Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Energy of New Mexico and Driving thru Roswell

I crossed into the State line of New Mexico at 7:57 (central time) on Sunday July 18th. By that time I was knee deep into car fatigue and although I tried to put my “sensors” on to see if I could feel the difference of being in New Mexico, I couldn’t. All I wanted was a motel!

I left my low budget motel in Carlsbad, NM just after 11am on the 19th and headed to Albuquerque. Once I left the city limits and arrived on the desolate road of 285, it was then I could see and feel it. I could see an energy grid that was only about 5’ above the ground and spread out as far as I can see.

This energy field was different than anything I had ever seen before. It was translucent in visual, and tightly woven, very much like a beautiful spider web of energy. As I really connected to the energy of it, I could feel my heart thumping as if I just met the man of my dreams (the only analogy I can think of right now…lol).

I tried to understand the webs position of about 5’ above the ground instead of on the ground or up near the sky… right now, I have no idea!

I have seen the energy fields of other places, especially Virginia, and the threads were golden and very connected to the ground and rose up where needed from there. This was distinctly different, as it didn’t seem to connect to anything but itself. Like an amazing layer of energy hovering about the earth. I got the distict impression this was the Unified Energy Field…. But really, I have no idea what that means to us (humans)… yet.

As I was traveling down the road I had seen a sign for Roswell, I got excited! I thought, since I didn’t have the money to visit the Carlsbad Caverns, I will stop in Roswell to feel what I can feel.

The moment I entered the City of Roswell, I realized I didn’t have to stop at all. I had seemed to connect with the energetic impression of the big mystery of this place from my car.

The first thing I had seen was a beautiful flying disc, not like any airplane I had ever seen. It was close to the ground and a shimmering silver like I had never seen either. There was an aliveness to it all. Then suddenly a second disc of the same makeup came obviously way to close to the one already there and there was an impact. I could see the blast of massive light as they collided with each other.

The next thing I had seen were people on the ground witnessing this event. Some incredibly scared, some incredibly excited. What is really interesting as I now “remember” back to these two seens, was there was a distinctly different feel (energetically) to seeing the disc’s in the air, to seeing the people on the ground… I now wonder if this lattice of energy that I had seen on my road trip, has anything to do with it all (I will find out one day.)

The next thing I had witnessed was bits and pieces of these crafts all over the ground, and with ET’s equally laying scattered on the ground. They were not humanoid at all. I have very little knowledge of ET’s at all… but the first thing I thought of, they look like grays… but yet, even as I thought that, something inside told me they were not. Other than Grays and Plieadians, I have no clue about what or who else is out there.

I noticed that some of the bodies were dead; some were injured and not dead.

The next image I had was of what I assume were military personnel scouring the ground and cleaning up all the debris and taking the ET’s somewhere… I felt like I was deep underground somewhere in this area of Roswell.

I felt like 2 or three of these ET’s lived. Who ever were taking care of them made sure they did all they could to restore life to these amazing survivors.

Then the next thing I had seen was the movement of these ET’s. All of them. We kept the dead ones to study I suppose. It was a feeling like too many people witnessed this event and the brave curious people were now looking for debris and most importantly, the ET’s. So they were moved to another underground facility in either Nevada or Arizona.

The next thing I became aware of, more as if someone was telling me a story as opposed to actually seeing it unfold… was that the ET’s that survived was sharing technology information with its captors in exchange for the ability to take humans back with them to study. An agreement was made by our government to allow what we refer to as “abductions”, but really, they were freely exchanged with agreement from our military.

I also got a feel of the lack of emotional systems of these ET’s. They reminded me very much of “Spock” from Star Trek. They seemed to be emotionally void but very very intelligent. Their brains were at least 2 to 3 times the size of ours and they used it to their fullest.

Then I got a flash forward to a meditation I had way back in 2004 where I had seen a very sick ET in a facility in either AZ or NV and what we did was extract the virus this ET had to use for germ warfare. In this meditation I knew there was no cure for the virus since it was not of our world, and of course, in any meditation it is hard to understand the timeline (past, present or future). I knew without a doubt as the information of Roswell flowed into my awareness was that is how the Aides virus started. We did what we thought were controlled experiments that obviously were not very controlled.

As I left the area of Roswell, so did the information that was coming so easily and quickly. I once again returned to looking at the energy field that was 5’ above the ground with my heart jumping up and down with excitement.

I have spent this last week sleeping all day and all night long. Once I get my brains back… I will post again!!

With love and complete awe!


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  1. Amazing story, Lisa! Thank you for sharing!