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My Journey Continued... Part 2

My journey continued… Part 2

I put a call into Arrowhead Mines to get some driving directions and to see how far or close I am to them. When the lady called back I was thrilled to find out that I was only 6 miles a right turn and a left turn away! Since it was already afternoon my mind said I will go out first thing tomorrow… but the Being inside of me said why wait!? Lol and I jumped into my car and headed towards the mines.

I was so surprised to see the shear amount of rock shops that lined every inch of the roadway. Most of them had signs that said “dig your own,” and I thought about pulling into one of the roadside stops…. but changed my mind until I came to one that said “Bonanza” and something took over my car and slid right into that shop. I was startled as I sat in front of this business with tables and tables of various rocks and crystals lining the front and side of his building. I thought to myself, well maybe there is a crystal that I should have here… because the current of energy that pulled me into this place was surely not alone mine!

After I looked at every table of crystals that were cheaper than anything I had ever seen before, even on eBay! I seen a man behind the glass counter and said hi and we started talking. This man, whose name is Jay was a mountain of information within himself. He knew everything about all the mines, told me what to expect, where the better places are to go, all about the massive miles of crystal that are under the earth of the very land we were standing on. He was so kind I had wished there was a way I could give him or bring him some business other than myself who didn’t plan on spending any more… and still trying to figure out why I was there in his shop. We talked for about 30 minutes then I asked him about any tools I should have as I go on my dig. He said that some places give you the tools; some rent them to you and some not at all. He showed me what he used to dig crystals when he goes, and then he just looked at me and said I could borrow them. He handed me his tools, got me a bucket, threw in some old newspapers in case I needed to wrap any of the better crystals that I found and told me where I could return his items in case I came by when he wasn’t open. The only thing that he knew about me was that my first name was Lisa. He didn’t ask for a driver’s license, or a credit card number… he just smiled and sent me on my way.

I felt so blessed and so grateful that I now had everything I needed to dig crystals and was much more knowledgeable about where to go and what to do and understood why the universe directed my car to his place, he indeed had all I needed to succeed on my crystal mission!

By the time I got back on the road and headed towards where the majority of mines were, it was already after 1pm, and I learned thru Jay that most mines close at 4pm by law. I decided to go to one of the “cheaper” ones and it only cost $10.50 a day and they actually backhoe a bunch of dirt from the mind into a field and you pick thru the dirt. I did that and let me tell you…. In an hour and a half I had way more than $10 worth of crystal points and even a few clusters as well. I was baking in the direct 85 degree sunlight that seems to amplify itself on red dirt. I was exhausted but in joy with what was in my bucket. I called it a day and went back to the campgrounds to clean my catch for the day.

I suddenly felt a kinship to fishermen, only I was fishing for crystals.

At the campsite I went down and got water from the lake and just marveled at the many various crystals that showed themselves to me to become a part of my life’s journey. I was in joy and exhausted and went to sleep early (again). The pain in my head was kind enough to stay with me all day and seemed to intensify itself as I was playing in dirt filled with crystals… I am a trooper tho, I only let the sun shut me down! Lol

The next day I went to the actual mine itself, armed with all the wonderful tools Jay had lent me. He neglected to tell me about the 3 mile road leading off the main road to the mine. Had I known it was as bad as it was, my poor little Honda would have never made the journey on it. It was pure dirt and gravel, with deep creavices where the rain had washed out most of it. It never got any better all the way up… which I kept hoping was just around the corner. On my way back down this dirt road, I kept telling my car “learn to float…. NOW” I think it heard me, I didn’t bottom out or go sideways near as much as I did on the way up.

I enjoyed my dig, it is really hard work and with the sun beating down on you, even harder. I had a new appreciation for the higher prices of quartz that others took the time and energy to dig themselves…

I spent the entire day there… from 10am until 4pm and was more exhausted than I had been in decades. When I returned to my camp with my now very heavy bucket of crystals I was too exhausted to clean them. I barely had the energy to make the 1/8th mile trek to the bathroom. Needless to say, I crashed early vowing this was my last day of crystal mining.

I woke up refreshed and energized. I started cleaning my new crystals with river water and a new toothbrush I bought for the occasion. The more I cleaned them the more my heart wanted to go out one more time to gather some more. My heart will win over my mind every time and I jumped into the car and decided to do the easier mining…. In the back hoed dirt pile.

This day seemed to be all about clusters. I was finding cluster after cluster and every now and again a few points. I had accumulated a lot of new crystals and again I stayed the whole day, from 10am until 4pm… but without actually having to dig directly into the earth and clear it away… just sifting the piles of dirt took a lot less energy. I spent the day feeling where the crystals were hiding, most of the time I was correct and would find tons in a single area I sat at. I could tell when I wasn’t in sync with the crystals because I would find nothing at all… I would take a break, go drink a bottle of water then get back into the field and waa laa I knew exactly where the crystals were.

One time during the course of this day, there was a black man mining in the fields (the only black person I had seen the entire time I was in AR) and as I was drinking my water I was watching him and suddenly I was back in the fields somewhere… and I was a black man working the fields with other black men. Whoever was instructing us was NOT NICE! Then suddenly the image changed to me (as the black man) being whipped and I could see the skin on my back open up and it was horrible! I snapped straight out of that memory and wondered why on earth was I having that experience!! Days later I would fully understand.

I took my treasures back to the camp with me and started clean each one with a toothbrush… but this time I had cleaned hundreds of crystals with my handy dandy toothbrush and they were shining and sparkling in the sunlight. I was so grateful and so in joy and then my fingers started to cramp up over and over again and I decided the rest could wait!

I actually stayed up late on this evening… by late I mean a half hour past dark lol. It was the evening of the 4th of July and I expected it to be noisy…. But wasn’t at all. In the morning I would begin to break down my camp and head to Jill’s house.

Jill was one of my very first “Email Reading / Spiritual Development clients back when I lived in Vermont. She and I had remained friends thru out the years and each of our many changes. We had never met each other in real life so I was so excited to be able to get to give her a real live hug and meet her and her family. She designs crystal jewelry and was the artist of many of the crystal jewelry and pendulums we had at the Wonder of You Life Enhancement Center.

I was happy to know she only lived 4 hours from where I was camping. I decided to spend time near the lake before I headed out in my car again…

Did I mention my GPS that my daughter gave me to get to NM is possessed by her spirit. The entire way to wherever I go it keeps telling me… turn around, make a U-turn 200 yards, go back. Even when I knew I was going in the right direction on the right road it would utter this nonsense. I told my daughter she rigged it to get me to go back. I was grateful I printed off a mapquest with every stop I was making… so I hard some really good directions and up to this point, I didn’t miss an exist, didn’t get lost at all… a miracle in my own life.

Speaking of miracles… ya know I didn’t have one bug problem at either campsite. No flies, no mosquito’s, no nothing! I assure you I gave my super de duperty thanx for that one! Not even pesky ants trying to eat my food!

When I got to a point on mapquest that instructed me to get on I-70 to head towards Jills you can imagine my dismay when it didn’t tell me north or south. Ya know I can navigate the multi-verse like nobodies business… but give me planet earth and I am so lost! I had to call it for myself, I figured it had to be south since north is back to VA… 2 hours later I finally realize it was north all along.

My 4 hour car ride turned into over 7. But spirit reminded me sometimes you have to back up in order to move forward! Well thanx for that one!

To be continued….

Love ya tons


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  1. what an amazing journey.. I love reading all about it