Sunday, October 9, 2011

Breathe With Me on 11:11 at 11am (your time) for 11 Minutes

Our Light Filled Breath is the Greatest Power on Earth.  

On November 11th, 2011 at 11am (your time), please join me in exhaling pure radiant Light for 11 minutes that encircles the capital.  If you are in another country, encircle your country's capital.  Here in the United States, that would be the White House.

Every state in our nation gathers in the white house and therefore, no aspect of this country will be left untouched by our Breath of Light.

Inhale the energy of the earth, with each exhale imagine you are at the Nations Capital and exhaling pure white light energy.  Or simply pure breath.  That is to say, no intention set into it.  Light is quite intelligent and always serves the highest good in the best way.

There is no right way or wrong way of breathing.  If you are currently breathing, you will be adding to the energy of this purposeful 11 minutes of Life changing breath.

Me personally, I will imagine walking clockwise on a spiral around the white house, each out breath covering the fullness of the White House as it seeps into every nook and cranny (in its right time).

Please join me in 11 minutes that can and will change the world we live within.  

Date: 11/11/11
Time:11:00am (wherever you are)
Duration: 11 minutes
End Time: 11:11am (where ever you are)

It does not matter where you are, at work (go to the bathroom for 11 minutes) at home, find your happy place, in traffic (well your going to breathe anyway), no matter where you are or what you are doing.  If you are breathing... you matter!

If you know anyone that is still breathing... pass this along and ask them to join in.
No programming... no intention... just pure breath

Light ALL-WAYS trumps the Dark!!

One in breath and purity for the higher good of all,
Lisa Gawlas

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