Sunday, November 13, 2011

Finding Me - Finding You

I couldn't even imagine what may be on the other side of the gateway of 11:11... I am grateful, more grateful than my simple words will ever hold the energy of... that I do Light Readings!  Truly I have watched the energy field of the human change... enhance... brighten... fill with the most glorious of potentials.  And I say and wondered... what then?  What after this huge leap?

Well... 4 readings of new energy under my belt and I hear a theme starting to form!  Alright, two themes.

The first big message was OWN YOUR POWER SUIT!!  The amazing-ness of colors, the exquisiteness of your full energy potential... is not there to simply be admired but USED.  In order to use it, you must first own it. Admit out loud, both within your heart field and the world around you... I now live in/as a super enhanced Power Suit of Light... I Am That!

Now how to work it??  That is super important.  You have all kinds of wonderfully new gadgets (me too) to take out, use, strengthen, become!

Notice every new thing coming to you, notice it often.  Purposely make it happen.  Make it happen again.  Share it with something.  Help someone with it.  Do it again, faster, louder... this is how we strengthen our super powers (smile).  Anything that sits in the sea of potential.... simply sits there until you gran it with delight, and wonder and play.

The one amazing thing the day showed me, in clear detail, was the diversity of all of our super power suits. I personally call it that because it is your Light Body fused into your Biology.  I see you as a Human figure now, with the most amazing energy suit on.  You have brought into this existence an amazing package of goods... outside the realm of societies "normal" that is going to be the very tools that creates the landscape of our desires.

Learning to LISTEN!  This is so so so important.  Listen to the communication of the blades of grass, the trees, the air, the clouds.  Many of you have close connections to the stars... listen there.  Start living every moment in harmony and co-operation with the life around you. Don't assume for a single moment, your will is also the will of the blade of grass.  Just because you want to cut it, give it a hair cut you like... don't mean it wants that too.  But we humans... we assume a lot!  But we are not any longer.

How can you ask the molecule of air around you to bring this (fill in the blank) to you and you don't know how to hear it's reply.  The world around you is alive.... and your power suits have all the connections already set and available for use within you.

We have spent eons getting to here pretty much alone.  A deep inner journey few understand.  It was purposefully and fully needed that way.  We have been looking for ourselves... and now... we found us. Inside.  The biology within the mirror is what we have sought all these lifetimes.

And now we stand and gaze into the mirror... love flowing, tears welling.  Alive and in Love!!

And now the story changes.  Life changes.  It is a coming together time.  Not only in the fields of the ethers, but on the ground, where this story, this next exciting book is supposed to be played out.... on the fields of earth.

We have scattered around the earth.  I was everywhere yesterday in my readings: The Netherlands, Ireland, Australia and Washington State USA... all with a similar message: Use and know your power suit because  You will be moving and your strengths, your attributes will be needed.

I had seen a major activation of the grid that holds our magnetic counter parts upon it... and the force field of attraction that will happen within the power suit we call our body.  Phew baby!

I wrote about our new light body's thru my own experience and observation.  Thru my first reading yesterday, I realized... it was happening to all (I knew that, but until you see it in the energy fields of others...)

The octopus... look at that as the god head... or the high collective energy of the masters, shambhala, pick a word that sits comfortable on your palate.  The tentacles are the attraction... sucking and pulling those who are aligned energetically into the cylinder of Light.  The fibrous threads within the cylinder are each of us.  Together as one fully working unity of energy.  Singular and plural at the same time.

So my next few days are going to be dedicated to getting the soul gym up and functioning... as our gathering place... a place to come together and figure out how to really use these wonderful new power suits of biology.

We are no longer lonely ships upon a sea... but a combined force of Light and Joy that WILL dance freely and openly on this earth.  Setting the stage for all those who comes after us.

Thank you to all who share so openly their fields of Light so we may all grow together!

((((((((HUGZ))))))) of Lightenbolts to all!!

Lisa Gawlas

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