Sunday, July 18, 2010

Part 3 of "My Journey"

My Journey continued… Part 3

So now I am 7 full days into my “shift” and I end up driving 2 hours in the wrong direction to reach Jill who lives on the boarder of Arkansas and Oklahoma. I spent a good amount of time thanking the universe for the incredible weather I had while camping, it only sprinkled once and that was when I was in NC and they were calling for severe thunderstorms, I got an all day drizzle. I was so surrounded by trees in my campsite in NC I didn’t even get wet. Funny how spirit can really get a message to you… the only two times that the rains picked up and I got wet was when I would take the laptop out to document my journey so far. After the 2nd attempt I got the message and didn’t bring the laptop out again.

I also started to give thanx to my car and the amazing gas millage I got. I had put close to 1700 miles under my butt and I was driving on my 5th fill-up. To fill my car was less than $25 each time. The way I arranged my finances, I had one debt card that was for “gas only” and I had put $400 on that account. I had my PayPal card that was for “fun” and I had $75 on that card, then I had $300 in cash for food and any tolls I would hit along the way.

By the time I arrived at Jill’s I was about $150 down on both my gas card and my cash flow. Altho, while I was at the camp ground in AR, one of my old clients purchased an email reading that went straight to my paypal account (which added $90 to it). I felt incredibly taken care of. Of course, the majority of this money that allowed me the wonderful breathing room I was now enjoying on the road came from the people who love and supported me thru The Soul Center in VA. I had organized a fire ceremony to celebrate both my leaving as well as the new moon eclipse on June 26th, the last even we would hold together for a while in the physical. So many people brought me cards and gifts that it felt more like my birthday than a lunar event!

Up to the point of this celebration, my children were very worried because all I had to bring with me was $300 total money. Most of what I worked for prior to leaving went to get my bills paid enough that July would not be financially stressful, even tho there was no way of making my $385 car payment, I knew my finance company would work with me…

At the end of the fire ceremony I looked into all the cards that were filled with love and money and I was shocked to count up to $870 (including my money to start with). I now had plenty of breathing room and my children felt very comforted and thankful!

Jill had asked prior to me leaving VA if I could offer her weekly “energy circle” something. Because they meet at 6pm, readings were out. I rise and set with the sun, besides with this massive transition I am going thru, I am not sure how my psychic skills are going to work, if at all. We planned the “Expanded Consciousness” hypnosis event and she asked for those interested to donate $25, if they had it. The event raised $170 to replenish my travel kitty and Jill insisted I take $100 for the massages I so wanted to GIVE both her and her husband (that’s for free, after all, she bed, fed and watered me for 3 days). Once I opened the lovely card she gave to me and I seen all these $20 bills inside, I really tried to give it back, but man she is a stubborn woman! So I officially recouped $270 and was so grateful I cannot even tell you.

I did realize there is a massive difference when you do such a profound hypnosis event with people who had been in my classes for 8 weeks to people who just got introduced to me and the concepts of really going back Home to spirit where we all came from. The first time I ever done this event was just a week before I left, it was also the very first “original” hypnosis script I ever wrote, and I had been doing hypnosis since 2001. The event is a very shortened version of doing a Life Between Life event (as per Michael Newton, Phd) for which I was trained, and as deep as you can take a group and move them around without the personal conversation usually had with a private session. This new group, although they had a great experience, did not come close to the experiences had by my class members.

I almost forgot that there was an email I needed to read from my soon to be housemate. I only remembered the need to read the “House Rules” because with my cash kitty now filled again, I decided I would break the 12 hour trip from AR to NM in half and get a cheap hotel for the night, so I had to email Diana and let her know I will be there a day late. 12 hours in a car is really hard on the butt and back…

I opened my gmail and downloaded the House Rules document. I never expected to get hit in the face with this really unpleasant energy as I started to read it. All I could feel that there was someone really wounded writing this, and is so incredibly not happy in her life. There were also double standards in this document (based on my previous conversations with her) and absolutely no sense of living together at all. It was more like a dictatorship and even tho all 4 adults paid equal rent and utility shares, this is her way of living. I think the part that upset me was the rule about brushing teeth. You are not allowed to run water while brushing your teeth… really? Plus, any of your roommates have the right to remind you when you are breaking the rules.

Wow, where is community, togetherness, lets be here together and work it out. No, instead there is already separation and division installed in this living arrangement. My heart started to sink. Not only was I going to be dealing with control issues, but also, there is such a poverty mindset in all of this… how do you thrive financially when the house is plagued with an energy of severe lack? I decided I would stay the month, since I was her dog sitter and house sitter while she went to NJ, and I didn’t want to just bail on her… besides I already gave her my deposit.

I got on the road and all I could think about was this new place my soul was going to dwell… blah! I was 8 hours into my car ride to NM, and I get a phone call from Diana, but I was in the midst of no-mans-land Oklahoma and I only got every other syllable she said, I told her I will call her back when I got to a hotel.

When I finally found a hotel I was 232 miles from Albuquerque and I called Diana to hear what she wanted. Well she blasted me from here to kingdom come for changing my plans so much. I explained to her why and she so fully stated that she didn’t care. I was in shock with those words. How could you not care? All she cared about was herself and she said she didn’t trust me to watch her dog! Really? Then what I had wanted to say all day long came flying out of my mouth… I so don’t want to live with you at all. I am not coming. I hung up the phone and felt like 100 pounds just got released from my shoulders. Even tho I had no backup plan really, except for the comfort of my editor Dana being in Albuquerque, I could care less… I would not be living in a dictatorship and my soul was in joy! I fell asleep asking the universe to help me with my new direction.

As I awoke I started to realize why I had that past life memory in the crystal mines. There is a very deep energy within me that will not live under anyones control again. One of the major reasons my military career only lasted 10 months, I refuse to take stupid orders and follow them just because someone else told me to.

To be continued…..

With joy and utmost gratitude,


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