Virginia and not being able to do WHAT I WANT to do, I decided, maybe I need to go back to New Mexico.  The sadness deepened.

I love to cook for people more than anything.  I bring all the joy elements I could into whatever I am cooking up.  Bread is my favorite.  It reminds me of the greatest sexual experience in the world.  The yeast lays dormant until you put it into some warm water and add sugar and it comes alive and foams and froths and is just ready to rise to the occasion.  I know when energies are not in alignment because the yeast does not foam and froth like it usually does and usually takes crappy once baked.

Even tho I was cooking and apologizing to all the food I was creating for not being able to get myself out of this "sad" feeling it all seemed to understand what I was feeling and needing.  Everything came out delicious.  The bread more perfect than I created in a long time.  I had to wonder... why?

Perhaps the elements rallied together for me, for us.  Because I woke up this morning with more understanding and insight as to what August is really asking of us.

July was a month when new channels of energy was deeply integrated into very cell of our Being, getting ready for the massive downloads (from the sun) and uploads (from the earth) to fill these new channels in our body with this potent new energy.  August is asking us to simply Be.  To allow our own Becoming to happen.

It is not time to act, but a time to feel.  Feel what is in your heart of desire.  What is emerging in your field of energy of desire.  If the answer is like mine, which is simply... I have no flipping clue... we have not finished becoming.  It would very much like pulling the bread out of the over before it reached that perfect brown on top and allowed everything to be fully cooked inside.

August... the energies of August... needs us to simply be and allow.  Every time we try and force our ego agenda (of doing what we think is expected of us) we are messing with the energy coming into our cells and the alignment is taking longer.  If we succeed in forcing our ego will, we will have hmmm... for lack of a better word, broken the stream of incoming energy only to have it realign again.

I remember writing about these months back in May of this year.  The Parting of the Red Sea  I just didn't understand how it would really play out... until (like usual) we/ I am in the midst of it gasping for air!  Ahhhh to be human!

August is filling each and every one of us with this new high falutent energy.  And I am busy trying to crawl out of the birth canal before I am fully ready, because I want to be doing something other than nothing lol... AND I am trying to pull you out with me (in trying to do readings)!  Geez!!

But also, let me be clear here to (well, as clear as I am capable of right now).  We ARE giving rise to September .  We are not going to simply crawl out of the womb of creation and be able to sit back in our cribs until we feel we are ready to use this new enhanced energy body of ours.... not even!  We will emerge (pretty much) fully grown.  We will have a responsibility to use this new energy field that is us.  I seen a channel yesterday that said: Response-Ability.  Perfect.

September, in my side of the world, is harvest time.  The way I have understood this new energy is all the wonder we have "put out" in the world is now merging back into us via our own vital energy streams.  You cannot harvest if you don't go out into the fields of potential to reap!

Your new energy field will be like the most amazing magnetic grid ever in place.  For some, this won't be a very comfortable time in their lives.  For those of us that have put out the greatest energy and love possible... man we will rock if we are now brave enough to go out and harvest.  That is to say, open the doors your heart leads you to.  Trust in your own inner guidance and deep yearnings.  Stay OUT of your head.

We may very well be sludging thru the molasses / honey filled energy fields of August... but that is only going to sweeten the fields of Harvesting in September.

From one sticky and (seemingly) stuck energy field to another (each of you)... I love you so much.  Thank you for allowing me to grow and understand thru your love and understanding!!

I also want to thank my birthday food and the Light of the full moon and my children for the wonder and unconscious understanding of where I Am right now!

Together... We Are One... and Sweeter than ever before!
Lisa Gawlas

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