Sunday, October 30, 2011

We are arriving Home to Ourselves!

This has been an interesting week for sure.  The readings have been both as diverse and they come and all with the very same similar theme... there is something energetically ginormous taking place on 11:11.  I suppose we all have known that... but today, it feels even bigger.  Maybe because I was jolted awake with images from a reading I had done a couple days ago.  Let me share...

I read for a man (a rare treat these days) whose energy was so telling.  His energy was literally split in two.  On the initial connection his human body appeared but only from the solar plexus up.  He had no form that i could see below his solar plexus.  The fact that I could see his human form was surprising as very very few people show up these days looking human.... they look like light shows and light bodies... but his was so clear and so solid looking that if I didn't know better I could reach out and touch him.

His upper torso and head was suspended between my floor and ceiling...  I did get that... he is between heaven and earth (so to speak) and moving toward the energy alignment happening thru the 11:11.  He had this huge bulging heart in the center of his chest and all I kept feeling with that was the words "the immaculate heart of Jesus" (sorry, spirit will use anything within me to get the point, even old sayings.)  Also within his vivid imagery were wings... reminded me very much of Michael (as played by John Travolta in the movie Michael).... those kind of Angel wings.  Thru the connection I knew (from his team) he was from the realms of Archangels and held equal company thru his Life.

But where was the rest of him???

The reading field (my floor) has changed rapidly over the last several weeks.  All the conceivable timelines are in a quantum heap on my floor... only 1 timeline glows with distinction and even that has changed this week.

11:11:11 has gone from a brick of pure (and so solidly held together) white light sitting next to me, then moving to the ceiling, suspended in air to a full size room (reading) divider on the floor.  It has already taken up residency on the earth and is expanding every day.... yay!

And then I had seen the rest of him.  Took me totally by surprise.  His lower torso right down to his feet were standing on the other side of the energy of 11:11 facing the left... his life.  But they weren't solid like his upper torso is.  Instead it was a vibration of brightly colorful atoms that created what I had seen.  and all I could feel was waiting!

Breaking this down... the lower chakra's give us our sense of connection to the physical world, our sense of self within it, and even our sense of power, or will in how we choose to live within created reality.  Most people, day by day, minute by minute... are still working out the details (relationships) with their sense of identity (ego there) in where we are in this world.  This is truly what we are all striving to do... letting go of our sense of self 100% and then... our new legs, our fully new and empowered legs of life can be given to us for full use.

But even in that, until the energy alignment taking place on 11:11 happens, the charged needed for full use is not quite available to us yet.  We ( must transverse this life altering timeline first...

Even this timeline has changed in the last day or two (as it shows itself to me.)  It is now a massive white cylinder of energy... waiting for all the cogs to be in full alignment.  If you take the vibration as it relates to all the time-lines now... on top of each other instead of spread out from each other it looks like this:


Only no spaces in-between.  A true cylinder of light available to all of humanity who chooses to move into full vibratory resonances with it!  Even with that, as I keep asking (quite loudly these days... but what does it mean to us) I keep getting a parallel connection to the old Star Trek transporters.  ... ya know "Beam me up Scotty..."  From what I am understanding (right now) it is a massive quickening of our vibration field... to the degree you/we have let go.  And to think... this is just the beginning!!

From what I am (trying) understanding, yes all 12 dimensional frequencies will be aligned on earth in this moment of alignment.... but not all fully available for use.  We will be like children truly being born all over again and learning how to walk in fully empowered legs... that takes some adjusting to... being aligned with our divinity not as a concept.... but for Real.

Again, from what I am feeling is right now enough of humanity already lives and plays with the energies within the dimensions/frequencies of 5D -7D and already is activating 8D... but they will come online (be fully available  slowly over the course of the next year.  Thru the timeline set for the book end of activation's on 12:12:12 you can look at 12/21/12 as the huge multi-dimensional party, in which we will Be with awareness!!

I have also heard via one of my readings yesterday (I think it was yesterday) relationship to the other side of 11:11... is when we will be getting our new marching orders.  This is why sooooo many people feel suspended in their life.  Just like the imagery of the angel I talked about above.  Fully ready to get on with it... and yet, waiting for the energies to line up in our game of life.

For those still struggling to let go... this whole year is going to give you more and more opportunities, faster and faster... to do just that... let it all go!!  It is from there you wake up to All you Are!

With jubilation and dancing with every conceivable Light Frequency...  The game is forever changed and we will be using the new Ink of creation soon!  (I personally cannot wait to do readings on the other side of 11:11... let the ink flow!!!)

Hurray for the Home Team!!
((((HUGZ)))) of Light
Lisa Gawlas

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