Monday, July 18, 2011

Changing the look and purpose of this blogsite!

The one thing I have always known is that each one of us is a unique piece of the fullness of the puzzle we call life.  We each hold our own sacred understandings about how to move thru life with greater ease.  I also know, most people don't know how to tap into this deep and subtle listening to their own energy stream, their own enlightened wisdom.  I suppose that what makes my "massage" session so important.  Important not only to the person on the table, but to myself as well as the people who read my sharings.  I hear the whisperings of the soul of each person on my table.  I hear the guidance of each persons spiritual team as I move thru their core energy system of their body.  I am truly a beneficiary of this exchange and feel privileged to be able to do so.  But, there is little of full value if I do not find a way to share it outward with others.  Granted, it most definitely helps the client on the table, as well as adds to the expanded nature of my understandings... but I also know, it (the information which comes thru) would help so many other people as well.  To learn about how I do my massage sessions just click here:

So that is the focus of this blogsite.  I will share any and all information that is relevant to the greater good via this site.  I hope you will enjoy this new "purpose" within this sharing modality I have created.  Please feel free to be interactive, ask questions, post comments, whatever.  I learn from each of you as well!!

We are all in this world together... sharing, helping... loving!!

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