Sunday, October 9, 2011

Motivation - Activation - A Grand Finale of Kundalini Energy

Did you ever have an "OMG, I should have known that" moment?  I had a huge one yesterday (10/08/11)!  It was so huge I have to wonder (and chuckle) to myself how I never "got that" before.  When I do a reading, I am bearing witness to, and absorbing your activation.  Your quantum energy as it is presented to me.  Your highest field of energy is quite literally unfolding on my floor 4 feet in-front of me.  It then it triggering a series of activation within me (no wonder why my brains just melt during a reading and just lay in the deep end of the pool for the rest of the  In these condensed sharings, you too are absorbing the quantum energy that I am relaying/releasing back out to the All to absorb, assimilate and process.  Those who are not ready for these activation will have a hard time reading what I right.  It is their highest energy (soul) pulling them away from what they need time to work up towards.  It kind of reminds of me "The Plieadian Agenda" by Barbara Hand Clow, I owned it for 2 years before I could actually sit down and read beyond a few paragraphs and actually understood it.  Of course I bought that book like 4 months into my awakening...

Every day that goes by, the connections are melting my brains faster and faster during each reading.  Now I fully get why.  We are being activated, the gel-like earth energy is melting the protective coating off of our new code sets and releasing the higher fields of vibration not only in your body, but thru our created universe!  I have heard so many people say they want to be doing what they are here for... well let me tell you... these sharings are bigger than we realized.  The depth of gratitude I have within me after each connection is now 10 times it's size!!

Evening sharing the above, helps me understand more fully what I have been seeing thru people the last few days.  It is like spirit has quadrant off peoples energy fields.  (not everyone tho) I see past right first (your spiritual path to here) then past left (your physical walk to here) and then present to very near future left (where you are at and how it is coming together for you) and then the present to near future right (spiritual flow forward).  The center point (October) is intense with potentials that are being activated (even if it is shared in the vaguest of ways.... smile).

Something ginormously strange happens as we hit this next power node/energy portal of Oct. 23rd.  I see what I can only describe as a super tight nit golden mesh of concentrated energy that super connects to the next power point (and it is so much more than that) of 11:11.  It is so concentrated that it appears in my field of vision as a small fraction of an inch... maybe the width of a pencil.  It comes with a feeling like we walk into the timeline of Oct 23rd and simply emerge on the other side of 11:11.  Forever changed.

In a reading I had done on 10/7) in the lady's front left quadrant of energy, just on the outside edge of her was the most amazing thing.  In the radiance of pure white glowing energy was a solid radiant gold serpent with bright ruby eyes.  This is a new kind of Kundalini energy (new to us that is.)  It is pure in form, highly potent and available on the other side of 11:11.  I could feel the intensity, the purity and now... the understanding of it.  Phew!!  As I looked to her right quadrant was a very familiar image of (a viral internet photo called) The Stairway to Heaven.

Just bearing witness to this, I could feel the solar winds blowing my own hair back from the view!  And so the nosey part of me had to look just ahead of that imagery... what does it all mean to her (to us).  Holy Cow Batman!!  It means everything.  It is everything.  In an explosion of pure white light energy just in front of her field of energy emerged a lady in a white flowing dress, a golden staff in her right hand (she walks with her spiritual power) and I knew this image was standing on the edge of Nov as I felt the tremendous winds of change that is Dec blowing towards her... and she was steadfast both within her feet and her heart.  This is true empowerment!  This is where the soul (that golden kundalini) is not only embedded in your cells... it is You in full attire.  Strong and gentle... wise and knowing.

I do want to share something else, something that I see consistently (but again, not with everyone) is sound waves.  It feels like super-sonic sound waves.  I first started seeing them last month with a lady who had the Sphinx appear in her upper left field of energy (which these sound waves will affect her physical life... how, i have no idea) and I had seen something similar yesterday or the day before where a lady had a lion in her upper right quadrant (affecting her spiritual life) coupled with the three pyramids of Egypt.  (thru other readings, I had also seen various sound waves show up) and I understood that there is a sound beyond our physical hearing being released for absorption within the auditory canal.  These are ancient codes and understandings.  A lot of these ancient codes have actually come directly from the Plieades.  OMG, now I get yet another thing!  Wow what a day and it isn't even 8am in my world yet!!

Some time ago I had written about a new chakra, that really isn't a chakra, maybe a power point is a better description at the back of the throat.  As more people connected for a reading, I had seen this pure white network of energy (pure white in those who have already activated it, grayed out in those who still sit in the potential of activation) that encompassed the tongue, the sinus cavities, the ears and all leading to the pineal gland.  Everything becomes activated by use!  Your deep inner wisdom needs to hit the air-space around you.. around us.  Holy Cow, that is what we are really doing together... activating the All thru each other.  You talk about a circle of energy finding completion within each other.  And now I fully (well sorta) understand the term "Vibrational Facilitator."  And in which case, You are that to me as well!

In Oneness in Sound and Light
We Rock!!
Lisa Gawlas


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  1. Thank you Lisa. I appreciate you more than you know, and I bless you in my Heavenly Father's name...

    ...which given that I'm self-manifested and self-created, is kind of a funny thing to say.

    But I just am not sure about saying something like "In the name of Robert Wiley Hughey, I fully bless you to your greatest good and elevate you to the level you wish to be as a result of your assistance at this time/space/place part of the Creation."

    Oh. Well, I guess I can say that to some people. Let me know how that works out for you. "You've earned it."