Friday, October 7, 2011

The Earth is Preparing Us for Her Full Activation

October sure has started and continues to unfold with some major zingers!  For me personally, it is like feeling and seeing a heightened extraction of the energy fields that we live and breathe within.  I have already been in the void twice this month and we are only a week in.  But even the void isn't like the usual void for me.  It is like being taken off-line from everyone else so I can feel deep within myself.  And even that, really is more of a global feeling than a personal feeling (within).... and it is BIG!

In my own personal space October feels very gel like... fluid, but thick.  As I started to do my connections in October I noticed a whole new energy (new to my vision) encompassing a good many people I am reading for (but again, not all.)  The energy reminds me of the deep waters of the ocean... deep deep blues and silvery grey in color.  It is fluid and thick.  For some, it is pooling around the feet in a circulrar motion.  In others it has become an intense part of their core energy, and yet in another, a funnel-like encasing of energy.  It wasn't until this morning, as I sit to write this blog, did I really "get" what I have been seeing.

It is the new vibrancy of the earth energy.  Water itself has always been an amplifier of energy, and in my massage sessions I would purposely use earth energy for two reasons:  To re-hydrate and nourish a client who has done a tremendous amount of releasing their issues on my table or, to help balance and/or enliven kundalini energy.  Thru a reading I had done yesterday I got to see something even more exiting with this new gel-like earth energy.  It was serving to release the intense codes (what I called spiritual trinkets) that has been downloaded in the last month or so via the upper chakra's.

I want to be perfectly clear here too, in all that I am understanding and seeing and sharing YOU have the responsibility to integrate and use all this new energy.  Going deep within yourself and breathing it into your cells, activating this higher field of energy and USING it in your world of creation.  Until you actually do something, it simply sits there as a beautiful potential that has gone un-noticed.  If any of this (that I share outwards) scares or worries you... get out of your head, your reading from the wrong place (smile)!

I do want to go a bit deeper into being able to see this water energy opening the codes within.  It was very much like watching someone who took a medicine capsule and as he purposely went into meditation (and this was a man I read for, and he is a daily meditator) I saw this deep intense energy that was surrounding him move into his core energy and melt the outer coating of these codes (to me they look like trinkets, geometric perhaps in shape) and merged with his spinal fluid to enhance what he has already integrated, and to release new energies and abilities within him for use in his outer world of creation.

With it I got a full new understanding of the various shades of colors that have been presenting themselves.  The pastel colors represent the new energies, new insights and abilities that are present for you, but you have not integrated them yet.  With the man mentioned above, his colors were radiant and vibrant and as soon as I questioned the pastel vs this vibrancy I got the full understanding of what I just explained.  YOU MUST plug in all this new energy into YOU and USE it!  But don't think about it (smile.)  Trust yourself, your heart knows more than you can even imagine (about where you are going and how you are going to get there!)  I am sharing your wisdom with others as I am capable thru our connections.

Something really new came thru this same reading as I watched this man use the crystalline energies he had already in his work-space (when I say use, I mean meditate with, extract and integrate) I watched his entire near future (thru Dec. of this year) take on form.  Ascending a very sturdy staircase as his own vibrancy changed and enhanced.  A new and very (internally) natural skill-set came to the fore on what felt like the other side of 11/11... a vibrational facilitator (which was wonderful for me, now I get to understand, thru his energy, what the heck it is I am even doing).

Can I just say... I had seen him simply moving forward, as he came to that (now familiar place within the readings) Dec. black energy... all of a sudden I had seen him take his hands and rip thru the blackness and this brilliant bright while fully energetic energy was radiating from where he ripped (the fabric of time).  I seen it, God knows I felt it... what I am still struggling with is understanding it.  Both the how and the what.   Perhaps it is here, in this space of black (complete unknown) that I feel something BIG is heading our way... but even in that, today, is not for sure either.

I also read for a lady yesterday (the above was written the day before, I am adding this part on a different day), I also seen the ascending staircase in her reading as well.  It looked very much like that vibrant internet image of the stairway to heaven.  Now with her, I had seen her transversing the timeline of 2011 into 2012 later this month (Oct.).... how I have no idea, she just put her foot up (as if she was effortlessly climbing a 6 foot high step) and stepped into the higher frequency of 2012.  (Of course, I told her it was "take a friend to 2012" month so she would just bring me with

The last visual/bit of information that came thru with her was her standing at the timeline of the end of (this) November... she was in a flowing white gown, and the winds of change were blowing in from Dec. towards her at the end of Nov and she stood stead fast with her golden staff in hand.  There was a lot of subtle information that came thru that helped me understand how she is going to go from this present moment to that fully empowered image.  That information is for tomorrows blog!

I will close this sharing with:

Be with yourSelf, purposely, intimately, breathe in, feel, then breathe out the new vibrant colors of your life!  You must be an active participant in your own activation.  Watch the magic of life unfold at your feet!

You are all so flipping amazing, my mere words in no way do you justice.  From the depths of my heart and the vastness of my soul, thank you for allowing me the pure privilege of this ongoing connection!

Lisa Gawlas

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