Friday, October 21, 2011

Life is Changing Rapidly...Movement Has Begun in Earnest

To say we are in the most extraordinary of times would be an understatement!  I have been given one of the greatest seats to the greatest show on earth... You!!

I look back at the last 6 years of my own work via massage... I have connected to humanities deepest wounds and yet, one common theme remained no matter who was on my table and what their illness may have been.  This was their grandness beneath their hurt, their pain.  I had watched so many people over the year being given the greatest opportunities to change their life, to heal their pain, to live life fully, yet... 95% of the time... people just lived within their familiar space, even if it was eating them alive.

For me personally, it strengthened the energy of "allowance."  At first it was so hard to see a persons magnificence so utterly blocked out by the perceptions of their life and the continual choice was keep playing the game of 3D life... looking for herbs, looking for energy workers, looking for anyone or anything that was outside of themselves... and yet, not give their magnificent spirit a full hour of inner attention in any given 24 hour filled day.


By the beginning of 2011 I knew my path was changing.  I had no idea how.  My hands hurt like heck!  6 years of playing in peoples pain was taking its toll.  It was getting harder and harder to do massages every day.  As I got into the summer, the pain in my hands became so unbearable that I had to stop sometimes for a week at a time.  I begged the universe to help me know what to do next.  Even when the answer showed up, I discounted it!

In July of 2011 someone purchased an energy reading.  I haven't put that side of what I do out there for god... 6 years.  I wasn't even sure I wanted to do that any more.  I stopped for several reasons... let's just say I was burned out in that aspect of what I did.

And then several more people purchased energy readings.  I thought, what the heck!!  Why now?  Why out of the clear blue after 6 years of not having to do this (I never did take down the page) am I doing it now.

It was fun actually because I so perfected connecting to the energy body via my massage that it was just as easy to do it via a phone connection.  I thought to myself, ok this is different, life enhancing and I'm good with it.  I am open to doing this now and again.

And then I moved to Virginia the end of July, my mind already set on setting up a massage room and doing what I have been doing for 6 years.  Yeah right!  No matter where I tried to set up shop, even in the house, just didn't work out.  Plus, my right hand broke out in such a massive rash that every finger was swollen, cracked and using massage oil just hurt.  But man I am a stubborn trooper... until my left hand started to play the game and I just had to surrender and ask... but now whats?  I still have a car payment, a phone payment...

Although I spent all of August in the void, completely detached from my spiritual flow (if you will), the phone reading requests were growing to the point, I didn't have any worries about paying my bills.  It was all provided for by the time it was due.

By the time I came back on line (reconnected to the grid to do energy readings) everything had changed.  Everything!!  Including the grid itself!

I was officially learning a whole new language of Light.  I was downloading and uploading to beat the band (thru every single reading I was doing.)  My God.... We changed!!!

I will never ever forget this day.  It was September 7th when I was able to "see" my first reading.  It seemed all of earth was in a holding pattern... more or less.  But the Light frequency... how I was seeing people... like nothing I had ever experienced before.  I knew there was no way I could read people even like I did just two months ago... so now what?

Like every aspect of my life on this crazy path... it was truly on the job training.  I started to understand I was bearing witness to the new Light Body of the human race.  I also understood that the earth herself hit the frequency deep within her that allowed the highest frequency of energy to become available to all of earth, to all who are willing to do the work to release their 3D connections and connect to the highest potential now available... that is the vibrations thru the 12th dimensions... or what I fondly refer to as the energy of Shambhala.

I started to realize I had a front row seat to the evolution of humanity!  Every single reading had me leaping out of my chair... clapping like crazy from the wonder of it all.  Even in a holding pattern.... my god we are breath taking!

And then... a super download of codes, of wisdom, of trinkets of energy that was now sitting upon the light bodies I had the previous not only to bear witness to... but evolve my self due to impact (smile) and together... we fired the grid of connection between us.

And the continuing guidance of spirit was to purposely breath these trinkets of light into you, exhale them into your life.  My goodness gracious... they/we did!!

We, together, created a super activation of the fields of light (just when you believe you really are working only to make your car payment... smile).

And then the energy hit newer, deeper, fuller octaves within the frequencies of the people I was connecting to.

I really started to realize I am one of the richest, most abundant person on earth.  2 - 4 times every single day (who wants to take a day off when heaven keeps filling your room)... pure radiant soul energy is unfolding on my floor 4 feet in front of me.  This indeed is living in true abundance.  Money comes, money goes... but this Light... forever embedded in my life as my Life!  

Yesterday (10/20/11) was one of the most profound days of bearing witness to life's evolution was... the Light has now taken on Liquid Movement.  I had 3 readings yesterday... each one showed the soul colors of their life in an amazing streaming energy.  Every one very different in presentation... yet... the message was the same:

We are no longer in a holding pattern, or a breathing pattern... we are in liquid movement of our life force.

I am no longer bearing witness to pain... but the fullness that is life!  And yet, I know fully that this is just a stepping stone to where we are truly heading.  I felt it so much yesterday... and today.  All of this moving energy seems to hit a major crescendo on 11:11:11.  It is there time ceases to exist.

When I now see and connect to the energy that is 11:11:11 it is a solid white block of energy.  Something real, tangible and so unknown.  Nothing exists (from my inner view) after that.... and yet... the All is on the other side of that.  Our liquid colors are moving to that space to fully occupy what right now, the mind cannot fathom!

For those who follow or only read this blog space, I actually have another one called: The Shift of Time and Energy in which I have shared so much of the understandings I am gaining to the evolution of not only our light body, but earth and humanity itself.  In one of the sharings on that site, I hit a really big "ah-ha" moment in my understanding.

September 23rd's power node served to shake out our tree of life to remove anything that no longer served us... this energy echoed in depth and urgency thru October (Notice Gadhafi went Home yesterday... the timing... awe striking!).  This coming up power-node on Oct 23rd is all about fully activating all of the higher frequencies within us thru the 12th dimension.  The "super node" of the heart center is what is going to be fully and absolutely unfolding in your created reality as we move into Nov.

All I am going to say on the other side of that, is those still clinging to the 3D realm, which has shattered completely... be-careful of the back-flow from the shards.  Just let go!!!

Biology is as much connected and desiring of the higher vibrations as anything in life.  After all, it is the very thing of life!!

Forget Kansas, we aren't even in Oz any longer... Together, we are steering the ship into the new world!!

Thank you is such a tiny word and does not hold the fullness of my heart for all we have done and continue to do... together.

We are One!
Lisa Gawlas

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