Monday, November 14, 2011

As Above... So Below... as One

There is just so much I want to share, so much I am starting to understand thru you, the reflective light of my readings, that I really don't know where to begin.  I sit here, waiting for the prompting of my own spirit to choose the topic and for once all I can feel is... you decide!  Hey that is now how it has worked in the past.  But I suppose, we are no longer in the past are we?

It is no loner one leads (soul) the other follows (human).... it is a true, unified partnership.  Together.

There is no doubt in my heart, I equally need you to light a fire under my butt for the things I can really put off in the mundane world.  Website work is huge.  Why do today what I can put off until tomorrow.... that has been my motto.

And then the last reading of the day... a precious woman I have been holding hands with for some time.  Every part of her ready and excited to transverse this time altering moment I refer to as 11:11.  Up until yesterday she had been a fluid motion of energy... readying for this huge acceleration on earth.  So tell you I was surprised at what I had seen yesterday, would be an understatement.

Before I get to what I had seen, let me just take a moment to do some reflecting on the sharings that brought us to here.  The spiritual trinkets of metallic colors I had seen all of September and into October.  Integrating these trinkets were/are so important to this phase of the journey.  Meditation is the best, most efficient way of integrating what is yours.

This is not a passive game we are playing.  It is totally interactive.  The human MUST do it's part.  And really, at the end of the day it all comes down to two things... how much do you believe in what we are doing/going thru as an evolving species and how much do you want the evolution for yourself??  The answer will never be enough in words... you must create action towards it... to become it!  Here is the thing, it has always been totally and completely up to you.  You are loved and cherished beyond imagination for bringing yourself to this very moment in time in a human suit!!

So the reading opens with her sitting at the ground of what I now am so familiar with as the 11:11 timeline.  She sat on the ground legs crossed into each other, knees poking thru the energy of 11:11 playing a game of jax.  All I could think was... what on earth is that... and why?

Of course, before I had even seen that image I had immediately asked her how meditation was going.  I wish with all my heart there was a way for me to do an "I can't"- ectomy on every person in this world... Meditation is natural to us... maybe not normal as we live life today... but as natural to us as breathing... just takes a bit more work and dedication to enhance and create the automatic meditation response within.  If I can change out a word(s)... Meditation = One with All.

So I looked at the child sitting within her, playing jax on the floor.  The jax were exactly the various colors as the picture I placed in this sharing (to help those who are not familiar with this game.)  I watched as she bounced the ball, swept her and onto the floor to pick up a jack.. and it was as if she did, but didn't at the same time.  The number of jax never changed... the image was on loop play.

It dawned on me that these jax represented her spiritual attributes needed for this leg of the journey and she must integrate them into her.  She is indeed already playing the game (meditating) but now there must be a purposeful integration with each jack picked up.  A melding of the energy into the hand (human).

Lets look deeper into the jax.  They could have given us any image to get this point accross... but they used a very simple childs game of multi-colored jax.  6 points (soul partnership and domestic harmony within) 2 the duality but also, above and below are represented here.  4 grounding in the energy...

Until you do this, however you do this (you in communication with your spirit... know how already)... you remain at the threshold of your full potential.

I decided I needed to do more as well.  I have been putting off doing anything much with the soul gym, until this precious catalyst crossed my phone lines... my heart.

We have a tendency to want to do things in a linear way, even with website building.  We construct it, give it a feeling and flavor, and then invite others into our abode.  It is after it is built we start to discover where the heartbeat of the site lays...

Time to do it differently as we are so different now.  I already know the heartbeat is going to be the chatroom. This is where we will commune, share, expand, create together!  Like everything that is meant to be... it came together effortlessly yesterday.  We will build the rest of it together.  A unified vision of what it could be.  How it should be to help all those in need.

Each taking our own shovel, our own skills and creating.  However that unfolds.  The one thing I know for sure about the soul gym, it is a starting place.  As Above... So Below!

So what I will do from here on out, is end every sharing with times I can and will be in the chatroom to share, talk, envision and help in anyway I can with those who gather for the same reason.

Please join me today Nov. 14th at 4pm EST and on Wednesday Nov. 16th at 7:30am EST at:

Together, we are the Light that IS changing the world!

Lisa Gawlas

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