Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Ever Changing Landscape of Life and Light!!

These indeed are such interesting times we are in.  I am finding that this other side of 11:11 has been anything but smooth sailing!  Altho I must say, the details of our arriving future... clearer than ever before, at least in energy.  Not so much in my own personal understanding of what I see so clearly.  It almost feels like spirit is purposely leaving out the earthly details.  Pesky universe!!

But even with their elusive details about how this energy of Light (us) will play out on earth... I really feel it all is building up to something yet unknown in pure details by the universe.  Here is what I do understand so far:

Every moment leading up to the 11:11 we prepared our vehicle (body) to enter this new energy.  If you can look at it like we scraped and cleared and expanded our own series of pipelines inside... the more we cleared, the more energy we receive.

11:11 became a whole new elixir of energy released to the earth plane.  A full fusion of mother earths high energy was now mixed together to create a new energy field.  Of course, she is time-released, each day, she releases more, each day we have the ability to receive more.  This will continue until she is fully expanded into our plains of created matter thru 12/12/12.

Now that we are a full week into the 11:11 open gateway, it is interesting to look at all the various light bodies.  Of the variations, which I will get to in a moment, there is only one that I totally get and has been extremely consistent in view.  That is those people who still reside within the 3rd and 4th dimensional fields of life.  They have no color what so ever to them.  I see them in shades of black and white.  These people are always familiar members or friends they ask about in the reading.  I have not seen one person that I read for who displays this frequency.  I can also feel thru the black and white energy that most of the people residing their... have no desire to go any further.

There is a consistent question from those with familiar members in this color scheme... what is going to happen?  Honestly... I have no idea.  Spirit is not letting loose one tiny detail in that area.  I suppose somethings we have to experience first hand... those pesky choice points!!

Another consistent detail... has been actually consistent since Sept-Oct when I first started seeing it is this strange landscape (or lack there of) in December.  Now that we are up close and personal to this timeline, the feeling of it is huge.  But before I get to that, let me share what I do see in relationship to this time.

For those people who have prepared their body to be able to receive this new energy... each and everyone is on like a platform if you will.  Kind of like the cylinder of Light that was 11:11 has a Light platform going straight thru the middle of the energy field itself.  I suppose it is a platform provided by the universe for our energy transmutation.  We are no longer here, nor there.  Not on the lower earth frequencies any longer, but not yet buoyant enough to land on the frequencies of 2012.  (Again, keep in mind I use the whole timeline of 2012 as a high vibration frequency that gets more intense as the year progresses.)

Each day forward from the 11:11 we are receiving more and more of this new energy elixir, infusing it into our cells.  Changing the full frequency of the neurons in our brains.  We are literally leaving the carbon based life behind and now becoming fully crystalline.  Again, not everyone... those who have done the inner work to get to here.

Now, it is not enough to simply be infused with this brand new elixir of life... you must use it. Own it.  Declare it as yours!  This creates movement forward.

If for a single moment this energy field feels separate from you.. something outside of you, then it is.  And until you bring it in, use it, declare it... it simply remains a potential you worked so hard to bring to yourself but left unused.

This takes using a higher mind (hence the neurons) and walking a new way in your life (hence all the lower body discomfort.)  And most especially.. making new choices to reflect the new energy that is you!

This all takes us to the edge of the platform.  And this platform seems to just stop at the end of Nov. - Beginning of Dec.  There is no platform of support for us any longer... now... we must take a giant leap of faith upwards.  How that transpires, and what that means to you I feel is going to be as unique as you are.  I have seen... energetically, the potential as an avalanche of energy released onto the earth that simply carries some upwards to the high energy line of 2012.  I have seen some with new and incredible wings and they simply jump off and fly higher.  I have even seen one already on a surf board riding a wave across the divide.

The only consistent thing is... this safety net that allowed us to get to here... stops.  There is a strange gap of energy from the end of this month to the high fields of Jan. 2012.  For me, each time I see it (and I see it a lot now in readings) it is as if there is no earth to stand upon.  It is a big black energy void.  I am pretty sure this energy void is really the 3rd and 4th dimensional frequencies... but even with that, I cannot say that is for sure... not yet anyway, because spirit does not send in that feeling of... yes that is right or no that is wrong (in my interpretation.)

I have snooped in every place I know how to snoop (energy wise) to see if this gap time is simply an energy event... or an earth event... and not a peep.  Not one single thread of letting us know!  At least not yet.  I have a feeling... it is where we choose once and for all (this year anyway) where we move thru... high road or low road.

Now to (barely) explain the various light bodies I am seeing thru readings.  Many are getting infused with a new super enhanced set of energy codes.  They are once again pastel as they move into the body.  Some, I don't even see at all, and it is a feeling of transmutation time.  Others still have tiny little debris areas of 4D to clear (anything that shows up as black in the field)... and like I said, I had seen one lady already on her surf board riding the wave to 2012.  She was utterly surprised by that.  Funny how so many people feel like they are going to miss the boat... and I am finding it is quite literally these people who in fact are already there!!

I do want to mention one little thing... because it is really important.  Thru your own personal choices, you can throw off your new wonderful Power Suit.  I cannot emphasis enough how important even your small mundane choices are affecting how and where you are moving to.  Fall into the gap by clinging onto old thoughts, separation ideas and actions... or use the high energy that is now available.  Helping others to live in their high frequency zone as well.  This is no longer a soul-o journey... but a journey of Oneness.

What a truly amazing time we are living in!!  The Re-Sponse-Ability within is at an all time High!

Because of all the intense changing happening on planet earth and in our biology, I put a holiday special together for my readings.  Buy one get one free.  You can choose to give the second (or both) away as a holiday present... or use one or both for yourself.  This way, we can follow our journey together into the fields of 2012!!

In wonder and awe,
Lisa Gawlas


  1. Once again, thanks for the insights, Lisa. For all of the exhilarating energy we are experiencing, there is a corresponding amount of fear-based energy I am finding necessary to face, bless and release in my own life's experiences. As you say, the old needs to go, to allow for the higher energies. Quite a balancing act; your energy perspective helps with this ongoing excercise.
    I recall native American traditions as well as other metaphysical traditions speaking of the Great Void of limitless potential...often described with black hole imagery. Perhaps this is what we're heading into.... Time to strengthen our co-creative abilities and fill that void of potential with our visions of a renewed world of peace!

  2. Oh this is so wonderful to hear....because I am feeling what you are speaking of. For me, it is throwing off all of the self-delusions of FEAR...false evidence appearing real. To KNOW that whatever it is we desire, we can have at our disposal. I can definitely feel the love raining down on us...facilitating my love for the earth and everything & everyone upon it NOW! To be able to feel this love energy just permeate my so hear your description of this Lisa is confirmation that we have ARRIVED...or shall I say LOVE*PEACE*ABUNDANCE is here NOW! (((HUGS)))