Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Living Library of Us - Preparing...

The Light in the field of every You I get to connect with and read... man oh man.  I am finding it hard to hold your individual light, the full message of your Light energy to fully share the next day.  How amazing we are these days.  Amazing at how much fuller the landscape of forever is becoming thru each individual Light creating the whole.  I suppose what is really happening within me, is the Light of you no longer wants to be shared separately.   And yet, I am now only seeing and understanding... the whole.  We indeed have changed!!  So with all that said, this information does indeed come from the combined readings since Nov. 12th, I am just blending it as one fuller story... that will continue with each reading/connection.

There is so much happening, changing here on planet earth since 11:11.  I am now watching infusions of light codes into the integrated human... very much like sperm cells of Light. I am witnessing this more and more these days.  Just when you think you couldn't hold any more energy, wisdom, trinkets... man oh man.

This understanding is giving way to something I seen in a reading on the 12th of Nov but didn't quite understand.  I seen an indfusion of such high intensity light... actually a lot of silver threaded energy, which is mother earths DNA come to think of it.  The more this man became infused with this intensity of light something happened.... the area he was standing upon... burst.  Like a massive flood of light taking place.

Yesterday I started to realize what I was witnessing... an impregnation of Light into the Human field of Life.  As this energy fills, there is going to be what looks like to me, an avalanche of Light itself on the earth plane.  I watched as this man I was reading for was taken wayyyyy down into a valley or something as if riding a light wave.

What I (think) I understand that we who have worked so diligently within ourselves to move thru the full integration of the Light Field on 11:11 were on a platform (for lack of a better description) to have this light infused within us.  As the light is fully impregnated, it will burst asunder... and flow into and onto the fields of earth in every vibrational plane... by the Human carrying the Light.  Much Will change.

I had seen something of this nature (I have no details of what this nature looks like at all) will take place within the next few weeks.  I had seen the earth herself give way... as if you cannot find your footing any longer.  But, equally... thru a vision burned into my soul... I had seen a man with a light blue shirt on (his soul energy) dangling from the field/cliff I refer to as 2012...( like I had stated before, 2012 has now gone back up onto my ceiling... vibrationally charged so amazingly.)

He had the hand of his soul aspect that is already in that 6th dimensional frequency... and both were hanging on for dear life.  He, completely supported by that which is already in 2012... and yet, no earth beneath him any longer.

There had been other messages prior to "seeing" him.  The first one started out by seeing a lady's knee's.  I understood she... we all... will need to be much more flexible with our path into the higher frequency.  It is so easy to get stagnant in what others want of you, expect of you, that you/we really stop moving.  That foundation, understanding, movement that got us to here, is no longer going to be what gets us to there.  We must move differently, think differently, act differently... for we are now THE flow of light and not just a human flowing in the light.

The next thing I had seen was a man who was getting an intense infusion of light seeds in his hips.  (this is the same man who was dangling from the cliff of 2012) I knew he was going to be asked to walk differently than he ever did before.  The earth is no longer the same earth as he had been on.  And yet, we are still within the shift.  The feeling of dangling by a thread... not here any longer, not quite there yet... but man oh man what is happening within the biology.

I have watched over the days as spirit refers to the "center of 2012"... again, even tho I am using the word 2012 as a timeline... it is so much more than that.  It is a frequency of highly evolved energy.

I started to see the center go from a dot to a ring.  A ring of vibrant silver energy (the highest vibration of earth energy) and a series of pages falling from the sky into this ring of silver energy.  I started to understand this silver ring is a new story... new pages (me and you) coming together to create the new book of life.  How exciting that is.

I had watched as I prepared to do a reading for a lady... and I prepare before we even get on the phone together.  I had seen the sun exploding in connection to her.  A filament of the sun erupting in the 10-11 o'clock position.  She is studying astrology in a new way... in her way.  I knew she would one day figure out thru her work where this center of 2012 was.  But what I find even more interesting, when I checked the sun activity yesterday... the very day I had seen her in the reading and the sun exploding... it really happened in the exact space of the sun I had seen.

I also understood with that explosion... bear with me as I find the words to make this one clear...that northern eruption within the sun... releasing magnetic substance outwards... is also our own magnetic field erupting.  Like a magnetic field come alive within our body... and we await for the counter eruption.  That place directly across from the sun... where our magnetic counterparts are.

These eruptions are pulling us... from the very gut of our life... towards that which is the center of  Creation... of Us.

We are calling ourSelf's Home.  Follow that call with a flexibility you never dreamed you had within you, as your new legs take you to where we have all been working so hard to get to...

Living Heaven on Earth!

More details to come thru every reading I do!!  Stay tuned!

((((HUGZ)))) of every breath of Light that is Us!
Lisa Gawlas

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