Monday, November 7, 2011

The Ascension Ladder to 11:11 and the New Light Body

I have always marveled at the Human form, both biologically as well as energetically, but how I am now starting to see us, to understand us...beyond extraordinary!  Before I get into that, I do want take just a moment and talk about the ladder we are currently climbing called November.  I never really noticed this pattern until Nov 4th.... but hey... I noticed!

We are being housed in the energy of 11:11 all month long.  The first 11 rungs of this ladder.... everyone is climbing weather consciously or not.   Each rung of ladder presenting it's energy as uniquely as the person climbing.  Keep in mind, this is not your usual ladder.  This is the biggest opportunity for all occupants of earth; to climb straight up into the highest Light on earth.

November 1st:  A one vibration (new beginnings) held between two elevens (illumination) which really equally 5ones all together (change).  Simplified, are you willing to change all that you think you are so that you can embark on the newest beginning within the field of light you had ever known?

November 2nd: Duality.  Depending on what you choose to allow the day prior, this wind blew hard with the intention of removing more of the illusion that you are anything less than Light from your sense of Self.  Emotions ran high on this day... giving you the opportunity once again to choose love, harmony, peace... or anger, manipulation, separation.

From my understanding... this second rung is where a good many people simply decided to stand back another year... to continue to work thru the illusion that anything other than climbing this ladder matters.

November 3rd: Action and communication.  This is a day all about your own sense of identity, very much aligned with the throat chakra.  The action you put forth could be as simple as choosing to breath consciously now. The communication could be sharing insights and inspiration from the new breath flowing thru you.  It could be, being loving where just the day before you would have been pissed.  I looked at this day as a changing of the guard.  The highest most potent aspect of me started to become me on this day.

November 4th: For me, this was the roughest day of all.  A grounding in of all the energies of the higher frequencies.  If you made it to here, there is no more turning back.  You have gone thru a raging light infusion that cannot be undone.

November 5th: This day held hands with Nov. 1st.  A change so complete... you will never be the same again.  You have melded within your Light body.  You are no longer the human you were at the end of October.

During these 5 days, I could see nothing via my readings.  Nothing other than... energy changing form.  Truthfully... this was the only energy I wanted to connect with anyway.  Connecting with anyone or anything not going thru this change was like pouring acid on my own energy field.  I didn't leave my room for 2 days... even the people walking the beach were like paper cuts to my own changing form.

November 6th: Soul partnership and domestic harmony within.  For me personally it was as if I reached the top of the mountain and could see forever from the view.  The Light and the dark the all that contrasted it within my own vision.  A Light show like I have never ever experienced... not even in my greatest of meditations   Because now... I am seeing You.... the new You.  A Heavenly body that truly is a sight to behold.  And FINALLY the path beyond 11/11 has taken form!  Soul codes have been absorbed, many are still being integrated... but hey, that is the journey isn't it!  The light emerging from earth... amazing.  Surprising too.  I will get back to this after I finish the rest of the ladder!

November 7th: It is a day the cycle of spiritual evolution has completed itself as it gives birth to
November 8th:  As above so below.  The infinite light that flows from the All will be bellowing thru the landscape of your life.  For those who choose to wait a while longer, the lessons and challenges to bring you to the next gateway are already forming in the landscape of your life.  All is perfect!

November 9th: The End.  Even remembering yesterday is going to be like remembering a book you read and yet can't fully connect to.  You are no longer who you came into earth as.  You are now a beautiful body of Light living in created matter.

November 10th: In this we are going to count the zero into this expression/vibration.  New beginnings (you cannot have an ending without something new on the other side.)  The zero is unlimited potential.  Full and empty at the same time.

November 11th:  Lock and Load baby!!  All three cylinder's of pure radiant Light will be fully connected to each other.  One streaming, potent field of light.  It is as if you have been sucked off of earth and pulled into the fields of Heaven, of Pure, uninhibited potential.

For me, these last 6 days have been very much like being kicked around by the waves of the ocean.  battered from the sand, the feeling of drowning with each new intensive wave as it pulls my biology into the abyss of the sea itself.  And all I can do... all I would do... is go with it.  Not knowing when "it" would ease up.

Yesterday... November 6th.... It took me a moment to get my bearings.  My first reading of the day I rescheduled, mostly because I had an oops on my phone calendar... I was supposed to call her last week, I called her yesterday instead.  But I got my first glimpse of my new inner vision.  She had changed.  Her ears now tuned into her high frequency of light...

The 2nd reading... a follow up from some time ago.  I could hear her Light telling her to get out of her head... to move away from thinking she has not done all that was needed to make the shift.  This worry was weighing so much on her mind that my right temple started to explode in pain.  In that moment, we did a fear-ectomy.  I could feel the shift in her, and the release of pain in me.

I called a dear friend of mine between readings.  We were talking about Mexico... I couldn't tell you what she said about it really, I was stunned at what I was seeing and feeling.  This amazing, beautiful light started to swirl from deep within the ground and move upward into the landscape of ALL of Mexico.  With the emergence of this field of living light, I could see all the dark things that feed off of this landscape (the drug cartel and more I am sure) popping out of existence like popping soap bubbles.  Only their bubbles were black... blah.

And then my 3rd reading was a lady, who is am american, but whose life suddenly and effortlessly (because she did not fight any part of it) placed her in a new landscape she never was in before... France.  This image was so flipping amazing...

There was the cylinder of light as I have been seeing as the 11:11:11 and the funnel clouds I dreamt about the night before... but she didn't have one funnel cloud she had 6.  What was so extraordinarily unique in seeing her was that these funnel clouds of light came from the cylinder itself tunneled its was into the ground (think, earth worm) and then back out of the ground as it attached itself to her.  This in a 360 field all around her.  I was taken so by surprise but eventually understood that she was in France to being the high energy of her light Being via the cylinder into the very land that is France.   By simply Being there... without the first understanding of why... which really was her query... she changed it all.  Her lighthouse needed to be in France.  But only thru this particular passage of time.  She'll be moving next year.

A lot of us will.

My 4th reading for the day was an amazing... can I say.... AMAZING you man.  I could feel the fullness of my own energy field knee at his energy field.  Details about the coming year, now coming thru (been a long while since we got any information beyond 11:11) but more than that.  His spirit spoke and I felt it to my core.  He is a Leader among leaders.  Right now, he is only 20 years old.  But already has gone thru his dark night of the soul, had massive downloads, codes embedded within him... he called it a spiritual crisis, I call it a spiritual miracle.  From the dark the light is birthed.

Something extraordinary shifted in me.  To the degree every word you say, holds a potential within your life and I can see it and feel it.  You have become the TV set that life lives upon and I can now see the details of your channel.

I called my friend back... my god I could feel what is in her, that she will finally be moving... the where is still very much being worked out by the universal All.  As we move out of November, I have a feeling a lot of the Light that has not become embedded in the story of Life... will be.  Each day we are making newer, higher choices, which is lighting up the grid of earth with a whole new story to tell.

The New Light Body

This last phone call I choose to make... has been forever etched into my soul.  It was to a friend I never verbally spoke to before.... but yet, that deep heart connection.  New, yes... but as old as time itself.

Without even trying... that is to say, not a word that triggered this connection, his soul gave me something to really expand on.  And I have!!

I suddenly seen his physical body as an energetic outline standing to my left just in front of me.  Left, in my world is about physical life, and so I was shown how his Light is looking and working in his physical body.  Like nothing I had ever seen before.

I could see his core energy... translucent and vibrant.  It was actually a rather large core... compared to any I had seen or snaked my own light thru (via the massage table).  In his core was a series of Lights.  From top to bottom of his cylinder of core energy were Light frequencies... kinda like buttons I suppose.  One right after the other, some larger than others, but even that didn't make them less potent.  There was not 7 as if to represent the old chakra system (smile).... or even 9 to represent what I would call the new chakra points within the body (again from my massage experiences).... but more like a number that didn't matter.  What mattered was what I was seeing.  The radiance of light emitted from each of these buttons.. nodes... whatever they are, changed in frequency... that is to say, vibrant color as we spoke.  Some a blending of several colors, some brightly displaying one color... all I understand is the frequency of Light.

This is truly our power center.

For those who dared climb that ladder into the New Energy... the New World Emerging.... you are no longer the old human.  You are now a cylinder of light.  (No wonder I was hooking up funnel clouds in my dream... this is the new human.)

We no longer feed off of the grid, but power it with our Beings.  We enhance it all without our Thoughts.. with the frequency of Love embedded in our thoughts.

But I know there is something more... something I am barely scratching the surface of understanding.  But man oh man... I am on a mission now!!  I have a half written book because these details were no where near my consciousness to understand and put into writing.  And yet, as I ponder our conversation yesterday and took his light body to sleep with me.... and woke up with it.... one thing keeps showing itself to me.

Purposely flowing all these light colors... light buttons together into a truly liquid light of energy.  In studying his light body all night...I could see how he worked... he being the Man... and I could see these frequencies of color blending together by focused intent within him... releasing it's pure potential via his penis (no I didn't see his penis... I just know where things are located on the human and I had seen this stream of light... pure, radiant... light energy.  I cannot seem to go beyond there, at least not today.

And I had to ponder my own light body... I obviously work a bit differently.... being woman and all.  And I continue to ponder....

I have never ever looked forward to doing readings like I do now.  Because it is your light that is creating our future... and I am really good reader of the Light!!

Together, we are changing the world... no... the multi-verse of All Life!!

My gratitude to you... to each of you... unyielding!!  We have swung open the door to the New World!!
Hurray for the Home Team!!

((((((HUGZ))))) to All,
Lisa Gawlas

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