Thursday, November 17, 2011

Adjusting to the New Intense Field of Light within our Bodies and Life!

I suppose somewhere within me, I should have known these new, highly charged energy fields would simply not just show up like a bed or roses against our skin.  One could always hope tho!!!

First, lets understand what really took place.  Again, this is such a major quantum event that I am going to totally linearize so we can wrap our minds of understanding thru it all.

For eons of time, in this version of earth's story, our mother has had to hold back her full potential.  Look at is as  her own full DNA codes have not been readily available on the earth plane.  Well, 11:11:11 changed it all.  The Light of her full DNA have been let loose (if you will) within the realms of created matter.  For those who have done the inner work to hold that very field... it has not been such an easy and effortless transition!!

Ohhhh how the body MUST adjust... AGAIN!  It was about 2 days after the passage of 11:11 my body was achy.  I felt like I had one the most intense workout from my lower back, butt, and thighs and down to the feet.. I could barely move without some discomfort.  All I could think to myself was how strange this is.  Not once did I think for a moment that it could have anything to do with the new Light now on earth... integrating within our physical bodies.

I was aware however, of I suppose I can call it an external energy all around me.  Like goo really.  Thick goo like energy.  There was a substance to it.  It was white, so I knew it was good... just strange.  It entered my brain like goo too.  A thickness I have not felt at all.  Thank God it did not affect my readings at all.. quite the opposite really.  The readings became so much clearer.  Details unfolding effortlessly... and understandings flooding into the details.  I can get used to this!!  Beats the heck out of the two months prior!!

The next day, the energy discomfort... that over worked feeling within my body was now moving upwards towards the heart, still lingering quite heavily in the lower region and it wasn't until I started to talk to people via the readings about how they are feeling.  So many people where having lower body things.  Not so much pain as discomfort... achy... and the solar plexus... Holy Freaking Cow Batman!

I know for me personally, I have been clearing out my lower body for days now.  Phew!

Yesterday (11/16/11) that was a strange day of all these days so far.  My first two readings were wonderful.  The details, the clarity coming effortlessly.  Again, I must say... thank you dear God!!  But it was the 2nd one of the day that got me... in so many ways, on so many levels.

The reading opened up with this massive tornado energy spinning into this mans head.  It was short, fast, intense and in his head... and mine too.  I became utterly aware in this single moment of time... we indeed are in this together.  What is happening to you, as I watch and now experience the details with you... is happening to me too.  There is no doubt, vise-versa as well (at least for those who's body can energetically handle the exchange.)

I had seen his energy growing... expanding as if he was the Pillsbury Dough Boy... and then all of a sudden, what felt quite literally 2 weeks from that moment (yesterday) he broke thru an energy barrier. The barrier was that now familiar yellow I see as Shambhala.  When he broke thru that barrier (simply from the expansion taking place within him already) it was like... the only way I have of truly describing it... was like he had a massive massive orgasm of energy.  The release was filled with phew... very much like pastel colored sperm cells out into the valley of the lower frequencies of earth.  (ohhhh I didn't get that part yesterday)

Truly, it was such an amazing thing for me to feel... and I felt every molecule of it.  I watched has his energy unfolded with detail in the field of 2012... January 2012.  As I read for him, something strange started to happen to me.  My brains were falling apart.  Tired... holy cow I cannot tell you how tired I was getting, like my brains had to power down.

Once we concluded the reading all I could feel was sleepy.  Like my brains needed to shut off and shut off now.  I didn't have that privileged as I had two more readings to do... back to back.

By the time I was 20 minutes into my next reading, everything in me was pulling me into sleep.  I started to walk around just to stay awake and fully connected to this wonderful lady.  10 minutes later, I had to go.  I put my head on a pillow just to rest my eyes and wham... I was sound asleep... sort of.

I watched within my sleep as every neuron in my brain was being combed out, as if the universe had a very special brush and combed me like it was my hair.  I could see the energy change with each stroke of the brushing.. enhancing in vibrancy and frequency.  I felt like I was internally witnessing my own change in my brain... in my entire chemistry of life.

Somewhere inside of me, within this odd dream state, I kept thinking... I have to do a reading.  And they continued to brush my neurons.  I couldn't wake up at all... until I finally did!  I was 20 minutes late for the connection and even tho I called her... I was still in that place within my dream.

When I went to sleep last evening... it was the strangest thing.  I dreamt all night long of streams of light flowing from my head into space.  My neurons now free floating in the multi-verse...  Doing what... I have no clue!!

I cannot wait to get today's readings done.... to see... feel.... experience.  We indeed are fully activating each other thru these sacred connections.

From every particle and wave that is me... thank YOU so much for allowing us to grow and understand... Together.  We are One.

With love, joy and excitement of what is to come!!
Lisa Gawlas

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  1. Hey Lisa,

    I too got swamped and swallowed-up in the Goo, or at least was in the same space as you last evening.

    I made a conscious effort today, not to filter any of the energy my way and to make sure I kept awareness to tell it / send it down to the Earth. I also changed my gold ring from my right hand (What I take on) to my left hand (What I can give / release), and it seems to have worked. That, and I think our bodies are adjusting pretty quickly, just make sure, and this is for everyone reading, you left the energy flow. Let it flow in and out.

    Love, Your David

  2. Hi Lisa,

    I also this goo. Actually, at first I saw a brick wall and with it the information came that thoughts build walls like this. Then I saw a kind of white wall. When I tried to touch it it was very flexible like goo, I was afraid to enter it or to go through it. There was the feeling that you can't really break through this goo. I was told that these are build by spiritual thoughts ...

    Free space now for us on the planet ... what to do ...

    Much love,