Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Massive Infusion of Light and Reflection of Light

I see the most wonderful landscapes unfolding.  The light of the land, the light of the humans, the potentials we are bringing forth together.  Each day leaves me more breathless than the day before.  More excited for a world I yearned for as a child.

I get to see all of this for one reason... because of You!  Because you shared with me the landscape of your own Light. Thru you I get to see the most amazing potentials now starting to create themselves in what we would call our future.  I truly get to see what is really happening in any given day.  People marvel at how I can see.  I cannot even tell you how much I marvel at what I see, because what I see is YOU!  Your Soul.  Your story of Light.  I am simply reading glasses (smile).  Alright, maybe reading glasses with the built in ability to enhance frequency settings (smile)... we all have our thing!

I am bearing witness to the new creation of the world we lovingly refer to as earth. With each piece of Light I read, the whole of the story becomes clearer... for me, so much more exciting than I could have ever dreamed of all by myself.  Of course, as I had said before, without you, there is no me.  You are the fullness of the dream come true.  Without your thread of light woven into the dream come true... the dream remains incomplete... a potential of what could be.

Yes, today I stand on a reflecting pool.  It is after all, November 8th... As above, so below.  I am wearing my new improved reading glasses and look at earth from Creations view and I well up with tears... with a feeling so deep in my heart of awe and gratitude.  WE are a potent frequency of Light.  A blending of the most wonderful ingredients that is already creating our next incredible story of Life.  Of Light fully aware of itself in Life.

Yesterday (11/7/11), thru the several readings I had done for the day, I bore witness to a massive infusion of light into the new human.  It was very much like trying to read thru a rainstorm... and yet, thru the intensity of this light I bore witness to the human.... allowing.

For me personally I had very little association with my body.  Walking was even strange and created a odd dizziness within.  If it wasn't for the fact my legs already know how to walk, they would have been useless to me.  I didn't realize what was really happening (energetically speaking) until I started to do readings for the day.  And then I knew so clearly... If we can use the analogy of a car wash, yesterday was the final rinse of the vehicle, today is the wax part.. shiny and new!

Today, we simply look at our shiny vehicle in the reflection of all the Light of our world... and marvel... and feel... and expand.

Tomorrow, the 9th is another reboot day.  It is funny right now to remember the last two nights here in my hotel room.  The electricity went out each night, I have no clue why, we have no storms here at all.  But yet, my clock is blinking each morning and my computer off.

The energy I refer to as 2012 has once again placed itself up near my ceiling... but with a frequency I have never seen before.  An energy so inviting, so excited to have us arrive and share in its abundance.

The one thing I am seeing and feeling with consistency... the first quarter of this coming year is going to be exquisite   Keep in mind as well... I have my reading glasses trained on the higher frequencies only.  Creation goes where attention is focused...

Like the rivers and streams of life flowing back to its source, so are we as a human collective.
We are the source and now flow into each other with joy and that deep, Real feeling of having found their way Home at last.

Enjoy your day of deep inner reflecting... you are the very source to be marveled upon!
I Am There with you!

Lisa Gawlas

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  1. Dear Lisa,
    I am delighted to read about this light rain. I experienced it when I went to bed and the next morning I woke up with
    "WOW I am full of light!".
    Wonderful post, thank you so much!