Saturday, October 15, 2011

Prepare For Your Own Version of a Chaotic Node That Takes You to the Next Frequency

It is so easy to take each day for granted.  But it really is time to be very mind of your days.  Not only because they start and finish in a blink of an eye, but because each day is very specifically wired with choices of getting you to the next level of your frequency.  Let me tell you, the entire world is on hyper-alert!

I want to share a story of a wonderful young man (19) that I have been connecting to I think since September, since I realized so many of us were in a holding pattern.  Sometimes when our appointments land on days of flux, I will read what I can and continue to schedule readings with you until we have clarity of where you are going and how you need to get there.  In the process, my heart adopts some people (smile.) and we just have ongoing sessions.  This too is my privilege.

Remember, what is happening to one, is happening to many.  This is simply one mans vibrational adventure.  I now marvel at the sequences of vibrational unfoldings he has had over the months, and now looking back from today's vantage point... if it doesn't paint such a clear picture (well, kinda

The first time I seen him he looked very much like this:
Except at the inner field of energy create like a labyrinth of grid work that equally connected to his physical body.

And the next connection, I had seen what looked like geometric christmas ornaments that hung thru out his inner grid-work of energy.  I now know they were new, highly advanced codes... DNA activation's if you will.

The next time I connected with him I had seen what I can only describe as brightly colored lego building blocks all dropping in on his left side (physical life.)  The energy of All That Is was actually building and putting into place his next great adventure in life.  And all he had to do was breath and trust.

The next connection was something about a fishing bobber.  You know the round red and white ones that are so readily available at any store?  I surely didn't get the depth of it's meaning in that moment, but now looking back at the water energy of this month... we can liken it to his whole vibrational field was immersed in the Deep.  Kinda like putting chicken in the deep fry to cook... well his whole Being was placed in the deep quantum field...

And then yesterday... phew.  Having just gone thru my own series of external shake-ups and rearranging my entire life... I so understood him thru my own.  (I so love how we are super interconnected in the fullness of our own story.)

I had seen him standing in the center of his path (this is always a good thing... smile) and just in-front of him this beautiful glowing white door appeared.  It was his responsibility to open the door once it presented itself and walk thru it immediately... without thinking about it.  As the snoopy part of me (smile) peered onto the other side of the door... seeing what this potential meant to him, I was truly blown away.  The (now familiar) energy that I know is Shambhala - the yellow sunrise energy was present the moment he walked thru the door and then... as soon as he walked thru that door it was as if there was an energetic force field that simply took him... biology and all and placed him up above the doorway... off the path that got him to the door in the first place. And I couldn't see any more.

He had told me that recently he had been seeing "222" all the time.  So... in my super simply, kryon meaning of the numbers (smile)... two is all about duality.  In his field of awareness it is set to the number three vibration (three two's back to back to back".)  Three is about action and communication.  The three two's add up to a 6 which is soul partnership, or domestic harmony within.

I had to really listen to what spirit was sharing with him thru the numerology sharing.  3 action and communication.  Until this precious sharing with him, I never really realized that action (in my world) always came before communication.  One would think that would be counter-intuitive.  But, the explanation (more of those OMG moments for was action must happen first, because often times we stop any action if communication takes place first.  When you are in action (movement) there is no time to explain, to communicate why you are doing (whatever.)  It is on the other side of the movement, the action taking place from deep within you that communication can happen.  Sharing what just happened, why, etc.  We have a tendency, as a human, to confuse communication with "justification" and that dilutes and often times stops your greatest potential of growth.

I know for me personally, had I stopped for even a moment to share why I needed to move out, once again I would have stayed, missing a super huge moment of (whatever) for myself.  (I had to giggle to myself as I thought of the old phrase "shoot first, then ask questions," there is some relevance to that statement.  But equally in keeping with the Hippocratic oath of "do no harm" (gotta cover every base here lol.)

The chaotic node is individual and will unfold on whatever timeline/frequency your aligned with.  For those with their toes at the doorway to the frequency I relay as Shambhala, it's soon.  But every one will be presented with a huge shake up within their lives over the next few months.  This is your moment of choice...

Hang on to what you think you know and who you think you need to stay connected to... or fully let go within trust and emerge into the grandest expression of You yet!

God, I Love You and Thank You from the depths of my soul!!!!
(((((HUGZ))))) of bliss and adventure!
Lisa Gawlas


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